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Do the American People Shape the “American Culture”?

Harold Meyerson has a must read editoral here.  Meyerson cites a CBS/New York Times poll which found that when asked about the adoption of a Medicare-like option for everyone, 65 percent of respondents indicated they favored such a plan, while 26% opposed it.  You could not tell it from the endless news coverage that such a resounding majority favor a public option.

Meyerson continutes, “…Ezra Klein asked North Dakota Democratic Senator Kent Conrad yesterday why he didn’t support the public option, Conrad replied, ‘I don’t think a government-run plan best fits this culture.’”  Then Meyerson delivers this killer line: “In Conrad’s mind, such as it is, American culture doesn’t seem to be shaped by the American people.”

The media’s coverage of  idiots, who show up at a rally with guns straped on, may give some people the false sense that these folks represent our culture.  They most surely do not.



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Friday, 09/25/09, Public Square

politics_webSee the yellow button near the top that reads, “Republicans Are People Too”?  Do you think that’s still a true statement.  🙂

Friday has rolled around again!  How does that happen so quickly?

When are we all getting together to go to PrairiePond’s place?  Ya know, it doesn’t have to be a weekend!



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