Tuesday, 09/08/09, Public Square

090819-obama-education-vmed.widecThe speech President Obama will make to our nation’s school children will be carried live on the White House website and C-Span.  I am still looking to see if any local station will carry it, and haven’t yet found the time it will be aired.  Anyone know?  I’ll keep looking until I find it — I’m not a school kid but after everyone was gone last night I found I had two granddaughters here for the night.  So, we can watch together.  🙂

Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama
Back to School Event

Let’s keep wicked’s family and her granddaughter in our thoughts — she has surgery this morning about 10 am, and then on to healing.

What else is going on today?



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  1. PrairiePond

    Well ya know, Wicked, I’m not a praying person, but I am thinking of you and yours and sending good thoughts your way.

    I hope little Payton and her family have smooth seas and easy sailing.

  2. PrairiePond

    And as for you staying home and holding down the fort, and possibly some grandchildren as well…

    “They also serve who stand and wait”!

  3. “They also serve who stand and wait”!

    That deserves repeating! wicked, know that we all recognize and salute your service — giving up your time starting early afternoon Monday — caring for your grandchildren while the parents and others grandparents wait.

    We talked on this subject a bit yesterday — in the context of the many Americans who give in many ways, yet never are mentioned as deserving honor like military personnel always are.

  4. Nearest I can find on timing for President Obama’s speech today is that it is a ‘lunch-time speech’ on the east coast.

    The speech can be aired at any time in classrooms across the country, so maybe that’s why I can’t nail down a time.

  5. David B

    The Hot Spiced Portobello Grill with Fresh Arugula and Parmigiano Shavings recipe is posted in this blog’s Recipe section.

    It came from Lynne Rossetto Kasper who’s “Splendid Table” radio show is on NPR.

    • jammer5

      I can’t say I had anything that couldn’t be called gourmet yesterday. For a vegetarian, that would have been heaven.

  6. jammer5

    If this rainy season translates in winter, we’re in for record snowfall. I loved el ninos when I lived in San Diego, because they always brought the warm water fish up from Mexico. Not so much here in the mid-west.

  7. Sounds like it will be on live on NPR at 11:00 a.m. CST.


    No school today and the daughter is sleeping in. I will have to awaken her for the speech.

  8. wicked

    Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers. Surgery is scheduled for noon and will take approximately 4-5 hours. We’ll know more this evening and I’ll pass on whatever I learn.

    I’m so very, very sorry I couldn’t join you yesterday. When the kidlets arrived about 3, I gave serious thought to coming by. I even mapquested fnord’s address so I wouldn’t get lost. I was hoping the cold would get better, but it didn’t and was doing a number on the asthma. No way to chase kidlets and breathe at the same time, so I missed the fun. Seems like something always happens. 😦 But I’m happy you all had such a great time! Someday… 😉

  9. anniethemoose

    One of the liberal commie discussions we had yesterday. When’s the next event? Maybe a field trip?


    • wicked

      A field trip to Africa?

      I rarely watch TV anymore, but the other night I was watching the History channel (or was it Nat’l. Geographic?) about the Druids. It seems an archeologist has discovered remnants of a matching Stonehenge some distance from the original, yet this second was built of wood. There was a purpose for each and each were used each year for the equinoxes. One to celebrate death, the other to celebrate life. It was fascinating, and I was pleased to find that I’d figured out the why of the two before it was revealed in the show. 🙂

  10. jammer5

    ‘member them good ole days of good ole rock and roll? lemme introduce you to a good ole rock and roll band from Australia called Daddy Cool, who been around forever:

  11. Bad Biker

    And a wonderful time was had by all…………………….

    Damn, that was fun. I enjoyed myself to the max yesterday. Many.many thanks to our fantastic hosts, Ms. Fnord and Griffin.

    As usual, I ate too much, drank too much and talked too much for my own good, but that’s all in the game.

    It was a pleasure meeting everyone for the first, but definitely not the last time.

    I have photographic evidence that all had a good time and I will provide the incriminating documentation later this week.

    There is proof that God is a liberal – He held off this torential

  12. Bad Biker

    Sorry, I hate laptops……

    There is proof that God is a liberal – He held off this torrential rain until the liberal populists had their fun…………………..

