Friday, 09/04/09, Public Square

Today begins the long weekend that says goodbye to summer.

Do you have special plans?  I wish we bloggers had planned a picnic.  We still could!  What say you?



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  1. jammer5

    Picnic’s good. When-where?
    Gotta stop at USPS this morning and check on why my book hasn’t been delivered. They received it 8/29/09.
    Then off the have a golf club made. Special practice club: Nine iron head, driver length shaft with grip set at standard nine iron setting on shaft. Good for chipping and grooving the swing. Tried patenting it, but it’s been done, although nobodies making them. Bummer.

    • wicked

      The letter carriers are probably reading it. 😉

      • tosmarttobegop

        She might have a point, I know it always seems to take a couple of days longer to get my Victoria secrets catalog then it should! I could not resist joking…. I went to one of their stores once, I was looking for something nice for my wife. The sales clerk asked me what her size was? I did not know for sure and described her, she is a “healthy” woman. The clerk looked me up and down then said “I think we might have something to fit!”.

      • jammer5

        I stopped by and they told me that wasn’t unusual and the book would be delivered, He didn’t even know if the book was at his USPS substation. Hopefully, I’ll get it by next week sometime. This is the longest anything I’ve ordered has taken to be delivered.

      • wicked


        My mother was a letter carrier here in the city for years. Believe me, they do thumb through mags. 😉

  2. I don’t know why the YouTube in the thread header isn’t showing as more than a link. If anyone knows and can fix it, I’d be obliged. 🙂

    Here’s an article at NPR titled, “The Party’s Over: Songs For Summer’s End

    • wicked

      Did you grab the link or the embed code?

      • And what would the difference be between those two? 🙂 Got a better idea of who you’re dealing with now??

      • wicked

        To the left of the each video, there’s a box with links. The first is a URL link, the one beneath is the embed. Copy and paste that second one into your post above. Or here. Or if you want me to post it here, I’ll happily help out. 🙂

      • Thank you!

        I’m capable of learning! 🙂 All too often I don’t know the question to ask.

      • wicked

        We all learn all the time. Or we should. 🙂

        (You’re welcome. 😉 )

      • jammer5

        Works for me 🙂

      • jammer5

        Another for ya, fnord:

      • I liked that jammer, thank you!

        I hate to ask for one more favor, but could you include genre? I know this is wonderful and a talented guitarist, but where does in fall in ‘style / type..’ whatever would be the correct description of category.

        A Facebook friend recently reminded me that on Sept 10th, 7:30 p.m., FREE, the Friends University Faculty Jazz will be performing at the university. Thought some of you might also be interested!

      • jammer5

        I would classify it as rock. He also does some jazz/rock fusion. If you click on the song while it’s playing, another window will open to the song on youtube. The right side has more of his tunes.

      • jammer5

        Okay, fnord. Here’s some pure jazz/rock fusion. One of my favorite albums:

      • jammer5

        Same band. Billy Cobham on drums. Probably the best jazz fusion drummer of all time. His solo is amazing:

  3. From today’s “Quote of the Day”

    “The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.”
    – Bertrand Russell

    Do you think this pertains to health-care reform?

    There are so many rumors going around it’s hard to know what to listen to but I did read once that President Obama wanted Congress to come up with the bill and intended to become part of the process once bills hit the floor of both the Senate and House. It was said he didn’t want to repeat the perception of ‘ramming it down throats’ that some say doomed health-care reform in the Clinton years. Other places I read accusations that it’s all Obama’s fault due to lack of direction given.

    There are people who decided before Obama took office to oppose him and his administration. Do you think their numbers have swelled or have they just gotten louder?

    • lilacluvr

      I think their real numbers are just as before but they are louder. But there are some people who are just ‘reacting’ to all this town hall protesting crap and it just seems their numbers are growing.

      I was watching Rachel Maddow last night and she was talking about that anti-reform guy that got his little finger bit off. This guy was on Fox News (of course, eyes roll) and he even said with his own mouth that ‘when I threw the second punch’ that’s when my fist went into this guy’s mouth.

      Huh??? If someone is punching me a second time, then he deserves what he gets – or is that too simple of a concept for these CONS to understand.

      These CONS worship Cheney for being such a badass bully but when a pro-reformer actually bites one of their own – then all of a sudden, that guy is a bully?

      But the kicker to this whole thing is what Rachel then shared – this guy was treated at the hospital and Medicare paid for his health care.

