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eagleIt was eight years ago this morning and when the second plane hit the second tower we realized America was under attack.  We all remember where we were and what we were doing.  We may never be able to forget the next eight years that drug our country down and did more damage than the attack of that day.  History can’t be changed, but let’s all do our part to ensure a better future.



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  1. When we got up and starting preparing for the day on this morning eight years ago we didn’t have any idea what was coming.

  2. jammer5

    I was at work in Joplin, MO when the first tower was hit. A TV was set up in the break room, and about all of us working showed up there. There was speculative talk until the second tower was hit. I doubt there was a dry eye in the place. It’s a day I wish I could forget, but never will.

  3. jammer5

    A story many may not have read. It’s a sad story, along with an even sadder picture, but it should be a must read, as it puts much of what happened that day in a personal perspective:

  4. We saw the towers get hit on television and I had to walk my kids to school. We lived about two blocks from their school. On the way there a bird shit upon me. It would have been a bad day without the towers falling. I recall people rushing to get gasoline, fearing that it would become difficult to obtain. Here in Kansas the weather that day was beautiful.

  5. I spent 2 1/2 hours of hell that morning trying to get in contact with anyone who could give me information about my son. I knew he was in New York City, I knew he was planning to fly to Dallas that morning. It took awhile before we knew none of those flights originated in NYC, and phone lines were so jammed I couldn’t get hold of anyone for what seemed an eternity.

    Later after I found he was safe the whole thing hit me.

    • lilacluvr

      Thank God your son was safe. I did not have any family or friends anywhere near New York City that day.

      I was actually in Nashville, Tennessee that morning working and when the news hit – it was like some kind of bad dream. But when the second tower fell – we all knew it was something much more than just an accident.

      Then, 4 days later my sister-in-law died suddenly from a massive coronary. She was only 48yrs old.

      That week in September 2001 is a week I will always remember – and not for good things.

      I still remember George W. Bush standing on the 9/11 rubble and vowing to capture Bin Laden. Remember those words he used – you can run but you can’t hide?

      What a waste of the last 8 years.

    • I am convinced Chad was meant to live — the day of the attack he had appointments at the World Trade Center, but they were moved up to the day before and so he completed his business in NYC on the 10th, flew back to Dallas just before midnight, arriving Dallas in the wee hours of the morning of the 11th. He was sleeping soundly when I was trying to contact anyone who might know where he was. Since no one knew his business had been moved forward and completed, all of us thought it likely he was involved.

      Once he woke up and learned about what had happened, he realized he was the only person who knew he was safe and began trying to call (again that wasn’t easy as phone lines were jammed) to notify those of us who had knowledge of where he was supposed to be before the plans changed.

  6. anniethemoose

    hard to believe it’s been 8 years. I feel so much better since bush the lessor caught bin laden. err well at least these people are still around to offer us guidance

    “This [health care reform] cannot pass…What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass…Right now, we are looking at reaching down the throat and ripping the guts out of freedom. And we may never be able to restore it if we don’t man up and take this one on.”

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Normally I would stay up till around 11 AM. but that morning I went to bed at 8 AM.
    I woke up around 6 that evening and while half asleep I heard my wife ask if I had hear about the plane hitting the twin tower? Of course I had not and thought “plane” a Cessna 150 maybe?

    Then she said then a few minutes later a second plane hit the other tower. A sinking feeling came over me.
    I asked what kind of planes? When she said airliners, I had the same feeling of the morning I saw the first video of OKC. I immediately knew it was a terrorist attack.

    I sat down and turned on the TV. watching in horror the coverage and the repeated video of the plane crashing. It was like being caught in a whirlwind, direction came flashing back and no way to know which way was which.

    I went and got my MAC90 from it place and the clip, I sat there continuing to watch and leaned the rifle against the wall beside me. After about twenty minutes I got up and put the rifle back, it dawned on me that a rifle would do no good. Nothing would do any good, nothing I could do would change the images.
    We had been attacked, we had been so wounded and all there was for me to do was set and watch the images.

  8. I had taken my wife to work that morning, and was on the way into the office when the radio station to which I was listening went to a national feed. The announcer stated that there had been an airliner which had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. Speculation abounded as to what had happened. I parked the car, and was leaving it to come to work when the second aircraft hit.

