Monday, 08/31/09, Public Square

Monday BluesHope your Monday doesn’t bring challenges you can’t handle!  Sometimes getting beyond the rough patches is harder than others but leaves good lessons.

Is this about the loveliest weather you could ever hope for!?  Maybe this weather will take us to winter, winter will be late in coming and short in duration, taking us into spring.  A girl can dream!



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  1. A hint at the federal investigation into whether Roeder, the man who assassinated Dr. George Tiller, can be tied to people or groups and federal conspiracy charges brought.

    “Bible group scrutinized in Tiller killing

    Roeder said he preferred going to a Bible study instead of a more formal religious setting because “organized religion is 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations, which are businesses.”

    “We stay away from them,” he said, adding that religious organizations receiving tax-exempt status become corrupt because they are beholden to the government.

    “A bunch of us think he is being framed,” said Parks, who also has been interviewed by the FBI. “To me, the entire judicial system is suspect.”

    Clayman said he met Roeder about two years ago while attending a different Bible study group. He said Roeder lived with him for 11 months but moved out April 1 because he’d lost his job and wasn’t paying his rent.

    Clayman said Roeder took the abortion issue to the extreme.

    “Scott believed that the Bible was literal, the word of God,” he said. “Where he went astray was he had this crazy, fanatic doctrine that you could somehow justify killing somebody just because they were an abortion doctor.”

    Clayman said Roeder talked often about his belief that killing an abortion provider was an act of justifiable homicide.”

    So religious nuts who want to overthrow the government, and their brand of ‘worship’ would justify murder think Roeder is being framed.

  2. lilacluvr

    Scott believed that the Bible was literal, the word of God,”

    This is the basis of the Fundamental Religious Right belief system. I was in that group for a few years and it was drummed into our heads that the Bible was the literal word of God.

    And when I would ask questions about all the raping and murdering in the Bible, I was told that was all ‘in the past’ and to not be concerned about that part.

    So, see, these people cherry-pick the parts of the Bible they want to use to justify their actions and then say that it isn’t their words – but the word of God. How could anyone say no to God?

    • lilacluvr

      Of course, they always rammed the idea of eternal damnation in the bowels of Hell as your punishment if you dare to question anything the Bible or preacher tells you.

      That’s pretty harsh stuff these so-called religious people are putting out there.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Fundies are downright scary and NUTS..

  3. tosmarttobegop

    It was an Easter retreat and my best friend and I attended.
    The retreat was a gathering of several Fundamental churches.
    The only Bible I had was a Gideon Bible, it was confiscated almost immediately as not being a true Bible and not KJV.

    At one of the many indoctrination seminars I asked a simple question. And was scrolled for questioning God. What we thought was to be a couple of days of fun and games. Was constant seminars of harsh religious indoctrination.

    The only “fun” my friend and I did not get involved was a late night panty raid. The camp was Co-ed of ages ranging between 10 and 16. By that time I was so terrified I was reluctant to breath I was 13.
    Several guys in my hut did after the adult went to sleep.
    It was quite organized and had been planned between all the boys huts.

    Suddenly the guys came diving in a window and whistles were being blown. The loudspeaker came to life and the lights came on.
    We were ordered to stand beside our bunks, then our things were searched for panties.

    I was never so happy to be leaving anywhere in my younger life.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I am noticing something happening that reminds me of what happens every time there is a school shooting. The search for the logical and sane reasons.

    The problem is that there is none, no reasoning of sanity in it.
    We are looking for reasoning and sanity in such insanity. Either in the school shootings, the Religious fundies or the Republican party.
    Mass hysteria, delusional rational, many names but no way to understand it. The sane mind can not comprehend it, that fact that so many engage in it is mystifying.

    But then that returns to the problem of a sane mind trying to make sense of the insane mind.

  5. lilacluvr

    If logic and reasoning was allowed into the Fundies movement, then the leaders would lose their control.

    It’s all about control – and has very little to do with God.

  6. wicked

    OT (is there a topic on open thread?)

    My daughter just called to tell me that one of my favorite people is visiting Children’s Mercy Hospital in KC where she’s staying with baby Payton. “Favorite”, she said, “is sarcasm.”

    I couldn’t guess. The visitor is John McCain, meeting with hosptial officials, I assume.

    The best part is that there are tons of protesters outside the hospital, signs in hand, protesting FOR better health care. She’ll take some pics when they go to lunch and send them. None of McCain though. She doubted she’d get a chance to even glimpse him. They’ll probably be sneaking him out the back door. Chicken.

    • lilacluvr

      I wonder if these protesters will get as much media coverage as the nutcases at the town hall meetings.

      John McCain is not my favorite either, but I do give him credit for having that one woman removed from his town hall the last time. And he has been booed by his own fellow Republicans for saying Obama does respect the Constitution.

      But, I still remember McCain and Palin at their rallies during the campaign.

      If McCain had told Palin in front of everyone to shut her mouth and stop spreading lies about Obama, I think maybe more of the real Republicans would be in control of the GOP today.

      But, then again, to hear the CONS on the nameless blog, nobody considers McCain a real Republican. If that is true, then maybe somebody should investigate as to how this guy has managed to be in Congress, on the Republican side, for damn too long!!!

      • wicked

        He’s not my favorite either. I kind of liked him for a while, but the more I learned, the less I liked.