      Again – huh????? These people don’t want government-run health care but when they get hurt, that’s who is paying – we the taxpayers.

      Hypocrisy does run rampant throughout the CONS world.

  4. lilacluvr

    I think it is past time for Obama to stand up and tell Republicans that bullying time in the play yard is over. Obama needs to kick each one of them in the butt and tell them to sit down and shut up.

    If they don’t like it – they can always move to Texas and secede from the country – and the sooner the better!

    • wicked

      Waco, Texas would be the perfect place. My Texas friend is currently dealing with one of the hospitals there. Her husband is a former neurosurgeon with Parkinson’s. He recently fell and broke his hip. The hospital has done about everything they can to kill this man, including ignoring the drug warning bracelet on his wrist. She has a long, long list of screwups she wants to speak with a hospital administrator about. Yesterday, as they were moving her hubby to a rehab facility, one of the admin hierarchy stopped her to give her five minutes. Friend told the woman that five minutes wouldn’t even be enough to go over the first point of the horrendous care hubby had been given.

      Texas Congressman Chet Edwards led the state in an overhaul of the VA system there. Once one of the worst in the nation, it’s now one of the best, thanks to Chet. Friend’s hubby was an officer in the Navy, but unfortunately she hadn’t yet done the paperwork to get him into VA care. I have feeling that once she reems the hospital, that’s next on her list.

      Horrid care for a retired neurosurgeon? Imagine how the treat regular people.

      • lilacluvr

        That sounds terrible, but am I surprised – in a word – no.

        The current health care system the Republicans are so willing to slit their wrists and form blood covenants for is in serious need of a wake-up call.

        But why would these arrogant Americans be willing to change the way we spend billions on a system that gives us horrid results? No, these arrogant fools are too worried about their portfolios and the bottom line – profit.

        I agree with you that the VA system has changed their image and I’m glad. It always made me so angry when Bush and Republicans used the military men and women for photo ops during the Iraq War but yet our own soldiers were having to rummage through the dumpsters for metal to make their own body armor. And why? because Halliburton and other private contractors had their fingers in that money pie and took everything and left very little for our soldiers doing the real work.

        And then Republicans claim they know better than us liberals?

  5. wicked

    Leave it to Garrison Keillor to make you laugh and think.

  6. wicked

    Two of my daughters and I plan to see Sandra Bullock’s newest movie, All About Steve on Sunday. We saw the trailer for it when we went to see her latest, The Proposal, which was great! Sandra has another movie coming out in November, this one promising to be a tearjerker. I’m rarely disappointed in her movies and happy to see three in a row this second half of the year.

    • lilacluvr

      I bought the video of The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. This is one of those movies that is great to watch when you’re home alone, get some popcorn, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket on the couch and just enjoy a good, warmhearted movie.

      I like Sandra Bullock too. You’re right, wicked, she rarely disappoints. She can play serious to wacky characters and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a movie that I found to be totally tasteless.

      • wicked

        The Lake House was a strange and riveting movie. I was like speechless when it was over, then tried to figure out how the time warps happened and how the two caught up. I never did figure it out, but maybe that was the idea? Excellent movie.

        I read that Bullock Reeves had been looking for a movie to do together after Speed was such a hit. The Lake House was it.

        Two disappointments in her movies for me. Speed 2 just bored me. Premonition was stupid. The end, at least. But she was still good in both.

        I have a Sandra Bullock collection among my DVDs. I think I’m only missing one of the newer ones and less than five of the really early ones which are hard to find. The Proposal comes out on DVD next month. 😉

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      I hope you enjoy it, Wicked. The younger says the buzz on it in the trades is very disappointing, and the two reviews I’ve seen/heard both pan it mercilessly.

      • wicked

        Well, 6176, I don’t put a lot of stock in reviews. It looked funny. Bullock definitely plays a major ditz in it. I can relate to that. LOL

        Not every movie can be a box office hit. There have only been three movies I’ve paid to see that left a really bad impression. The first was A Clockwork Orange. The only movie I nearly walked out of, but was stopped by my hubby. For years afterward, I couldn’t watch Malcolm McDowell in anything, and the song “Singing in the Rain” made me cringe.

        The second was X-Men 3. I’m an X-Men movie nut. (You can close your mouth now. LOL) I was so mad at the end of it, that I had to bite my tongue until I was out of the theater to say, “That sucked!”, very loudly.