    Racing into the office, we all gathered around a smaall tv and watched with horror. Judy called at some point to give me a “heads up”, and we both wondered just what the heck was happening; specifically, which terrorist group was responsible. Eventually, we all went to work, or should I say went to our desks and pretended to work, while listening to the radio (in my case) as the further events of the day unfolded.

  9. lilacluvr

    September 11, 2009 at 8:55 am
    Apparently you can hide. Sad.

    It’s real easy to hide when you know Bush isn’t thinking about you anymore – isn’t it?

  10. lilacluvr

    Rudy Guiliani was on The View this morning and was talking about that 9/11 morning. Then the talk switched to health care and Obama. Of course, he took the position that we don’t need a public option – we need more private health insurance companies and that would drive costs down.

    Then he advocated for government subsidies to people to buy private health insurance – when Joy and Whoopie both asked him where he was going to get the money – he had no answer!

    Rudy then went on to say how government does a bad job of everything they control – and Barbara and Whoopie both chimed in about how well the VA health system is run and Whoopie told about the time she was a welfare mother with 3 kids and all her kids got excellent health care at the time they needed it and that the government helped her.

    Whoopie then told Rudy that he and herself were fortunate to have great health insurance and reminded him again as to how not everyone gets to have the same as they do.

    Then, of course, they showed Rudy’s lovely wife who was beaming as she was showing just what a great little Stepford Republican wife can do – sit down, be quiet and longingly looking at the husband as if he was God himself.

    Please, somebody pass me the Pepto Bismol…..I feel nauseated.

  11. I’m remember how the images of the towers smoking did not look real to me. I kept thinking that the scene looked like a movie. I am guessing that was just denial at work.

  12. wicked

    I didn’t see the footage of the plane hitting the tower until months later. I was working at Spiegel that day and on the phone with custormers. It was a customer who told me about a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers in NYC. She said something about poor piloting, obviously believing it was a small plane. Calls dropped off considerably after that, and one of my fellow workers came back from break and finished the story about what had happened. When I went out to lunch, the break room was packed, so I didn’t go in and listened on the radio in my van, instead. My mother was always so engrossed in old quiz shows on TV that I never got to see the news. Months later, I finally watched the footage online.

    I guess I was spared the worst.

  13. Here is a little song celebrating our position at #37 in the world in health care.

    • lilacluvr

      But try pounding this fact into Republicans’ heads. Facts don’t matter to these people – profits do.

      We may be ranked #37 but I bet we are the most expensive health care – am I right?

  14. prairiepond

    On September 10, my girlfriend-at-the-time, a Dr. of family therapy, attended a Melissa Etheridge concert in Dallas. Yeah, I know. Dyke stereotype 🙂 but we did, and we were SO excited about it. I had seen “Missy” about four or five times when I lived in Austin, but she had never seen her, and so she set up the whole thing, great seats, hotel room the works. (There are some good things about dating a Dr., and some BAD things about dating a therapist, but I digress…)

    Anyway, we “slept in” (heheh) the next day, and when we finally got up, being the news junkie I am, I HAD to get a paper and then turn on the tube.

    We watched the footage being shown of the first tower being hit, and thought it was a movie or something. WTF? But Katie Couric convinced us it was in fact real. And we hung around until the second tower was hit. We had to be out of the room by noon, so we packed up and headed back to her place in OKC where we were going to spend a couple of days before I had to get home and she had to get back to her practice.

    We heard the story of both towers coming down on the way home. By the time we made the short drive from Dallas to OKC, she had completely freaked out. Sobbing, incoherent, ranting. We’d only been dating a couple of months, so I’m like “WTF have I gotten into with this woman?” I was upset too, but not like she was.

    Later that night, when she calmed down, I got the rest of the story. She had been working at the Native American mental health center as a therapist in downtown OKC when the Murrah building was bombed. There were about 20 therapists where she worked, and law enforcement came in and got ALL of them to go to the scene to help out where they could.

