A Conservative Sewer Clogged up with Feces of the Most Acrimonious kind

I used to refer to the blog that many of us came from as TBTSNBN (The Blog That Shall Not Be Named).  Today we are naming them.  Some of us still post over at that place, though I would say our visits there are less than in the past.  I am betting that it would not be difficult to identify who from here posts over there.  (It does amuse me how often those people miss on our dear Lilac).

The conservative posters at the WE Blog are pretty interesting folk.  One could not convince some of them that fire is hot, even after you set their pants on fire.  They’d respond, “that’s NOT my underwear going up in smoke and my pubic hair emitting cracking sounds, No!, by God!, that is some liberal lie!”

This blog is mostly unmoderated.  They have ‘bots that identify profanity, but these are not hard to work around.  It is the “Old West” in terms of lawless anonymous blogging.  An environment that attracts the most “honorable” of characters.

Conversing with people with whom one has no shared reference of reality can be fun for a little while.  For me, it grows old very fast.

Here’s the address:  http://blogs.kansas.com/weblog/  “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter There” – apologies to Dante’

I think I have been reasonably fair and accurate about the “Blogging in Hell” experience, but  I’d love to hear comments from veterans of that campaign (and any incredulous others).  I anticipate fnord will remind me that I have met many people whom I’ve liked from that encounter – which is true.  “Sometimes there are some roses amongst the thorns” (copyright – iggydonnelley).



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63 responses to “A Conservative Sewer Clogged up with Feces of the Most Acrimonious kind

  1. fnord

    That blog is partisanship personified. I always hope it isn’t representative of the masses, but instead a small group of people either truly stupid, mean or a combination of both.

    Remember when ‘recession’ was officially announced as beginning in March 0f 2001 (two months into bush the lesser’s first term)? It was inherited from Clinton! Bush certainly wasn’t responsible! Excuses ad nauseam…

    Fast forward to President Obama being sworn in when the current recession was already officially 14 months old (that would be the deepest recession since the Great Depression). bush is back in Texas, Obama is president and responsible. It belongs to Obama! Recessions come and go — no big deal — this one will end the way others have, and government should stay out of it. It must have been some other entity (certainly not government!) involved when bush bailed out AIG.

    Do they have the world’s shortest memories? Do they believe their own lies and excuses?

  2. “Do they have the world’s shortest memories? Do they believe their own lies and excuses?”

    Yes and yes.

  3. fnord

    The part of the “Conservative Sewer Clogged up with Feces of the Most Acrimonious kind” blog I can’t tolerate are the personal attacks on bloggers. Although people of all political persuasions are guilty, I can’t think of a single Conservative Blogger that doesn’t use this tactic. Some make their personal attacks more subtle and less often but are still guilty. And the whining when those most guilty get back a part of what they dish out is amazing! Oh, poor pitiful me, I can now be meaner and more insulting because “s/he started it”!

    Children in adult bodies. When they shit their pants it really stinks!

    • lilacluvr

      I must confess, though, sometimes I get so wrapped up in the argument, that I sometimes drop down to their level of insanity and can get personal (and then I need to go take a shower).

      When this happens, I know I need to pull back and stop. But then certain CONS over there take that as their victory over the ‘evil’ liberal because I left the fight.

      What victory would that be? The same CONS are over there daily and spewing the same cancerous hate and whose mind has been changed?

    • wicked

      ksgrm used to be subtle, too. Now she goes for the throat.

  4. fnord

    For me, blogging should be fun, relaxing, provide an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and test my opinions to determine whether I’ve drawn a good or bad conclusion.

    Does the blog of the thread header offer any of that? A little, sometimes, and it always comes from a progressive blogger. We need to somehow, someway get the word out about our little blog. Anyone have suggestions of how to do that? Remember, we do moderate this blog and opposing opinions are welcomed, children in adult bodies won’t be.

    • Regarding visibility:
      I will tweet your blog and put a link on my facebook page. I already linked this blog with mine, but I don’t have a lot of followers, so I don’t know how much good that does. I am waiting (a little impatiently) for Kansas Free Press to open their blog. I think that when it does, there will be more visibility for other Kansas blogs. I also post to OpEdNews.com sometimes and have picked up some occasional readers from there.

      • Paula,

        I just tried to add your blog to our blogroll and managed to — add Prairie P&Ps! Such a ditz, a technological wonder, I added our own blog to our own blogroll.

        Can one of my keepers help me out?

