Jimmy Buffett at the Whitehouse

url-1[2]Jimmy Buffett was seen early this afternoon at the Whitehouse.  He did not agree to speak to, nor sing for, the reporters who saw him.  In the early 1980’s I saw Jimmy Buffett at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City.  It was the second best concert I have ever seen. 

The best concert I have ever seen  was the Who in Arrowhead Stadium (late 80’s, early 90’s).  A well known Wichita D.J. from that time saw Pete Townsend before the concert and wished him luck with his concert.  Pete replied, “Well, thank you, but luck will not be needed.”

Back to you bloggers, second best and best concerts you’ve seen?


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  1. I am going to have to revise my ordering here. I think the Buffett concert was the third best I’ve seen. Number 2 is going to go to the John Prine concert I saw a couple of years back. The latter setting was the Orpheum Theatre here in ICT.

  2. jammer5

    Best? Bob Hope, DaNang AFB, Vietnam, 1965, Christmas. Nothing else can come close to that.

    Second? Ray Charles, Santa Monica civic auditorium, July 1966; the month I got back from Vietnam. Sweet!

    Third? Too many to list. John Mayall probably tops it, though. Oklahoma city, around 1970.

  3. You probably aren’t going to believe this. I’ve only been to two or three concerts.

    • And, I had to try hard to remember ever going. KFDI used to do free concerts at Century II about 30 or more years ago. I went to a couple of those!

      One featured Billie Jo Spears and she did “Blanket on the Ground.” I think at this same concert a man who wasn’t the featured entertainer got my attention. His name is Don Williams and he played his guitar and sang in a way that seemed effortless. It was like being on the front porch, just relaxing and strumming and singing just for yourself.

      • wicked

        My daughter and I went to a KFDI Listener Appreciation concert about 10 or so years ago. She was gaga over the Wilkinsons, who appeared. I stopped breathing when I saw (forget his name now) in a pair of tight, black leather pants. Yes, I remember those pants, but not the guy’s name. Sad, huh? Not really. 🙂

      • Pedant

        If you ever get the chance to go to a Robert Earl Keen show, go for it. He’s got a great sense of humor, his fans are great, and it’s very warm. Plus a LOT of beer is consumed. 😉

        A great time is guaranteed.

        Here’s one you’ve probably heard before, it’s become one of my favorite Christmas songs. This song still cracks me up:

    • tosmarttobegop

      I can believe it that is about the same numbers I have been to.

    • Where have I been? A whole world I’ve missed!

      That one makes my Christmas list — I think I’ll have to buy multiple copies because I really can’t decide who to give it to! 🙂

  4. Jammer,

    It would be very hard to compete with Bob Hope at Christmas even if you weren’t half way around the world from home.

    At the above mentioned John Prine concert, I sat next to a woman who called out for a song – “Happy Enchilada!” I thought, what in the hell is she talking about, I have never heard of that one.

    Then Prine goes into this story about how he ran into an ex-wife of a bass player he knew, who was asking Prine to play “Happy Enchilada” – and he told her that she had him confused with someone else because he did not sing about food. He offered “Jimmy Buffett sings about food.” She insisted that he knew which song she meant, she says “You know, it goes, “Happy Enchilada and you think you’re gonna drown.”

    This woman had mis-heard his lyrics which actually are:

    “It’s half an inch of water, and you think you’re going to drown.”

    Big laughs from the crowd.

    Which reminds me, I was going to ask if any of you know people who will go repeatedly to same artist’s concerts (like the lady sitting next to me at John Prine’s concert) and they know act’s act almost better than they do. I used to have this social worker freind and whenever the Rolling Stones were within a thousand miles of Wichita, he was out to see them. These type of people almost remind me of my college friend who has season tickets to see the Minnesota Twins. On his spring vacation, he and his wife go to Florida to take in their Spring Training.