  13. wicked

    I was just checking out some of the news highlights and ran across the sentence below. Is there something glaringly wrong with it, or am I just so muddled today, I’m hallucinating?

    “Initially the Polynesians built the moai out of various types of local stone, including the Puna Pau scoria, but between 12,000 to 13,000 AD, Puna Pau switched from producing statues to hats.”

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      You’re not hallucinating, wicked; there is something most definitely wrong with the sentence. Perhaps the date(s) are off by a power of ten…

      • wicked

        Thank you, 6176. At times I’ve been accused of living in the past, but after reading that sentence, I thought I might actually be living in the past! At least I’m still partially sane.

  14. jammer5

    I wish Iggy hadn’t closed comments on his posted article. There is a fascinating book called, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, by Jared Diamond. I read this book with great interest, as there are parts that correlate with what’s going on in this country today.

    Small nations, and Island nations, that succeed, usually do so because they understand that having a vested interest in their surroundings, and the ultimate constant renewal of same, is paramount to their survival. Nations that fail usually do so because they ignore the fact many resources need constant renewal. Other factors, such as weather, can make or break societies, such as the Anastasi, but when a nation has as much as we have, it’s easy to lose focus on the basics.

    I would recommend the book to anyone interested in the future of this country:

  15. I’m going to a workshop tomorrow, it is free and will provide 5.5 CEUs. The presenter is coming in from Case Western Reserve University (isn’t that in Ohio somewhere?). He is an expert on assessing suicidal and homicidal danger – he has data on homicide/suicide couple risk. It should be interesting, if less than fun. It will be at the Hughes Metroplex (WSU). Will share anything that is particularly interesting…

    • wicked

      Wow, that sounds really interesting, iggy. I’ve read books on profiling and such, and this may go right along with it. Please do share later if there’s anything share-able. 🙂

  16. tosmarttobegop

    Sorry it took so long, I am afraid it was my turn this morning. Got up feeling fine then it hit me and took me off my feet. This is the first time today I have been on.

    Had a great time yesterday surrounded by all those mad, Liberal, Commies, Moslem usurpers of the American way. Man that was intense storms last night, I swear it hung over my house and the lighting strikes seem all just outside my window.

    Going back to bed and hoping that I sleep through the night and wake up feeling better. Not sure if I could feel worse. Wicked I do believe in pray and mine are heading your way.

  17. PrairiePond

    Jammers, I havent read the book, of course, but I think “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” could apply to communities as well as societies. Some communities choose to succeed, and some choose, well, death.

    What we’re seeing in western Kansas right now is the cumulative effect of all those “death choices” these knotheads have made over the last fifty or so years. It’s the cumulative effect of what Thomas Frank identified so accurately. They’ve bought the conservative lies hook line and sinker and voted against their own best interests so long they cant reverse the damage now.

    And even in the face of that, they STILL choose to believe it’s Frank who is wrong. They spend their energy and dwindling resources to argue about him instead of changing course and at least TRYING to survive.

    Dude was so right on with both those books.

    And the band plays on….

    • jammer5

      And the big boys on the beltway still choose to have those who created the crash, still run things under the “government” umbrella. There are some seriously intelligent people who saw this coming, and warned about it, but were laughed off the stage.

      It would make sense, to me anyway, for those who saw it coming to orchestrate the turn around, but common sense and Washington mix as well as oil and water. And the band plays on . . .

  18. PrairiePond

    Iggy, I wonder if, in your workshop, there will be bits and pieces to be gleaned about suicidal communities like mine, and/or homicidal communities like Hays? Although Ellis county is more cannibal like… They dont just want to kill us, they want to eat us too. With salt.

  19. prairiepond

    hee hee heeee gster. Mostly these Chermans out here would want mustard and kraut!

  20. G-stir

    PP- You haven’t posted for so long I began to fear that “they” has rounded you up and re-programmed you into a scarecrow! Phew……………

  21. prairiepond

    Heh gster. They probably wont round me up. They’ll just kill me and eat me!

    TSTBGOP, I sure hope you and yours get to feeling better soon!