        The third was Platoon. I will NEVER watch that movie again. I cried for the last 2/3 of it. I told my ex I didn’t want to see it, but he said if I didn’t go, he wouldn’t go, and he wasn’t going to miss it.

        On that note, the other day I came across the envelope from the Army, telling me of the death of a friend in Vietnam and also contained the unopened letter I’d sent the friend. I reread the last letter he’d sent me. The words he used were similar to dialogue in Platoon which was what set off my crying at the movie.

        Full moon in Pisces today. Emotions are on the surface.

  7. lilacluvr

    I must confess, I just came from ‘over there’ and I did manage to rumple a few of the Conservatives’ feathers and they are all cackling. I needed to vent some frustration this morning – and that is the perfect outlet to do such venting.

    Of course, the only thing they can throw out is the fact that I’m a ….dare I say it ….Liberal.

    They throw that word out as if it is some magic bullet that we’ll all run away, never to be heard from again. But, as I pointed out to them, they don’t like it when someone stands up to them and actually tells them back.

    Then I threw in something about all the locksteppers kicking their ruby slippers high enough for Rush….or something like that.

  8. wicked

    Here’s one for you, fnord. I love Dan Fogelberg’s music, and this one was one of nine that weren’t released before his death. No video on this, just the music. 🙂 And beautiful words and music, at that.

    • jammer5

      Been a fan of Dan’s for many years. Great song.

    • Very pretty, soothing and calming. I couldn’t listen to that type music and clean house, be productive… I would want to sit, maybe cuddle, hear the words…

      And, it’s always been true that my mood determines what I want to hear.

      I used to clean house to Hooked on Classics — especially the marches got me marching right along! 🙂 That was back when I cleaned house, nowadays it’s more a lick and a promise.

      • wicked

        I loved Hooked on Classics! I think that LP is around here somewhere. I keep hoping my kids (two of whom had their heads together last night about MY Christmas present) decide to get together and buy me a new turntable of some kind. Too bad the one I really want is like $300. Anybody checked out the Crosleys? Wow!!!

  9. jammer5

    Hey, our friend over at ‘That Other Blog, Way Over There’ is back and living in Florida. Stop over and say hello.

  10. Have any of you noticed there is a widespread belief at the other place that Lilac is a nic used by Chas?

    I used to think that several of the cons poster might have been one or two different people, but then realized that individual differences are a sign of an advanced species. Tarantulas have personalities, for example. Cons, don’t because they are not an advanced species.

    I believe now that each con poster is a different person. What do you guys think?

    • jammer5

      You mean kinda like a barbie doll wearing different outfits? Now that’s change cons can believe in.

    • When I do read there it’s to read YOU GUYS and a few that are closer to my opinions. They would, of course, call me small minded or say I’ve closed my mind or whatever. That wouldn’t be true, I do read opposing views, but not idiotic ones if I can help it. There are a tiny number of posters of the ‘CON’ variety that I don’t scroll over. Some topics I read most every post, but very few.

  11. Bad Biker

    That “other” blog has deteriorated to the point that is hardly worth a read, nonetheless posting. I picture the same group of Cons sitting in their basements pounding away at their keyboards 24/7, posting the same mindless crap over and over again. To be honest, I haven’t read an intelligent thought from any of them in months. Their collective body of work since last November can be summed up as just this: I hate Obama.

  12. anniethemoose

    Time for the yearly trip to Argonia.

    When and where does the picnic take place?

    • tosmarttobegop

      I hear it is way cool, my best friends parents live the other side of the river from the city park along the river. I get invited every year but have never been, Argonia is a interesting place it had the first woman mayor in Kansas. Kerrie Nation was there and its a colorful Kansas small town.

    • wicked

      What’s up in Argonia?

      • A bit of blowing things up, a bit of aviation, …

        High Power Rocketry enthusiasts and their families from all across the central USA converge on Argonia, Kansas to enjoy best-of-the-best at KLOUDBusters launches.

      • wicked

        Was Kloudbusters featured in the movie October Sky? I wasn’t paying attention close enough, but it was a good movie.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    I have had a vision inspired by the outrage over the President addressing school kids of a note found by a daughter from her father.

    “Hi honey, how’s daddy’s little girl? I had to go somewhere and I was concerned I would not get to talk to you before tomorrow. At school they will be forcing you to become indoctrinated by watching the speech of that servant of the Devil Obama.

