Who’s who? And what caption would you choose?

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39 responses to “Who’s who? And what caption would you choose?

  1. I want you guys to take careful note of the ‘categories’ I chose for this post. 🙂

    What I found most amazing was that I didn’t have to add any new categories, all of these were already there!

  2. wicked

    Geez, I’m lost. LOL I see fnord and…griffin?

    Is that Thundercat in the dark hat? I can’t tell.

    tstb, is that you I see in one of them?

    Don’t feel bad. I looked in the mirror this morning and wondered who that person was looking back at me.

    • I forwarded you the email so you can blow em up and see all the details (wrinkles, grey hairs, tubby middles…). But you know what? I wouldn’t trade a single one of these people for … for a butterscotch malt which is really, really saying something! 🙂

      I’ll give you one hint — the gorgeous redhead in the pic with me is my friend and she doesn’t blog, but she does have a Facebook.

      • Well, I tried!

        This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

        Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

        Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain.


      • wicked

        How weird. But then I did mention Mercury, right?

        I’ll email you and we’ll go from there. 🙂

    • tosmarttobegop

      Yeah I am the ugly one in the picture!

  3. Bad Biker

    Jeez, I think David is saying “and I caught a fish this big, sauteed him in butter and ate him for dinner!”

    The way David cooks, I would believe it!

    Damn, he’s good.

    • He’s not just a good cook, he’s downright purdy. 🙂 That is a compliment, David!

      He left his cap here the day of the picnic and returned the next day to retrieve it — he was working and dressed in a suit…

      Did we decide he is or was or should be a model?

  4. Pedant

    Is that JR?!? Or his son?

    Good grief, if the young man in the dark hat is JR – he looks like he’s about 16 or so to me – then if Spock was right about logic, the predicate calculus, and the space/time nikon matrix*, then his son must look like a toddler. Or younger. Maybe just a speck!

    Right? Or am I missing something? (JR, I am just funnin’ with you bro)

    *-That’s a joke. Yall knew that, right?

  5. Biker, did you take any photos of the spread of food we all prepared together? What a feast, and what diversity, what gourmet selections… Kinda reminds you of a bunch of liburahls, huh?

    • Bad Biker

      The Canon DSLR was overwhelmed by the quality, amount and diversity of the food and immediately went into sleep mode so that it could participate in the gorging.

      Actually, it was the photographer that threw the camera aside so he could stuff his face.

      • wicked

        I loaned my Nikon P80 digital to my daughter so she could take better pix of Payton. The close-ups on her little Kodak left a lot to be desired. Wish I had a digital SLR. ::sigh:: But the P80 was as high priced as I could go, and I’m not disappointed. We were a Pentax family, years ago, and I still have an old SLR that works. My oldest has a digital SLR, but I’ll be darned if I remember the brand.

        I used to take tons of pix. Ask anyone I went to school with. LOL Now I forget I have a camera. 😦

  6. Bad Biker

    Left side, second from the top, our fearless leader…. in a moment of introspection……………….

    “Damn I feel bad, I shouldn’t have kicked that Con in the nuts! Then again, he deserved it!”

    • wicked

      That’s who I thought it was, but was afraid to guess out loud. LOL

      So DavidB is the younger one (snort) in the lighter colored hat? Excellent to be able to put faces to names. 🙂

      Yes, fnord, I recognized the redhead. 🙂

      Keep going. I always see everyone all at one time…and without name tags! Age has taken my memory, so you have to help me. With pix, I’ll remember so much better!

  7. Pedant

    I think Steven and I are very close to the same age (I just turned 54 on July 22; I think Steve may be a bit younger).

    Allz I can say is that I am jealous. Freakin guy has more dang hair on his chin than I have on my whole entire fat head.

    • I turned 55 on March 16th. So, I have ya beat on seniority.

      I got my hair cut on Wednesday and my barber always gives me the mirror to look at the back of my head – where my balding ways first appeared. I have determined I am going to take a clue from Griffin and grow more facial hair. A person has to go with what they are still given, it seems to me.

  8. wicked

    Ah, Pendant, you’re a youngster!

    (My next to oldest daughter’s b-day is July 21.)

  9. wicked

    Gawd, how nice it must have been to get together with like-minded friends and enjoy what was obviously a fabulous afternoon and evening!