  5. lilacluvr

    iggy – you mentioned my name in the threader – am I to assume these CONS talk about me when I’m gone?

    I hope they do – at least if they are jawing on my bones, they are leaving someone else alone.

    Seriously, though, the last time I was there I was responding to one of their rantings about how all the liberals left that blog because they couldn’t take the heat and started their own blogs – only to come back to the CONS blog eventually because who wants to sit around and agree with each other all day.

    I don’t think we all agree on everything on our blog but we have not made our blog so entrenched in hate that anyone feels compelled to leave us because of intolerance.

    Intolerant people (of which many of the CONS on that blog are) will never see anything but their own version of how the world should be.

    And, fnord, I do think this version of the Republicans – the CONS – are a small group. I’m waiting to see who on the moderate and sane side of the Republican Party will have the cajones to step in and start smacking down these loudmouthed, spoiled brats who are currently doing all the screaming.

    • “iggy – you mentioned my name in the threader – am I to assume these CONS talk about me when I’m gone?”

      Yes, of course they do. There was a long held suspicion that you were a nic “Chas” was using. I don’t see the similarities at all and I thought it was funny.

    • Grannie mentioned the other day that fnord invited monkeyhawk to a different blog they were all interested in that. “Fisting with fury” was brought up. I recall the original episode of that.

      • Oh for gawds sake! Yes one day I said to Monkeyhawk that if he wanted to blog with sane people he knew how to find us. I was surprised when he said, no, he didn’t. (TWO posts on this subject, one from me, one from him, both short, and then we took it private to email.)

        Glad I missed nasty grannies comments. She is obsessed with me! She seems unable to control her desire to rebut anything I say whether it’s controversial or not. Sometimes she doesn’t even attempt a rebuttal, just goes straight to some criticism of me personally. Quite the adult behavior, don’t you think!? I would be concerned about my mental health if I didn’t have any better control over my actions than that!

  6. I disagree with Iggy that our “visits there are less than in the past.” I think we might post less, but seem to be drawn there, unable to go cold turkey. In fact, when I saw this thread and then one on addiction, my first thought was how the two topics go hand in hand.

    “I’m waiting to see who on the moderate and sane side of the Republican Party will have the cajones to step in…” Thing is — many of the crankiest are old, and ya know, there isn’t anyone yet who has gotten out alive. 🙂

    • lilacluvr

      Or gotten past Rush ?

    • Pedant

      Actually, I have not visited that site for more than 5 weeks now. I gave up on ’em after a long series of posts about the healthcare debate. There was absolutely no interest displayed by the usual suspects there for honesty or facts or even respect for the office of POTUS.

      Besides, here’s the way I see it. There are (at least) 6 kinds of Kansans: Democrats, Independents, and Republicans each with, or without, an open mind.

      Nobody has ever changed the mind of anybody who has a closed mind, not of any political persuasion. They’re a lost cause, lost to whatever dysfunction keeps their mind sealed shut.

      Ergo the only people I have any real interest in are those of any political persuasion who open minded, can think critically, and are open to reasoned debate. They’re the only people whose opinions are up for grabs. Those kinds of people seem to rarely write over there (although I suspect the existence of lurkers), which is unfortunate.

      However, those with closed minds who DO write over there do very little mind-changing, imo. They’re whacked, it shows, and I find it difficult to believe that anyone with a reasonably strong set of critical thinking skills could be persuaded that Obama’s a nazi, that the 2001 recession happened on Clinton’s watch, that the US has the very best healthcare system in the world, etc.

      In other words, those people do not change minds. Not ever. Or, to be more accurate, they never ‘capture’ minds that are truly up for grabs. All they attract is the weirdness that would end up in their camp anyway. So I stay away these days, thankyouverymuch, and let them dig their own graves.


    • I visit more than I post. But I do both considerably less. It is not a healthy place. The truth about anything is distorted and “shat” upon – who needs that? I don’t.

  7. anniethemoose

    I think you are on to something with the addiction angle. Political blogging is verbal combat. The prize is that gotta moment when the other side can’t make a comeback or counter arguement. To me it was a dopamine rush. I literally had to withdraw from the beagle blog.


    What do you think Iggy?

    • I think CapnA and maybe MH get an adrenalin rush out of arguing with those fools. I have never personally experienced that “euphoria”. But instead I have experienced the “dysphoria” of behaving badly amongst a bunch of people that I really care nothing about. There is no up side for me, there.