    He is a pretty speaker and I want you to remember that he is a Socialist, Communist, Moslem Kenyan born destroyer of the Untied States. Don’t be fooled with his pretty words he is the servant of the Devil on earth!

    Now I T-bo O’ Reilly to night and make sure you watch it before going to bed it was very good.

    And sweetie remember to say your pray for the painful and bloody death of Obama before getting in to bed!
    Daddy love his little girl and night-night!

  14. I was serious about the picnic, and it sounds like jammer and anniethemoose are interested.

    Iggy, do you work all three days of the weekend?

    Does anyone else think it would be fun to get together?

    We could even do it here at my house — there’s A/C if it’s hot, privacy to the extent of a wood privacy fence, a house if it rained… Or, any park!

    • tosmarttobegop

      OK your fault not really its just how my mind works:

      The city dweller had grown tired of city life and bought a piece of land on one side of a hidden valley.
      After six months he had finally finished his cabin and was setting on the front porch when he noticed someone walking up the path to the house.
      “Hello at the cabin mind I come up?”.

      The stranger was allowed up and identified himself as the closest neighbor on the other side of the valley.

      “Say I am having a party this Saturday night and wanted to be neighborly and invite ya!
      “ Sounds good to me, what kind of party you having?”
      “ Oh there will be some dancing and drinking, then maybe some sex!”
      “ Huh, what should I wear to the party?”
      “Well you can come naked if you want…. Its just going to be you and me!”.

    • No, I am off Monday. I will be sleep deprived, but would love to go to a picnic. Maybe I’ll take a nap outside.

    • The forcasts I’ve heard, it sounds like it will be getting hotter each day.

      KAKE says 86 on Monday with no threat of rain.

  15. tosmarttobegop

    OK one of my odd question moments Wicked, I know that at least some Romance novel are pretty racy.
    Often bordering on out and out Erotic. I was wondering just how taboo you can get in the main stream Romance Genre? Most I have heard, my wife has gotten some on tape and I have heard them.
    Are stuff in the line of “She felt his throbbing manhood against her thigh… She cooed with pleasure as his hand outlined the form of her enlarging…”.

    But I am curious as to how out there can you go with the story plot? I mean like interracial, older/younger,
    wife swapping, etc.

    • wicked


      There are many different sub-genres of romance, from Christian and “sweet” to erotic. I don’t write or read erotic, most called ‘erotica’ these days. Not my taste in reading material.

      Different publishers publish different genres. At this point in time, the biggest erotica pubs are epubs (electronic downloads) or print on demand pubs or even self-pubs and range in being totally tasteless and poorly written (hence the purple prose quotes you posted) to having a decent plot and written by people who know how to write. To be completely honest, many of these books shouldn’t be classified as romance. They’re straight erotica. Multi-partners is NOT romance.

      There are quite a few publishing houses that publish interracial romance. Harlequin’s AA line, Kimani, was purchased from BET and sometimes has interracial couples. At least I think so.

      Older/younger used to be the norm, so it’s not really anything new.

      Wife swapping isn’t Romance, anymore than beastiality would be.

      Different strokes for different folks, and different publishers for those strokes. (And that really didn’t sound right. LOL)

      • tosmarttobegop

        Thanks, I have never read a Romanic novel and as I said I heard a tape version.
        I had thought the main attraction is feeling something the reader is not feeling in their real lives.
        But then only a fool would put anything out of possibility of women. Women can discuss some of the most outlandish things yet have so many aspects that no one suspects and is compartmentalize.

        Those fawn like eyes speak of innocent that only angels should know, yet beneath her stare is the plotting of a ravenous Wolf. Trust not her girlish smile, for in a instant it may conceal the fangs that would rip your throat and consume your soul. Then she would walk away, the denim dress not ruffled and the innocent once again in her eyes. She is a woman trued and confirmed, one who’s soul is her own and for her only to know the degree and content of.

        Yes each their own….

      • tstb,

        If you think we’re going to let men know the rules of women — you’re just wrong! If we think a man might have guessed something, it says in the rules that the rules must be changed. 🙂

        Now I’ve gone and done it! The rules will need to change.