    I think I am a lesser person for not ever finding something to be that much of a fan of…

    • jammer5

      We went to school with the Lennon sisters. When I moved mom to Joplin to take care of her, after dad died, the first thing she did was get a hold of Sis Lennon, and ask her to send the girls schedule.

      Needless to say, we got masses of free tickets and I had to take mom there, I think, seven times in five years. I tried more than once to bow out, saying she could watch the show while I played golf 🙂 . Didn’t work: I had to see them all. For me, once was enough. Not saying they were bad, mind you, but not my type of music. Oh ya, we had to take in the Lennon brothers show as well. About the same thing.

    • wicked

      I’ve seen the Beach Boys 4 times, so I guess I’m a repeat concert goer when it comes to them. Would go again, too.

      Other repeats:
      Paul Revere and the Raiders 2 or 3 times
      The Fifth Dimension 2 times
      The Guess Who 2 times

      I don’t really like going to concerts anymore. I’d rather spend the money on CDs (albums).

  5. I’ve known several Parrotheads. They travel fairly great distances to see several Buffet concerts annually. There is a ritual to it, and it includes a lot of drinking and partying and fun silliness.

    • Love Buffett shows. Ive seen about 100. Probably the tailgating and party in the parking lot is as big an event as the show. Its the same show…but everyone’s happy and relaxed, its a blast.

  6. “I think I am a lesser person for not ever finding something to be that much of a fan of…”

    Every thread about music makes me feel inferior. I love music, and know nothing about it. I don’t know artists, what they recorded and when…

    I married when I was 17 and was a mother before my 18th birthday. When I finished having four kids I started raising them — alone for several years.

    I worked, I was a mom, girl scout leader, den mother, PTA something or other, taught Sunday school classes, later on a wife too…

    Now, I have time to learn music! I want to. I pay close attention when you guys start talking about artists and songs, I play all the YouTube videos posted, and one day soon I’ll even be able to talk about it. Keep teaching!

    • tosmarttobegop

      I started trying to learn the guitar at 47 when I bought a 3/4 guitar at a garage sale.
      I have had three teachers and fight to also teach myself. Not much better then I was in the beginning.
      Can not keep a rhythm and play a number of one note at a time songs.

      I now have four guitars and all but one is in the basement. Can’t say I do not love the guitar just can’t play them well. But keep trying and the one stays about three feet behind my chair. A beautiful Ovation guitar, my point it is never to late and other then when I have fat fingers it is a blessing.

    • jammer5

      One of my favorites, fnord:

      • Deep!

        I like the music, maybe it was the video that accompanied and interpreted that was a bit disturbing?

        Or maybe I need to watch it again and realize when we sit idly by, don’t even try, we don’t even have a chance of making a difference!

      • jammer5

        The movie, Wanted, was way out there. I like way out there 🙂

      • jammer5

        Another for ya, fnord. The greatest rock and roll voice ever!

      • That one I like — A LOT! I’m making a list. Soon people who love me — hubby and kids and grandkids — will ask what I would like for birthday and soon after Christmas.

        I want music!

        I’ve already told you I did other stuff when I was young. So, who says I can’t have my youth now? 🙂

        Griffin (hubby) is one of those people whose brain is absolutely full to the gills of useless info — you play trivia, you want him on your team! Anyway, music, titles of songs, who performed them, who wrote them, when — he knows all that. He will help me learn too!

      • wicked

        Ooh, boy. Now I know who to invite over to family night when we play the trivia games, especially the music ones. Is Griffin good with new stuff? The kids cream me on them. But I’ve got ’em on the old stuff. 😉

      • wicked

        I saw a good docu on Meatloaf one evening. Probably on MTV late. I learned a lot about him.

        How about “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights”?

      • All I know for sure is that he is a wealth of useless information! I tell him so all the time. 🙂 He isn’t up on politics! I’m not positive he can tell you the name of the vice president without thinking for awhile. 😦

      • wicked

        When the first edition of Trivial Pursuit came out, I was really good at it. Not so much now. Too many more things from too many more years to remember. And the brain just doesn’t come up with answers I know as fast as it used to.

