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Jimmy Buffett at the Whitehouse

url-1[2]Jimmy Buffett was seen early this afternoon at the Whitehouse.  He did not agree to speak to, nor sing for, the reporters who saw him.  In the early 1980’s I saw Jimmy Buffett at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City.  It was the second best concert I have ever seen. 

The best concert I have ever seen  was the Who in Arrowhead Stadium (late 80’s, early 90’s).  A well known Wichita D.J. from that time saw Pete Townsend before the concert and wished him luck with his concert.  Pete replied, “Well, thank you, but luck will not be needed.”

Back to you bloggers, second best and best concerts you’ve seen?


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Out Of Africa: Human DNA

dna_rgbDid anyone watch “The Human Family Tree” recently on the National Geographic channel? One of the most fascinating facts found out, after checking the DNA of 350,000 human beings from every corner of the planet, is we all come from the same area of Africa.

200,000 – 150,000 years ago: The genetic journey of everyone alive today began with one woman — “Scientific Eve” — who lived in Africa and passed along her DNA through special cell structures called mitochondria, which only women pass down to further generations. What that means is, we are all related: Black, White, Yellow, Brown . . . we’re all the same. Our DNA varies by 1/10 of 1%, and that small percentage is what gives us our individual identities.

The color of a humans skin comes not from DNA, but where our ancestors migrated to. European ancestors lived in cold climates, so skin pigmentation lightened over generations. Those living in warmer or hotter climates retained the darker characteristics. It makes it interesting, then, how much race (which actually doesn’t exist) plays the role it does in society.  I wonder how racists would actually feel if they knew they were hating their brothers and cousins?  My guess is they would not believe the evidence when presented to them. All one has to do is look to people like Linda Jenkins, Bill O’Reilly and their ilk to understand facts have little meaning to them.

So, readers, how do we change the minds of people bent on destroying race relations, when the evidence of DNA points to the non-existence of race? Is it even possible?



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Wednesday, 09/02/09, Public Square

image012No matter what happens your day will be better than the owner of the laptop pictured to the left.  Probably better than the poor puppy pictured too!  🙂

What’s happening?  Is everyone spending all day outside enjoying the amazing weather?



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