    Mostly? They were called there to comfort the dead and dying. And a few lucky ones dealt with survivors or families. But her job that day was to hold the hands of people who were trapped and waiting for help… or to die….

    She said the whole day was just surreal. She really didnt snap to the whole thing until she got home and realized her clothes were covered with blood and she only had one sandal on. And she never forgot the guy she had to leave when the rubble was evacuated because there was a rumor of another bomb found. He kept saying “dont leave me” while the cops dragged her away. He didnt survive.

    So you can imagine, the whole World Trade Center thing brought back a rush of post tramatic stress. She started drinking when we got to her place, and didnt quit for about three days. Things were just never the same for us after that. She would just go on these binges, and I think she was having flashbacks.

    We eventually broke up because of the PTSD and her alcoholism. They both had their roots in that awful day at the Murrah building.

    How many victims of domestic and foreign terrorism have to suffer before America wakes up and smells the coffee.

    My heart still aches and breaks for her.

  15. tosmarttobegop

    Former Bush and McCain strategist Mark McKinnon wants the congressman who shouted at Obama out of office and out of his party—and he’s donating $1,000 to his opponent.
    Make Joe Wilson pay.
    And by pay, I mean beat his sorry ass at the polls and send him to the private sector. That is the only way to change the political discourse in America today. Because as long as louts like Joe Wilson can spout off and call the president a liar and get rewarded with reelection, then louts will continue to spout off. And we will continue to claw our way to the very bottom of the political swamp.
    It’s unclear yet what the reaction is in South Carolina. There is a newspaper poll that suggests broadly South Carolinians think the incident could have a negative impact on the state.
    On the other hand, anecdotally there appears to be plenty of evidence that many of Wilson’s constituents in the 2nd Congressional District actually support his odious behavior.
    I’m a Republican, but I’d rather have a Democrat in Congress who I may disagree with but who has some fundamental character that Wilson lacks.

  16. David B

    I am watching MSNBC running the real time replay of 9/11. It’s impossible to turn away….

  17. As it was evening in Australia, just about everyone was watching the movie Siege ( we are still pretty much a free to air nation). However, all the TV stations switched to the live feeds when they realized what was going on. It was reported the next day many people thought they were still watching the movie and didn’t have a clue they were watching history unfolding. As for me, I was watching Fox (I do have cable and I am a news junkie) from the moment the first plane hit and they thought it was a cargo plane. I still remember the adrenaline and fear as the other hijack planes were confirmed and no one knew where they were or where thy were heading. I was switching stations frantically hoping someone had all the right answers. The one thing I remember was Giuliani . Love him or hate him, he did what we expect of our leaders in a time of crisis. Not hiding in some bunker somewhere (Mr Chaney) or flying around in Air Force One!
    A guy I know, was suppose to be on Flight 11 but he canceled his flight after getting a strange feeling at the airport. He carried the canceled ticket around with him for a long time. To this day he can’t explain why he canceled, especially as he was ready to check in.

  18. Pedant

    I was living in the newly renovated Innes Station in downtown (Oldtown) Wichita on 9/11/2001.

    That morning I was listening to NPR as I dressed for work. NPR interrupted Morning Edition with a quick blurb about a plane striking the World Trade Center in New York City. I remember thinking, “that’s odd, NPR almost never interrupts its programming with live updates.” I immediately switched on the television, changed the channel to CNN, and watched video footage of the first tower burning. CNN’s coverage was chaotic enough, but the news itself was profoundly surreal.

    I was tying a windsor knot around my neck when the second tower was struck. I still remember how chilling that news was.

    My girlfriend was attending intensive English classes at WSU, and I was concerned that because she was obviously foreign-looking (she was Indonesian) that she might be in danger. I was worried because at 17th & Hillside the IELC is not on the campus proper and it’s also not in a lock-down safe part of Wichita.

    I got ahold of staff at IELC and they assured me that they were aware of the situation and were also concerned, that classes were being cancelled for the day – but everyone was safe so far. I drove straight over to the IELC on Hillside and picked her up. She, too, was shaken.

    Incredible day.

    For what it’s worth, I like to read this poem along this time of year. It’s “When the Towers Fell,” by Galway Kinnell and published by the New Yorker on 9/12/2002.