Prairie Populists on YouTube

Hello there.

This is my first post to, although I also happen to be the teenage daughter of Iggy himself.

So hi. =)

I’ve decided to help out my Dear Old Dad by helping him branch out to other networking sites, such as YouTube. For all of you tech-savvy folks out there who already happen to have YT accounts, please feel free to add the group and post away, and for those of you who are less savvy and more along the lines of challenged, please create a YouTube account (youtube can be found here:, information on youtube can be found here: and join in on all the fun.

The Channel name is:
The Group name is: Prairie Populists and Progressives on YouTube

Thank you and goodnight.



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12 responses to “Prairie Populists on YouTube

  1. Hello and welcome! What a pleasant surprise.

    OK. I’ll go first and admit I am so challenged I have no idea of what to do with the information you provided.

    I go to YouTube, know how to do that. Sometimes I can even find something particular I’m searching for — if I get really lucky.

    But, I think you’re saying we, Prairie P&Ps, either do now have a presence or you’re asking us to make one.

    I think you’ve underestimated how challenged one of the members of our group (ME!) truly is.

    • lovernotafighter

      Alright, I’ll see if I can help you out.

      I’m assuming that you haven’t got a YouTube account, so let’s start with that.

      1. Go to If a grey box in the right-hand side of the window that says, “sign up or sign in now” doesn’t show up, then try
      2. Click on sign up in the little grey box, providing of course that you are able to locate it and it shows up.
      3. Fill in the form that shows up; seeing as this is fairly straightfoward (you created an acount on WordPress, of course. It’s quite similar)
      4. Answer the conformation email from Google/YouTube
      5. Sign in to YouTube
      6. copy&paste or type in the address of the channel, provided above.
      7. Ask to be added to the group.
      8. After confirmation from the moderator(yours truly,) post away to your heart’s content!

      Whew! I hope I got everything. Feel free to comment again if you run into more trouble. I’m happy to help. =)

      • Your instructions are very clear and concise.

        I found the sign up click. I clicked it and this message appears:

        You’re currently signed in to Google
        In order to sign you up for YouTube, we need to log you out of your Google Account before starting the sign-up process.

        So now I am concerned that ‘signing up’ at YouTube will have some effect on my Google Account which I like very much just exactly the way it is.

        Will it change?

        Why are the advantages of signing up at YouTube?

        I’m a bit of a hard sell. I did make a WordPress account because it makes navigating this blog and others easier, gives me access to ability to edit my posts here… But I’m able to watch YouTube videos fine. Are there some I’m not seeing, don’t have access to?

      • wicked

        Hmm, I wasn’t aware Google and YouTube are linked. Is this becoming a monopoly? Is Google someday going to own everything? Will they make a horror movie of it?

        fnord, I have 2 Google accounts. I’ve never had a problem with either of them. Of course that’s no guarantee… ::grin::

      • I need to say this all better!

        It’s because I trust you, lover, that I feel comfortable asking these questions. I wouldn’t be able to ask them of the young people who would just dismiss me as an old woman. Iggy is a remarkable man, and he tells me his children are way better than him, the best, I think he knows what he’s talking about!

        I don’t know, but I want to know, and I think you do know and can teach me.

      • Did you know that lack of understanding usually equates to fear?

  2. As the would say, those damn kids speak a different language. I will have to get remedial education to figure out what she has done.

    Kidding aside, I am proud of my daughter; she won a silver medal in the state history day contest in the documentary category. She competed nationally in D.C. She did not place in the national contest, but got some nice U. of Maryland college clothing.

    She is enrolled in East High’s I.B. program and enjoys working a couple of hours a night on homework. I think she is more like me than my son is, sometimes.

    Because of my paternal grandfather’s family she could apply to be in the Daughters of the American Revolution – I always thought that was a little pretentious, but if it looks like she could be a top college contender, we might pull that string.

    I am a descendent of William Davis who fought for the North Carolina Army against the British in the Revolutionary War. I still have distant cousins who live in London.

    The geneologists of our family live in San Diego and one published a hot rod magazine, back in the day when those were more popular.

  3. wicked

    I have a YouTube account. I did a couple of videos for friends’ promo. I’ll give it a try and come with a report.

    Cross your fingers.