      • wicked


        A romance is about the relationship between one man and one woman. Many books (women’s fiction, mainstream) have romantic elements. The one thing a romance must have other than that one man/woman thing is an HEA (Happily Ever After). That’s the hallmark of a romance. This is why I often say I write fantasy. 🙂

        That’s an overall view, anyway. Yes, there’s sex in some romance novels. But they’ve really changed since the ones written in the 1970’s. These days, heroines can hold their own with any man. These days, we try not to make the hero an SOB, but a man any woman would love. (Real fiction there, guys. 😉 ) These days, women can make it on their own and don’t need a man, just as in real life. Society has changed. Well, some. Romance novels teach women that they don’t need someone else to be complete, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have someone to share life with. Oh, and sex is only part of a relationship, but a major part. Without chemistry, it’s all boring. 🙂

  16. I’m serious!
    these get togethers are always mucho grande fun. Pick a day so I can schedule the kloudbuster thing around it. Come on you disorganized overly independent libs let’s do this.

  17. tosmarttobegop

    Come on you disorganized overly independent libs let’s do this
    I object I am not “disorganized” I have a wife and she knows exactly what is going on and just where everything is! Don’t believe me? well I can just ask her…. Honey where is my…?

    I would love to but we are having the grandkids this weekend and no way to get everyone there.

  18. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh I want to get off back everytime I do they say something on the TV that I want to bring up!

    But later

  19. Monday is the only day Iggy could be included, ’cause he works the other days round the clock. I’ve seen him when he’s sleep deprived and he’s kinda funny. 🙂

    OK, I decided we’re having a picnic on Monday. Someone else make a decision about another detail. Democratic process, ya know. Or, as our friend Tracy said best — “you damn liberals couldn’t decide where to have lunch if I said I was buying!”

  20. “We could even do it here at my house — there’s A/C if it’s hot, privacy to the extent of a wood privacy fence, a house if it rained… Or, any park!”

    Fnord since you offered what a wonderful idea and if we get bored we could log on to the beagle blog…… tell okie were having a party and she is the main topic of discussion…

    What should I bring?

  21. Kloudbusters is a fascinating event. Some of the rockets they launch are longer than a pickup truck and can reach altitudes of 30000 feet.

  22. Great! Let’s do this! OK, Monday, at my house (does everyone know my name — it’s in the book, or I can send an email), should we make it later in the afternoon so Iggy could squeeze in a nap and not be sleep deprived? Does 3 or 4ish sound OK? I’m open, and I already made one decision — it’s your turn!

    We’ve got two grills. We could get a couple choices of meats to be grilled. Brats, burgers… A salad or a bag of chips or some buns or pop, beer… could be brought.

    annie, did you grow a garden? Is your garden producing something fresh?

    Are we getting someplace?

    Spouses, friends, kids, grandkids welcome. My house is nothing special and is totally blogger and kid proof!

    We can get on the internet here! Wireless, three hard-wired computers and a laptop — we’re ‘puter junkies!

  23. David B

    Me dear droogs… Clockwork Orange was rated X, for it’s realistic portrayal of violence and sexual content. Siskel and Ebert gave it two thumbs down because the violence was so disturbing. They later reversed their opinion, lauding the film’s impact and originality.

    It is now recognized as a film ahead of its time and one of the the top 100 films by the American Film Institute.

    Who can ever get this image of Alex out one’s mind: ****CAUTION: this is the “eyes open shot” of the Ludovico Technique for treating the violence-prone.

    In the novel, the anti-hero Alex was 14 years old when he was arrested.

    • I can bring some fresh tomatoes that are out of my parents’ garden. fnord, would you shoot me an email with your address. I think I could find it again, but it never hurts to have the numbers.

      Thanks for offering to do this. I will make it whatever time, but later would help me be more attentive.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I had to watch it twice before I made sense out of it.

  24. wicked

    An hour ago, I would’ve said I’d be there. Within that time I learned A) Payton’s surgery is scheduled for Tuesday noonish, B) The other grandparents are going up for it sometime Monday, meaning I get custody of the rest of the grandkids they were supposed to have on Monday. I can try to drop by, but that’s about it at this point.

    I guess the other grandparents are the only ones this matters to. No one asked if I was going, just went on the assumption I’d be lolling around on a holiday. But then their almost 30-year-old baby boy can’t do a damn thing without mommy.

    • I’m glad to know the surgery is scheduled! That means Payton is strong and gonna get this thing fixed and get on with it. But I can see how the ‘circumstances’ would take some of the enjoyment out of the good announcement.

      Hope to see you anyway. You know the grandkids would be very welcome. I have grandkids too! Although mine are older now, they started out quite small. 🙂

      • wicked

        No, you wouldn’t want Gavin around, believe me. He’s on new meds, so we’re keeping an eye on him. By Monday he could be much better.