        I have the Silver Screen edition and the Baby Boomers edition, plus a Literature one. My daughter has the 80’s edition and a couple of others.

        If Griffin is good with movies, Scene It? is a fun game using DVDs.

  7. I went to hear this University of Minnesota brain scientist a couple of years ago. He explained how adolescence is the optimal time to learn to play a musical instrument. If I understood the message, I am forgetting it now. My daughter takes bass guitar lessons; my son started re-taking guitar lessons tonight.

    But, I think any age is okay to start playing something. I am not a “natural”, but if I concentrate, I can sound “not terrible” at least.

    • Gotta believe the research is true. My son took up his second instrument at 16 and took off like a rocket with it.

    • jammer5

      Children put in situations where multiple languages are a necessity usually learn them with few problems. Same with music: it is a language.

      California used to teach both Spanish and English in public schools. In a cost cutting measure, that was stopped. The weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth that the students speaking Spanish would have a terrible time learning English turned out to be for naught: it Spanish speaking students took to English like ducks to water. The earlier the better.

      • lilacluvr

        We were transferred to Albuquerque New Mexico when my kids were 5 and 7. In that school district (this was 1985), the teachers taught half the day in English and half the day in Spanish.

        Both of my kids adapted to the Spanish language without any trouble at all. Sadly, we were transferred out of there that next year and ended up in Michigan. My kids lost most of their Spanish due to non-use.

        Personally, I wish more Americans would embrace learning different languages. But that would entail getting past our arrogance – and that will never happen.

        I still think English should be our first language in the country to make everything universal, but there is no reason why all Americans could or should not be willing to learn different languages in order to know what is really going on in the rest of the world.

        But, if Americans were truly smart, we would not be the only industrialized nation in the world without universal health care – would we?

  8. tosmarttobegop

    the best I have seen was also the last time I went to a concert.
    My daughter was a big Garth Brooks fan at 13 and he was appearing in Wichita.
    My mother bought tickets to the Friday concert and I thought my wife was taking her.

    Mom was about to buy the tickets when my wife asked me if I wanted to go?
    I was working 2nd shift and sleeping seemed my entire life so I said sure.
    To my shock she then said “Good you can take our daughter is can be a father/ daughter time!”

    I hated the idea, not the spending time with my daughter it was I was not crazy about going with out her.
    It turned out wonderful, Brooks is a true showman and I knew I liked some of his songs.
    But as the concert progressed, every song I was saying I like that one!

    I am clapping and shouting meanwhile my daughter who was the Brooks fan sat quietly with her hands in her lap. The only time she reacted was the third verse of “Friends in low places”. When she shouted the “You can kiss my AZZ!”.

    Then he went solo and sung the anthem of my generation, “American Pie”. I was hooked.
    Been a fan of his and it opened up the Country field to me.

    The other concerts I have been to were not to good.

  9. wicked


    I’m guessing that was the same concert my next to oldest daughter and I attended in early Dec. 1997? I was on the phone for hours, hitting redial to get tickets. Garth kept adding dates to the tour, and I finally hit the jackpot and got through. The only thing was, the tickets were for myself and my oldest daughter. The only date we could get was the night she was leaving with the senior class for their trip to D.C. She was devastated that she couldn’t go. Her younger sister took her place at the concert, and we bought her a tour T-shirt.

    It was a good concert. Garth was all over the stage, full of energy. We were in the nosebleed section, but could still see fairly well. I’d seen George Strait in concert a couple of years before, and the contrast between the two was amazing. George used a stage in the center, then moved around each song or two so the audience on all sides could see him. There were 4 giant screens set up in a square above him. His style was easy and quiet. I think that concert was what started to sway me to country music.

  10. lilacluvr

    I have listened to country music for years but this new stuff coming out of Nashville just seems to be a different kind of music – and one I do not especially care for.