    • Bad Biker

      Ya’ shoulda been there, Wicked One – we talked, we laughed, we made fun of select WE Bloggers and we stuffed ourselves like Jenny Craig didn’t exist.

      All in all, it was a FABULOUS day!

      You woulda fit right in.

      Sorry we missed you!

  10. Bad Biker

    Any guesses as to the ID of the person in the top left-hand picture?

  11. OK, we’ve got Chuck (annie),
    John, (JMWalker, jammer),
    Jay (Thunderchild)
    Steven (Iggy)
    Rick (tstb / writerdog)
    Wayne (Griffin)
    me and friend Gaye
    Griffin again

    There were others here. But these are the ones Biker sent pics of. All in all, counting my daughter and her family, plus my Mom, Jay’s Mom — I think we had about 20 people and enough food to feed 40.

  12. wicked

    I probably could’ve guessed most (recognized Annie, but the pic was small), but was afraid I’d get someone wrong and make a fool of myself.

    I promise to know each and every one of you if I should meet you on the street. 😉

    • Bad Biker

      “I promise to know each and every one of you if I should meet you on the street.”

      No you don’t. You still have no idea what I look like. No photos, no evidence.

      BTW: I am an incredibly handsome stud muffin with a big fat wallet.

      Or is it I am a big fat muffin, with an incredibly handsome wallet?

      Damn, I can never remember which it is……….

  13. Bad Biker

    Well, I didn’t get a shot of Jay’s mother, and the shot of Fnord’s Mom didn’t turn out well, so I deleted it. I didn’t take a shot of myself (lens crack syndrome) so that’s all I got – sent in a e-mail to Fnord.

    There are better shots in the e-mail, so perhaps you might want to share them with everyone, Fnord.

  14. tosmarttobegop

    If you forget what we look like just check the wall of the local Post office.

    • wicked

      Some of you I’ve seen more than once or twice and can remember. It also depends on the size of the group and if introductions were fast. I’m slow. 🙂

      “This is Bill, this is Ted, this is Shirley.” I’ll remember Shirley–even if Shirley is a HE–but Bill and Ted will be blurs. It’s a handicap I have. The bigger the group, the worse I am. I catch up quickly though. 😉 Put a large name tag on someone, and the connection is easy. I’m VISUAL.

      • wicked

        LARGE name tag, because without my glasses, I can’t see a darned thing up close. I’ve missed more names on name tags because I couldn’t read them, and it looks really silly to put on glasses and peer at someone’s chest. ::GRIN::

      • griffin

        Most of those name tags also need to be in braille for us almost blind dirty old men. More fun that way.

  15. David B

    I’m not young, just in a good state of preservation which I attribute to wine, women and song.

  16. Thunderchild

    God but I look terrible in profile. You can tell I know a camera is pointed at me (he was sitting right next to me about 3 feet away) and I’m sitting there thinking, “what do I do?”.

    • Pedant

      Nah, you look fine. There is nothing wrong with that pic, not to my eye (I will admit to being fairly clueless about this, though).

      You sure as hell don’t look 40, though. That I am sure of.

  17. Can the next one be at the North Carolina outpost?

    • tosmarttobegop

      I don’t know after being to N.C. once I may not come back a second time!
      LOL I think that maybe why I have never been to Florida, clear water and warm weather is what I would think heaven on earth.

      I am so deprived! born and raised in Kansas, the only salt water I have been in is off of Galveston beach and in the water of a N.C. beach(?). Visibility was like a hole in the backyard and filling it with the garden hose. I will admit while standing on the beach of N.C. I felt like those first explorers looking out wondering what lies pass the horizon. I knew pass it was Europe with miles of Ocean in between where I stood.

      In many respects looking out into the Atlantic is like looking into the Cosmos.

  18. Despite what he contends, Bad Biker is a nice looking, well groomed man. His body art had either a southwestern or Indian motiff, I was not sure. He is quite an interesting person and talks as well as he writes. I am sure he is a fine addition to any gathering of people. And how often do you meet people who have credible sounding stories about Detroit rock icons – me? Never.

  19. Many, many thanks to fnord and Griffin for the very great gathering.

    The weather was beautiful.

    Good things can happen when kindered souls gather. We need to do it more often.

  20. I am guessing that’s why we all have gravatars 🙂