  8. jammer5

    One of the threads over ‘there’, Health insurance reform as a women’s issue, has little of substance, but does inform us the first lady has a big butt. I don’t know about you all, butt I’m now so much better informed on the subject.

  9. lilacluvr

    When a person does not have facts to debate a topic, they resort to personal insults about the other person’s physical features??

    Again, are we dealing with spoiled brats from junior high? They seem to take such delight in their locker room junior high level of humor.

  10. lilacluvr

    pedant brings up a good point – are there other people reading that blog but not posting? I wonder what these people are thinking when they read some of the rantings over there.

    Like I said before, I have allowed myself to get dragged down into the sewer with the known CONS that only want to fight – and I regret doing it. Besides, I must confess, sometimes I like to just get certain CONS over there going by being as outrageous as they are.

    I especially think it is funny when they accuse me of being godless and then I hit them with my graduating from one of their Fundies colleges so I know the Evangelical Christians up close and personal and I don’t like what I see.

    But, seriously, I am saddened to think that it is the so-called religious people who have seemed to drag the Republican Party down to their current level of discourse? Or am I seeing something that is not there (due to my personal pet peeve of hypocrit Evangelicals?)

  11. anniethemoose

    I just switched back to Firefox.
    I rarely visit the beagle blog… never comment anymore.

  12. Bad Biker

    I rarely post on the nameless blog – it’s not worth the effort dealing with the hypocrisy. It’s interesting how many Cons are now claiming that they were against Bush II all along, including being opposed to the two wars that he started and the massive debt he incurred.

    Short memories……………….

  13. lilacluvr

    Short memories or just downright denial?

  14. lilacluvr

    I just had to go drop in on the other blog and leave my two cents worth.

    Does anyone know minutelady? I dont’ know why, but I have this suspicion this is the feminine side of Hank?

  15. tosmarttobegop

    I have tried several time to point out that what someone puts on that blog is a reflection on them.
    Many there separate their posts from who they really are. Perhaps its that it really is a part of who they are?
    No not what they are in everyday life, but that darker region of them that is a constant smaller voice in their heads.

    Don’t get me wrong, we all have that aspect in us a part of us we do not have the courage to expose in public life. But can come out when we think that no one knows our name.

    I have suspicions about some there, in real life they are weak and defenseless but on that blog they can be strong and dangerous. JJ is a prime example I think of someone who paints a picture on the blog that he is not in real life. The problem maybe that if pushed into a corner he may feel the need to act as his blog behavior would. The worst kind of person to fight is a coward, there are no stops or restriction on how they would fight.

    • lilacluvr

      So you’re saying these people feel helpless and will turn into bullies on a blog because they know they will never have to back up their positions in person?

      And venting their helplessness into bullying others on a nameless blog somehows makes them feel superior?

      Yeah, I can see that happening.

      But, I do have to confess, there are times I just like to be as outrageous as they are just to see how their pointy heads will explode.

      That’s my ‘dark side’..

  16. One reason I enjoy reading and especially listening to Thomas Frank is that he has all of their lines down so well. You’d almost think he has blogged over there before.

    “A conservative government? Why it has never been tried.” A part of BushII dis-ownership…

  17. Anybody care to name their 3 least favorite Con posters over there? Mine are in this order:

    The newly joined Freebird197something

    My reasoning is that all of them have the ability to come off sounding rational. The truth is none of them are, and they are especially unable to see the hypocrisy of their B.S.

  18. American_Way
    Jim Johnson

    The first two add nothing but scroll over material — problem is, they both add LOTS of scroll over material! The third, Anti, is psycho, has multiple personalities. Can be everything from fun and entertaining to dangerous sounding.

  19. debs914s

    Hi everyone! I remember who a few of the ‘new’ names are but not everyone….not sure who is Lilac. I sometimes read TBTSNBN, but don’t post. It’s the same old sh!t everyday…’No I’m not, you are! crap. I kind of feel sorry for the beagle, they had something good going and now it’s only the same tired dozen people rehashing the same insults daily. It’s boring and infantile.

    • lilacluvr

      debs – I used to be ‘mom’ when fnord first approached me about joining this nice group of people a long time ago before the election. Then I changed to ‘totoinks’ when I post anywhere on the WE site now.

      As for my 3 worst CONS or the 3 CONS I like to torment the most?

      JJ and Amway (tied)

      torment the most:


      Looks like Amway made both my lists – what prize should I give him?

  20. debs914s

    Personally, Regular makes me crazy, and there is one lib poster that I’d love to b!tch slap. : ) The rest I mostly ignore or scroll thru. If I think they might be making a sane point I might read it, but mostly I just skim.