    But I am of the thinking – to each their own.

    My absolutely favorite music is the 50’s Doo-Wap music. My entire family has made fun of me for years for liking this stuff.

    But my grand-daughter will sing a few phrases of the Doo-Wap because I listen to KEYN while we are in the car. This drives my son up the wall – to think that his little girl is doing those Doo-Wap song lyrics.

    I told my son that her singing Doo-Wap is my payback to him for all those days and nights I had to shut his room door and let him play his alternative music – that I personally find horrid.

    Of course, he laughed and then said – well, she is kinda cute when she sings her Doo-Wap but he draws the line at my making her a poodle skirt!

    Such is family life.

    • wicked

      I’m a KEYN listener, too. 🙂 Give me 50’s and 60’s music, and I’m in heaven. My kids were raised on it and hate to admit they know quite a bit of it, especially Beach Boys. The two oldest went to one of the concerts when they were like 4 and 6.

      I gave in and listened to Country in the mid to late 90’s but haven’t since about 2000. I still like a lot of songs (and have several CDs) from the time I listened.

      Except for Rap and whatever else that’s out there of that type, I pretty much listen to anything. I even discovered I like quite a lot of Jazz.

    • tosmarttobegop

      For over eight years I worked 3rd shift, so it was common for me to be asleep when my kids were home.
      The only time I took a stand about the music my oldest listened to what with (I will misspell it) Limp Biscuit. I had heard one of their song on Fried Pork and did not think it was too bad.

      But one day I was awoke to a string or repeated cursing, I flew out of the bedroom went to my son’s room and unplugged his CD player! marched out on to the patio and set it down on a table there. He of course followed me fearing I was going to not only smash his CD but also his player.

      I told him from now on this is the part of the house he could play that CD!

    • tosmarttobegop

      I have listened to country music for years but this new stuff coming out of Nashville just seems to be a different kind of music – and one I do not especially care for.
      Me too, Kind of funny most I like is over five years old and no offense but the stuff with Buffett like with Alan Jackson I hate. An other is the Jamaican stuff.

  11. wicked

    I took French in 4th grade, then private lessons with some older girls for a year or two after that. In 5th grade I took Spanish. High school took me back to French I, because that was all that was taught there. Of the two, I prefer French, but I’ve been known to mix up the two. 😉 But then I learned a tiny bit of French when I was 5, so that may be why I lean towards it.

    It’s definitely easier to learn a foreign language at an early age. I’d love to learn Italian, but I can only imagine how mixed up I’d be then. LOL

    English and French are probably the two most spoken and accepted languages in the world. Most European schools teach English, and French is taught in many parts of the Middle East and Africa.

    If it’s still offered in my youngest’s school, I’d really like to see her take Latin. Here’s why (from Wiki):
    Romance languages such as Italian, French, Catalan, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese are descended from Latin, while many others, especially European languages, including English, have inherited and acquired much of their vocabulary from Latin.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    I learned from someone I use to chat with from Germany that it is required to get a High School diploma.
    They have to learn four foreign languages the first being English then after that is elective. She spoke of course German, English, Russian, Spanish and if I remember correctly French too. Everyone under the age of 45 speaks English Though not always that well.

  13. mule taker

    Saw John Prine,Emmylou,Steve Earle and Elvis Costelloe together(accoustic)on their land mine free world tour over here in Dublin and that was something.BB king in Germany 15 or so years ago was really good too.Kinda hard to pick a favourite.
    Jammer-I Saw Mayall in Nuremburg.Damn good.
    Best one nighter for me must be The Who(only Townsend and Daltry left)followed by James Brown.He died a year later.

    • When I saw Daltry in the late 80’s, he did not look a day older than he did when he sang at Woodstock. It was like time had somehow been suspended for him. I’ll have to ask him his secret…

  14. G-stir

    I saw Simon & Garfunkle is Wichita years ago just before Bridge over Troubled Water was released. They did it that night in the WSU roundhouse, and blew the roof off, After they were done, it was quiet for a few minutes and they the applauding went on and on and on. They were as good live as they ever have been recorded.

