Gay Marriage Progress

vermont[1]Vermont was the fourth state to pass gay marriage legislation.  Nine years ago they approved a domestic partnership law.

New England is leading the way.  Maybe some day the mid-west will catch up…


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  1. Vermont is the first state to legalize gay marriage by legislation instead of court rule. As Peter Tosh would say: “legalize it, don’t criticize it…

    This guy is arguing what is called libertarian, is the true liberalism. I am not so sure, what do you guys think?

  2. How is Kansas fundamentally different from Iowa? Iowa, being the only mid-west state to allow gay marriage.

    • lilacluvr

      When I grew up in Illinois, there was a saying about Iowa – Idiots Out Walking Around.

      As if people in Illinois had anything to brag about, huh?

  3. I haven’t yet read the article and I will! First, I have to smooth the hair on the back of my neck. It raises every time I’m reminded that we even have need of this discussion. People are people and unless we want to mandate crickets as being the entity the Constitution of the U.S. pertains to, then I don’t even understand the basic premise of why we make this distinction between some people and other people.

    rant off/

  4. tosmarttobegop

    There really is a contradiction, in one breath there is a argument that I am a adult and therefore in titled to make my own decisions. In the next breath I am arguing that you are not in titled to make your own decisions. If you can separate sex from an adult relationship, the issue becomes even clearer.

    You can not claim one set of adults can and should have the privilege of a public swearing of their life union. While forbidding another set of adults to do so, it is illogical to make such a distinction.
    And denies the same rights and privilege without a real basis.

    It is no different then when the races were denied marriage between each other.
    I never found a Black woman I felt strong enough about to marry, even if I did I am sure my wife would object.

  5. I was in Kansas City a few years ago at a concert and a guy there was wandering around shouting, really, that “Iowegians are as dumb as dirt.” So, if others hold his opinion, they are not held in high esteem in the K.C. area, either.

  6. Lawrence, Kansas offers a domestic partnership registry.

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  9. David B

    Kansas legalizes same gender marriage in 2012.

  10. David B

    Five years behind is our norm.