STDs: A Risk For Recently Bereaved Older Adults

crabby-old-fart[1]The summary of this Harvard Study indicates that for a small percentage of recently bereaved older people, contacting an STD is a risk factor.  Not surprisingly, this risk increased substantially after the commericial introduction of erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra.

Long term married older adults never had to face the question of safe sex practices.  This article concludes that doctors for such patients should educate their patients about this risk.

Pictured here in this photo is  the man who is responsible for one my recently acquired blogging guilty pleasures.  If you have time for some serious belly-laughs, please visit the site of Don Mills: .



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7 responses to “STDs: A Risk For Recently Bereaved Older Adults

  1. tosmarttobegop

    One of those starling realization as you get older is that your parents have sex too.
    It just does not dawn on you until you are older that they did I mean otherwise how did you come to be?
    Of course since you now are older then the thought of older people having sex is not so icky.

    We do tend to forget that the elderly are still human beings and subject to the same feelings and desires.
    LOL but the thought is still kind of icky none the less.

    A funny story, two guys I worked with at the school. Did some remodeling at a nursing home. They were walked down a hall when they passed a elderly woman in a wheel chair.

    She kood at one of them ” Are you a man?” and slide her dressing glown up and exposed her thigh.

    Without skipping a beat the guy she asked said, “No, but he is a man!” pointing to his co-worker.

  2. I wondered after I made the above post, if linking safe sex, erectile dysfunction medications, and humor might drive some serious traffic to Don’s site. Maybe the kind he doesn’t want, but I did wonder.

  3. 6176746f6c6c65

    This is also a “problem” that those who include elder law in their practice need to be aware of and be ready to confront. No, not like doctors, but it does arise from time to time in conversations with clients.

    • lilacluvr

      There was a very wealthy man in one of our nursing homes in Tennessee. This man was a widower and his family would move him from nursing home to nursing home because he would proposition the ladies – either residents or staff – to marry him if they would have sex with him.

      I felt sorry for the man because he was lonely.

      I know the children thought they were watching out for him, but I always wondered – were they watching out more for their inheritance?

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        They were looking out for their inheritance lilac; the heck with dad’s feeling lonely (which, of course, he was; I suspect achingly so).

  4. lilacluvr

    In my husband’s 30-year career of nursing home management, we have learned one basic fact – seniors do have sex and more often than one might think.