    • Yes, there are some lib posters who are their own worst enemies and don’t represent our interests well. 🙂

      • Would either of the two of you above care to elaborate more? I could understand not caring to, also.

        It irritates me when Capn A refuses to apologize when he is clearly out of line. I am not sure how Chas helps the liberal cause very much.

        I recall distinctly when I first started blogging over there, that JMWalker was a lot more moderate and strove for balance. He is a lot more liberal now, and I have wondered if the blog helped foster that change or what?

      • Chas seldom helps the cause, whatever the cause. He gives those pretend sanctimonious moralists something to feel smug about. And, sometimes he spews more hatred than they do.

  21. Bad Biker

    I scroll over the posts from Regular Anti American Johnson Way Okie Box……………

    Takes about ten minutes to read through the entire blog.

  22. I forgot about box — what a maroon! 🙂 Yeah, Biker, there are many I scroll over and the ones you mentioned are among them.

    Hi debs (wichiwoman)! Good to see you. I can help identify new nics if you want.

    I’ve gotten over my worry that anyone at that place will attempt to find us. They want to argue, we don’t do that. We’re safe!

  23. debs914s

    Thanks fnord. Your pic gives you away. : )

  24. wicked

    I read over there about once a week on the average. Very rarely bother to post anymore. What’s the point? Being denigrated by morons is not my idea of a good time. I have my family to do that! (j/k)

    Regular can, on very rare occassions, be reasonable. Other than that, he’s a jerk. Add the Am_Way/Jim Johnson Happy Hour, and there’s little there of news to read. The rest are just as worthless and a total waste of bandwidth, not to mention my time.

  25. Thunderchild

    ” A Conservative Sewer”

    Well, the cons might THINK they own the weblog.

    I tend to disagree.

    I also thoroughly enjoy helping bring out the worst in them. I’m rather proud of how good at it I seem to be.

    In my previous life as a union steward, I was from the time I got up in the morning til I lay my head down at night just LOOKING for combat with such people.

    I THINK the weblog used to have a fairly wide readership. Whether this remains the case I tend to doubt. I tend to think Hank and Regular ran a lot of the readers off. But for the readers that remain, I am so pleased to be able to show them such fine examples of what cons really are. I mean THINK what a moderate or politically unaware person must think of a “Boxlock” or “Regular”.

    As to your questions?

    I think minutelady is Hank in drag.

    The three cons I like the least? It would be easier to name three that I hate the least.

  26. tosmarttobegop

    Jim Johnson gets under my skin, he so reminds me of a incident that happen when I was 18.
    I had came over from Wichita to Augusta to visit my girl friend and was turning around and accidentally bumped into a pick-up setting on the street.

    I went to the house it was in front of to tell the owner, who was a man in his late forties early fifties.
    As so I told him he rushed out and found a dent, he then went off on me.
    Calling me everything from a young punk to questioning my parents being married.

    I stood there silently taking the rants and raves till he said the one thing that put me on the defensive.
    “Me and my buddies should come over to Wichita and kick your ass!”.

    It was then I looked up and into his eyes, “Now I understand you are angry that your new truck got hit!
    I did come up and tell you I hit it and did not just drive off. I did the responsible thing so you calling me a irresponsible is un called for. Now you threaten me with a ass wiping? Well guess what mr. If you feel that strongly. Right here and right now in the front yard let’s go and I will give you the first hit. But YOU do not threaten me for me doing the right thing.”
    Those who tell you how powerful they are and how dangerous they are often are not all that and a bag of chips.
    People with real power and danger often just smile.

    JJ threaten me with his big guns and bunches of gun buddies one day.
    Ever since he can touch where I do not let other reach even Regular.
    It is the game they play, rattle you and not let you rattle them.

    REG has taken to lately calling me a Liberal, like that is a real insult to me LOL.
    He is one of the old timers and is so guilty of nic-changing and even internet bombs and spying.
    Never met him and often wonder if Thunderbird’s description of him is true?

    But as a lot I am amazed at how
    mind-less they all can be.
    They can be critics of people for spitting into the wind and all the while they are peeing into the wind!
    But the people spitting are the stupid ones!

  27. Bad Biker

    As much as I hate to admit it, there have been times that I have been a complete and total asshole on WEBlog.

    Once, I actually pissed off our mild-mannered fearless leader, one Iggy Donnelly. For that, I sincerely apologize.