        It’s good that Payton’s surgery has been scheduled. We’ve been taking things day to day, waiting on a date. According to the latest echocardiogram done yesterday, everything looks good. Then a 3-4 week recovery.

        I thought it auspicious that the surgery date will be 09/09/09. She was due 9/11.

        I’ll know more on Monday. Not sure what time the grandkids will arrive, so that’s a factor.

  25. Sorry about your news Wicked.

    A Clockwork Orange is one of the few DVDs I have a copy of. When I was taking experimental psychology all those many years ago, it was at the theater and our professor wanted us to see if for extra credit.

    His thoughts were that it was a contest between Freud and Skinner/Pavlov – with the former winning. I can see that interpretation.

  26. 30,000 ft is about 5.7 miles. That is getting up there.

  27. Bad Biker

    A Clockwork Orange is…………………. one of my favorite movies………………. Top Twenty Five.

    Has anyone seen the Wrestler? I’m not a Mickey Rourke fan by any means, but he knock ed it flat out of the park, as did Marisa Tomia (sic.) Great movie, great acting.

    Gonna watch Valkyrie tonight (home alone) which is another movie starring an actor I don’t care for, Tom “Jump the Couch” Cruise, but I love WW II historical movies.

  28. Sounds like a plan I’ll get back on a little later this evening….my garden sucked this year I tried containers didn’t work too well next year hydroponics

  29. Bad Biker

    I just received an e-mail from SuperDickPromo promising me that I could add three inches to my manhood. I have two questions:

    One: Who are these people and why do they think I need to add to my manhood?

    Two: If I used all the hundreds of products guaranteed to add one – two – three inches, would I eventually have to roll it up on a hose reel?

    • Yeah well! You should hear what I might be able to have, be, look like, behave like…!!

      We could all be some sort of manufactured oddities. 🙂

      I’ve barely figured out how to be me so think I’ll pass on trying to be something else.

      • Bad Biker

        Hell, I occasionally get e-mails guaranteeing that I can increase my cup size.


        By our product and you too can be a freak of nature!!!!

        BTW: How is your colon doing? We have a product that will scrub your colon!

        Boy Howdy, sign me up for that one – it sounds like so much fun!

  30. David B

    Hey.. Wicked.. care to come over and watch 9 1/2 weeks? ;->

    • wicked

      Considering that I’m not crazy about any of the actors in the movie, not to mention it’s not my kind of movie, I’ll have top pass on the invitation, DavidB. 🙂 🙂

      P.S. I don’t watch porn either. Yeah, I know. I’m boring.

  31. David B

    fnord.. I have no plans for Monday.. email me?

  32. I think we should list what we will bring. I will bring buns – hamb. and hotdog buns.

  33. wicked

    iggy, Biker, DavidB and anyone else who would give Clockwork Orange a thumbs up…

    To each his or her own. It’s possible I could watch it now. If I felt the need, that is. 😉 I’ll leave it to all of you.

    And before you say something about women only liking chick flix, remember I’m an X-Men fan. The Rock and Con Air are among my top favorites. I really enjoyed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Oops! All of those three have Sean Connery starring. Could that be why? 🙂 Seriously, I like action/adventure as much as romcom and comedy.

    Here’s an obscure movie most haven’t seen. Les parapluies de Cherbourg aka The Umbrellas of Cherbourg starring a very young Catherine Deneuve. (The dialogue is sung…in French)

  34. fnord’s list again:

    Brats, burgers… A salad or a bag of chips or some buns or pop, beer… could be brought.

  35. David B

    Look who must be one of the WEBlog Contras..

    Bob Weeks – “at the Wichita Eagle editorial blog, identity-speculating and other behavior stemming from that has poisoned that forum to the point where many discussions degenerate into the worst forms of name-calling, and even death threats. I won’t let that happen here.”

    • Wouldn’t matter too much which one — they’re interchangeable.

    • wicked

      This is a ha ha, considering the wichitaliberty blog is a conservative blog and as much of the name calling and vitriol comes from the same.

      As I posted over there earlier, the personal attacks started from the Right today. Using “cons” as a descriptive name really makes them angry. 😉

  36. Wicked,

    The sound track of Clockwork Orange was pretty good too. It made extensive use of synthesizers which sounded quite interesting at various (face melting) times up there in the old college dorm room…

  37. Are you guys bringing your guitars and showing off? 🙂

  38. I will bring brats, also. Will pick them up from Dillons. Our estimated attendance is going to be 10, 20, some other number???

