We need 100 Senators like this one


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4 responses to “We need 100 Senators like this one

  1. jammer5

    And the right calls Franken a joke? Much to be learned from a jokester, huh? The more I hear from him, the more I like him.

    • That was spectacular. The way the question was asked…”will you vote the way the people want or the way Obama tells you to” was worded to start a tea party nut feeding frenzy. He completely defused them and got them engaged in problem solving the issue.

  2. jammer5

    Not working, unemployed, laid off . . . welcome to the twenty-first century. My COBRA runs out five months before my 65th. That’s if I can afford to keep it that long. Getting insurance for those five months? Only if I win the lottery. Cancer knocks that for a loop.

    I’m all for not for profit health insurance. Making money off insuring the sick is just plain wrong.

  3. David B

    LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — If you want to feel even more depressed about Friday’s unemployment report, get a load of this: the private sector didn’t just lose jobs over the last month or the last year — it’s lost jobs over the last decade.

    Yes, the very segment of the economy that was supposed to thrive under the Bush administration ended up with a net loss of 223,000 jobs since August 1999, according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, the nation’s population has grown by 33.5 million people.

    That’s the worst job-creating performance by the private sector since, you guessed it, the Great Depression.