    • wicked

      I wonder if that was while I was away at college. I remember having the album in late 1969 or early 1970. I’d love to see them both together again.

    • I still have that album! And the cassette tape (don’t think I have it in 8 track any longer) and the CD!

  15. I have to tell you one more secret. ‘Cause I can trust you guys.

    Once, long ago, on the other blog, when it was good, wicked first brought to the discussion which past president was sexy, who he reminded her of, and we women mainly (because just how many female past presidents or even politicians are there, huh?!) talked this one out until you guys were sick of us. The guys kept trying to join in, but the subject of equating a politician to someone sexy left them high and dry! So, Cap’n broke the ice for you guys by assigning bloggers a musician identity. He said lindainks was Joni Mitchell.

    I had never heard the name, didn’t have any idea whether it was an insult or a compliment or somewhere in between. So I started listening to her and reading about her. She has written some songs I like performed by others better than her. She has performed some songs I like, others not so much. She took a political stance! And, that’s what I choose to think is the reason Cap’n associated me with her. 🙂

    • That was the highest form of a compliment, I am sure.

      Joni was great in our generation.

      She and Neil Young lived together. I have always thought that would have been a strange combination of moods…

  16. PrairiePond

    Oh geez….

    I’m a total repeat concert goer. Of course, living in Austin made it all possible.

    I’ve seen Willie Nelson 5 or 6 times.

    Prine, probably 10 or so.

    Melissa Etheridge, 5 or so. But you probably guessed that.

    Mary Chapin Carpenter, 3 or 4 times.

    Delbert McClinton, at least 10 or so. I’d go again tomorrow if he was playing near by.

    And I’ve seen Toni Price at the “Hippy Hour” at the Continental Club in Austin at least 50 times. Jammers, I think she’s moved to San Diego now. She’s just about my fave.

    But still, the best concert I saw was Willie’s July 4 in KC in… ’77 I think. Willie, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller, Gary Wright, and even the Grateful Dead. Still others I cant remember. The first laser light show I ever saw. And the first time I ever dropped acid. WHAT a show. Heheheheh!

  17. lilacluvr

    My last concert was George Strait and Terry Clark at the Kansas Coliseum. Now, that has been a long…….long time, huh?

  18. lilacluvr

    Has anyone else on here been following the show America’s Got Talent?

    If you have, those three Texas Tenors are really awesome. There is another country singer, Kevin Skinner, who is straight out of the Kentucky hills. He said one of his jobs was being a chicken catcher. That may be true, but he can sing a tune in a way that really touches a person’s heart. I don’t think he has ever had any professional training. I don’t think his voice is the best but the way he sings his songs, you really don’t even think about it.

    There are also 3 kids singing – Voices of Glory – they are also good.

    I do enjoy listening to all different types of music (except Rap – I absolutely refuse to listen to that). And, like I said before, I tend to believe in – to each their own.

  19. When I was in college (the early 70’s), the small christian college I attended (which was well known for producing a number of small christians) co-sponsored the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield Kansas. Because of that, we got in free to see the 3 day festival. An English professor from Kentucky was, kind of, behind all this. A favorite act of mine was Norman Blake. Blake appeared on Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline as a guitarist. Blake quit highschool to make money playing guitar. He is one very gifted musician…

  20. There was a time when the good citizens of Winfield decided to search people entering the bluegrass festival. Blake was stopped and searched. He refused to come back after that.

    Aggressive law enforcement is not good for the arts…

  21. I got a great deal from Southwestern College when I attended there.

    My son and I visited there last year. One of the professors we talked to graduated from the Iowa Writers’ workshop (where Flannery O’Conner taught). He was pretty interesting and impressive. My son may go to SWC, but is learning toward KU or WSU.