    Confirmed so far:
    Annie, fnord, DavidB, iggy and maybe daughter, who else???

  39. Once we know how many we can know better what we need.

    fnord comes with Griffin.

    I have email addys for others who don’t blog here, but most of us know from tbtsnbn. Should I send an email to some of those people?

    • It is your house.

      Who did you have in mind?

      • No, that day it is the picnic place — we all want to have fun!

        I was thinking of okobserver and hank and nathan.


        Thunderchild, PMom, Mary, wichiwomn (she actually has checked in here a couple of times — as debs??), Mr. Controversy… I don’t know! Those are some who come to mind.

  40. I’m going to call Vaughn, and maybe we can see him! Wouldn’t that be neat!? His friend, Bob (used to blog long time ago as rm___ (put some numbtrs in the blank space) might help him get here if he needs help and it would be good to see Bob too!

  41. Dillons will be open on Monday, won’t they?

  42. Julie and Mountain Man

  43. David B

    I am sure everyone knows the theme from “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”

    Sept. 24-26 at 7:30 pm
    Sept. 27 at 2:00
    Wilner Auditorium
    Rated G
    Tickets $16 discounts available
    Box Office 316-978-3233

    MTW’s Wayne Bryan to Direct Musical Comedy
    Wichita State University will present HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING – Thursday through Saturday Sept. 24-26 at 7:30 pm and Sept. 27 at 2:00 in Wilner Auditorium. The show will be directed by Music Theatre of Wichita’s Producing Artistic Director, Wayne Bryan.

    • wicked

      Aw, David, now you made me cry.

      I watched the end, too. ::sniff sniff:: It’s not a happy ending. After Guy (pronounced gee) leaves for the army, Genevieve discovers she’s preggers. Her mother, hungry to make a good match for her daughter, forces her to marry a much older rich man who had been extremely taken by her. With no word from Genevieve for over a year, Guy marries Madeline when he returns, the girl who takes care of his grandmother. The last scene is several years later. Guy owns a service station, has a son named Francois–the name he and Genevieve had chosen for a future child. Genevieve drives up in a Bentley or something with her daughter, Francoise–HIS daughter. They say hello, how are you. She mentions her daughter is a lot like him. And then she drives away.

      I first saw it in 1965-66. Don’t remember exactly. Our high school French class went to see it in some rundown movie theater here in Wichita. I didn’t see it again until about 10 or 12 years ago on TV, and it was dubbed in English with French subtitles. Totally different that way. I finally found the DVD on Amazon and bought it.

      A few years after seeing it the first time, my mom special ordered the soundtrack for me. (I’d pestered her for it for forever.) Printed inside is the full script, English on one half side of the pages, French on the other. It’s well-worn. 🙂

      BTW, it was nominated for several Academy Awards, won the Cannes Film Festival and launched Catherine Deneuve’s career.

  44. David B

    Well, the thing about Clockwork… the incredible senseless violence seemed to far-fetched … back then.

    • wicked

      It was definitely violent. I do remember the funky tables in the cafe, but little else, except when they beat up…somebody?…during “Singing in the Rain.”

      Anyone see A Boy and His Dog? Tosmart’s pal, Don Johnson, starred. Very weird.

      • jammer5

        Don Johnson? Now there’s a bad actor.
        Anybody see Radio Flyer? Narrated by Tom Hanks. A sad/happy movie. Seriously well done.

    • Is it Don Johnson who has Wichita ties?

  45. David B

    Sunday at the Blank Page Gallery in Delano:
    “Santa Sangre ”

    San 1989 Mexican-Italian surrealist cult film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

  46. David,

    Do you know Jed from the other place? He is an artist, right? I wonder how we could let him know about our blog?

    • jammer5

      Been out whackin’ balls. I kinda collect movies. Mostly adventure. No porn 😦 Name some, I’ve probably got em. Anybody heard of Peter Weir’s The Last Wave? Aussie movie and excellent.
      If yall don’t mind me showing up, I could bring that along. At fnords? Addy? Time? Food needed?

      • wicked

        Surfer movie? 🙂

      • jammer5

        Nope 😉 . About the aborigines and the cycles of man. Brilliant movie.