    I also ran afoul of TC – my fault – and I apologized to him at the Fnord picnic.

    WEBlog can do that to you – not making excuses, mind you – but it can get your blood boiling.

  28. I really liked Biker when I met him, so that fact stays with me. I can’t recall him ever making me mad, but I am blessed in that way – I forgive easily.

    And, I am very grateful that I have met so many people that I’ve liked from the WE Blog.

    A thing that I recall from having lunch with Regular was that when I met him he was so fearful in meeting me. I thought that was weird because that is not what I project when meeting people. I also realized that he was a pretty sad soul.

    To be persecuted and crucified one has to be important and dangerous – those folks over there are none of those things…

    • lilacluvr

      To be persecuted and crucified is how some of those Social Conservatives get their ‘superiority fix.’

      The problem with that is – are they really being persecuted and crucified, or do they just want to play the victim card?

      As for them not being important and dangerous – I agree these people are probably not the movers and shakers in our community but they are dangerous.

      These people like to talk and with each spewed hate talk, someone else might just pick up on the message of hate and take it to the next level.

      For that reason alone – these Cons are dangerous.

  29. prairiepond

    “I hope they do – at least if they are jawing on my bones, they are leaving someone else alone.”

    Well, not exactly. Kia thinks you are “fg” farmgirl in another nic. (big eye roll)

    I dont have much time these days to even read or post here, with friends, much less to go over there. I skim and scroll over when I do visit.

    It’s just the ssdd, and I cant imagine any lurkers stay there very long. It takes forever to wade through all the name calling posts. Then to wade through the lies and wingnut talking points.

    I do think self respecting liberals should read there once in a while. Maybe obama’s folks should get a good look at what they are up against.

    Because those wingnuts really do represent the “average man” republican, christian, wingnuts.

    I see it everyday out here. I get the dog whistles out here now in a way I didnt before I got mixed up in that blog. I think that understanding the dog whistles and realizing how deeply fux news penatrates the majority of kansans with their lies is very depressing to me.

    Funny, I’m no longer involved in politics in real life, dont post over there, and pretty much keep to myself except for you guys and my pals in Austin. And I find myself more depressed and bitter about the whole gay marriage thing than I was five years ago.

    I think that’s what happens when I let myself get hopeful, only to be let down again by the democrats in congress and our “change” potus. Not to mention governor leadership and the conditions in which she left this state. And for some reason, the assassination of Dr. Tiller had a profound effect on me. For the worse.

    Maybe I’m also more bitter because I’m forced to interact locally, via my job, and it really hurts me and makes me angry to realize what hateful bassturds my homies really are. I used to love the people here. Now? Kill ’em all. Let their god sort them out.

    And the real reason I dont post much anymore? There aren’t more than a hundred kansans worth wasting a good fart on.

  30. prairiepond

    Of course, need I say you all are amongst the one hundred I’d fart on? heheheh.

    BTW, I havent written a column in three weeks. I dont know if it’s because I find the situation here and in this state so hopeless that I’m just trying to drain the ocean by dipping with a teaspoon, or if it’s because I see no point in throwing pearls before swine.

    Doesnt matter why, I guess. I think I’m just done with that column. The last one I wrote was about the end of The Guiding Light.

    There’s a real literary accomplishment….

  31. If you’d like, PrairiePond, I would like to see it. Bet others here would too.

  32. prairiepond

    Heh Iggy. Of course my Guiding Light column is the size of War and Peace.

    Would you like me to post it here as a comment or as a post?

    I’m too dumb to understand the “read more here” thingy, even though fnord was kind enough to explain it to me….

  33. prairiepond

    BTW Iggy, I love your posts. I dont see them as really being about psychology as much as human nature, and the study of it.

    It was the part of human resources and workforce development that I liked the most. I hated all the “benefits” crap, but loved the workforce/human development aspect of it.

    But that was long ago and far away. Now I’m just doing the newspaper version of “would you like fries with that?”


  34. lilacluvr

    September 23, 2009 at 8:06 am
    “I hope they do – at least if they are jawing on my bones, they are leaving someone else alone.”

    Well, not exactly. Kia thinks you are “fg” farmgirl in another nic. (big eye roll)

    Sorry, PP, I didn’t know they were blaming you for my big mouth.

    But, then again, we are talking about Conservatives who would not know the truth if it came up and bit their ass.

  35. PrairiePond

    No need to apologize lilac. I’m actually flattered by the comparison.

    I thought YOU might be insulted by it!