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Thomas Frank at Watermark September 16th

story[1]Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter with Kansas and The Wrecking Crew will be at the Watermark Bookstore (Douglas and Oliver) on September 16th at 7:00 p.m.  His second book has come out as a trade paperback and I suspect this is the reason for his appearance, or it could be because he  enjoyed the local bloggers so much last time.

The 16th will be a Wednesday night.  Maybe some of us could meet there again?


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I’m Always Glad When Joan Baez Beats Out Jessica Simpson’s Ass

As search terms for finding our humble little blog indicate, there is a decided preference for finding Joan over Jessica.  Come on, who would your rather see:  this:










jessica_ass_bak[1]Or this?








Joan was ahead on 09-06-09 by a score of 27 to 3.  Time to claim a victory…. Joan, Joan, Joan!!!

Y’alls’ thoughts?


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Wendell Berry and the “Inverting of the Economic Order”

wendell-berry[2]Wendell Berry has written one very powerful message for the The Progressive (Sept., 2009)  magazine. This article by Berry ( a farmer and writer in Kentucky)  is one that provides unusual clarity into the practical, but also the moral, problems with our economy.  I usually have an aversion to copying material like this, but the message so deserves to be disseminated, I will do it, just this one time…

Read more here.


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Tuesday, 09/08/09, Public Square

090819-obama-education-vmed.widecThe speech President Obama will make to our nation’s school children will be carried live on the White House website and C-Span.  I am still looking to see if any local station will carry it, and haven’t yet found the time it will be aired.  Anyone know?  I’ll keep looking until I find it — I’m not a school kid but after everyone was gone last night I found I had two granddaughters here for the night.  So, we can watch together.  🙂

Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama
Back to School Event

Let’s keep wicked’s family and her granddaughter in our thoughts — she has surgery this morning about 10 am, and then on to healing.

What else is going on today?



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