      • wicked

        Well, I was close…by a few miles. LOL

      • We plan on you showing up! Is the movie a DVD, a tape? I think we have ways of playing most.

        We’re takin’ this one step at a time, and seeing who plans to come and then will divvy up what we need. No sense in getting in too much of a hurry! We just decided today to do this and if we keep it low key I think we’ll all enjoy being together.

        I’ll send you an email with the addy.

      • jammer5

        DVD. I’ll also fill up a jump drive with various artists cds. You can transfer it to your pc.

      • jammer5

        “Well, I was close…by a few miles. LOL”
        Hey, it does have water in it 🙂

  47. David B

    I guess drag along the video projector and a sound system.. in case movies under the moon break out??

    A Boy and His Dog… it took loyalty to a new level…

  48. David B


  49. David B


    Naqoyqatsi, I have not yet seen.

  50. tosmarttobegop

    In a town hall meeting of his voters he made a statement. I know if I was running against him my ads would have this and the phrase “vote for me I will listen!”

    • wicked

      According to Wiki, he’s a BlueDog Dem. I’d say he’s a Dead Dog Dem.

    • And, he’s from the Democratic Party. The asshole needs to learn who he is supposed to be representing, but outside the government where the voters should make sure he lands! He shouldn’t have ever been elected with that attitude! Here’s hoping he has a long time outside his current job to reflect on the errors of his ways!

  51. This is interesting. This article says a study was done and the less expensive (than either a doctor’s office, an urgent care center or emergency room) retail health clinics popping up at pharmacies recorded no significant differences in patient outcomes and quality of care.

    Maybe if we don’t get health-care reform we can save money this way?

  52. fnord,

    I am requesting that we get the food and people part of the gathering nailed down, tomorrow.

    Thank you.

  53. The Orpheum Theatre Presents

    Johnny Rivers

    Saturday, September 26 – 8:00pm

    Reserved tickets $55 Orchestra, $30 Mezzanine & $20 Balcony.

    Tickets available at Select-A-Seat by calling (316) 755-7328, online by going to, or at any Dillon’s Superstores, and Plant Employee Clubs.

  54. tosmarttobegop

    What’s the odd he declared Conservative next election if not sooner?

  55. tosmarttobegop

    I mentioned Monday to my wife just now, but don’t know if she will come. I think from my description of you all she is afraid for her mortal soul LOL. She enjoyed the meet-ups she had went to with me. But every time I mention another she always said she would not know what to talk about? I tell her to just talk about killing the elderly remember their Democrats! Hee I not helping am I ?

    I tell her you’re just ordinary people… who happen to get a pass from Larned once in a while and like to get together outside the confines of the walls… and straightjackets and medically induced stupors .
    Still not helping huh?

    OK I told her you all are a bunch of rabid liberals who sole goal in life is to surround a Social Conservative and feast on her bowls! She said now she will be having nightmares. Don’t worry living with me I am educating her…. Against her will… while she sleeps I secretly play in her ear Obama speeches and tell her Jesus voted Democratic in the last election.

    OH now you don’t even want to be around me!

    She does not like to talk Politics and gets lost when around those who do. To that I told her that the people are very diverse and can talk about many things don’t worry…. Except for when someone mentions it about time to sacrifice a Con in the name of Barrack then run like hell!
    Back to not helping again?

    Oh now she is not going to sleep in the same room with me! But then she never does when the boys are here since there is not enough room in the bedroom for the pallets. AND there is a little problem of Brown recluse spiders there too. As for me I loudly announce I am a Republican! they are so fearful after that I never see them for weeks. It also works with Rattle snakes, rabid dogs, Great White sharks and demons too.
    It does not work so well with the Devil though, he just hugs me and calls me kin!

    I’ll work on her, convince her she will be OK and that you all know how to talk about other things.

  56. Remember, I am a Republican too — card carrying!

    Small children. Are they crunchy?

  57. tosmarttobegop

    Fnord you need to watch Glen Beck more I am sure he will have a good recipe on shortly.
    I have not been there, but would not be surprised if there is Beck Under-rios for sell on his website.
    Crap not included its up to the individual to handle that aspect of Beck. I am sure those who watch him long enough there is no shortage of being full of crap afterward!

  58. David B

    A good night song…

  59. Thunderchild

    “Is it Don Johnson who has Wichita ties?”

    Yes. He went to Wichita South high and graduated the same class as my sister.

    I don’t know about Monday. I have to take work when I can get it.