  7. anniethemoose

    testing my new name. my old name lives on my old computer, which is so infected with rogue anti spyware and viruses i had to encase it in lead and sink it to the bottom of lake superior.

    may annie moose r.i.p.

  8. lilacluvr

    correction: If McCain would have told Palin

  9. 6176746f6c6c65

    Here you go, fnord; take your pick (winter weather forecasts).

    • wicked

      Somehow I knew we’d be getting a lot of snow. Think all the rain we’ve had was a clue? LOL

      Still… It doesn’t snow if it’s too cold…

      Six of one, half dozen of another.

  10. lilacluvr

    wicked – how nice of them to have a hand-picked audience to deal with – huh?

    Let me see – where have we seen this tactic done before…..

    George W. Bush and his entire 8 years in office?

    I like the idea that President Obama will knowingly walk into a room filled with his critics and will face them down.

    And their answers to fix health care were quite simple and concise – but where are their details in how they plan to achieve their goals ?

    Must be in the 19-page outline of the GOP’s health care plan – along with the 4-page outline of the budget.

    • wicked

      A hand-picked group was exactly what the protesters were mad about. These senators don’t want to hear what their constituency has to say. They want to hear people who agree with them.

      Screw ’em.

  11. lilacluvr

    As far as the snow prediction, you might know we are in for a bunch of snow when we are in the process of buying a house just outside the city limits with a very long drive up to the house…

    Well, at least we are only half a mile off Rte 54 – so that will be cleared first.

    And, really, what choice do we have in what weather we get? Mother Nature does have all the control, doesn’t she?

    • lilacluvr

      On second thought, I like to watch the snow falling if I am sitting in my cozy warm house with the fireplace burning.

      But, of course, that snow will have to be cleared out of the way when I need to take the grand-daughter to preschool and do errands.

      Do you think Mother Nature will listen to my requests or do you think my expectations are too high?

      • wicked

        Oh, yeah, way too high. This is Kansas, remember? LOL

        I have a 25 mile round trip to take my daughter to work, the I go back in the evening to pick her up. I won’t take the Interstate or K-96 when roads are bad. The people who drive them are NUTS then. Okay, more NUTS than usual.

        Then there’s the grandkids to school, but they’re all going to the same one this year, and it’s barely a mile away. Not so bad.

        I wonder if I could talk my daughter into getting her driver’s license and a car and driving herself for a change?

  12. lilacluvr

    I have it easier than you wicked, I only have one grand-daughter – so I am spoiled.

    And for drivers who are NUTS – they are everywhere!

    Speaking of NUTS – I must share this story with you and I think you will all get a chuckle from it.

    Today, I had to get some groceries and decided to run through McDonalds to get some chicken nuggets for the little one as a treat.

    I was in the drive-thru when some old man in his rickety old truck was backing up and headed right for me! Well, I honked and he got so mad at me.
    I then noticed all the NRA stickers on his truck and then there was the obligatory GOP stickers right alongside of the NRA. I was surprised there weren’t any ‘Honk if you love Jesus sticker’ – but there wasn’t.

    Anyway, this old man leans out of the driver’s window and yells at me to get out of his way and I yelled back that he was the one that was backing into me. Well, he then proceeded to tell the girl while he was ordering that some ‘bitch’ was in back of him preventing him from ordering. When it was my turn to order, the order girl just had to laugh and say ‘so you’re the bitch?’ She said that she had seen and heard the whole thing and she wanted to go through the window and smack the old man upside his wrinkled, old, NRA gun-toting head.

    And the rub in this story? He probably has Medicare that me and you are paying for and he has the gall to rant and rave about how socialized medicine will ruin this country. And from the looks of the entire scenario, I am sure he is no fan of Obama’s either and probably has voted for every critter with an ‘R’ behind its name.

    Did I come face to face with the reason why Republicans are losing millions of people every year in their party?

  13. South Central states will be cold and wet.

    Cold and snowy across the North Central states.

    Sure glad we’re in the middle and don’t have to worry about any of that nonsense! 🙂

    It’s amazing to me — I can be perfectly happy to never get the car out of the garage and just stay home if that is my choice, but let the weather dictate it would be safer and more prudent not to get out and I automatically feel house bound, trapped, itching to go someplace, anyplace.

    • wicked

      I don’t mind at all if it snows a foot as long as I’m not expected to go out in it and drive. It’s not the snow that bothers me, it’s the way people around here forget from one snow to the other how to drive in it. Yeah, I’m a cautious driver when the streets are slick and nasty.

      Then there’s the cleaning off of the windows and windshield. ::sigh:: Snow can be beautiful, but not on my car and the streets.

  14. A friend who has relatives in Seattle said that their weather was very hot and dry this summer. I guess we must have traded with them or something.

    • tosmarttobegop

      LOL my oldest is near Seattle and is laughing his butt off. Being from Kansas heat is not a surprise.
      But everyone of the locals is melting like the wicked witch of the West.

      He sent me a text saying if I could bring a truck load of A/C I could retire!

    • wicked

      It was hot enough up in the northwest and even west to be a fire danger.

      Weather is shifting and changing.

  15. lilacluvr

    This was on Huffington Post …. looks like our beloved Rep. Lynn Jenkins is still in trouble for her mouth….

    This was written by Sam Stein..

    Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.) took a bit of heat a few weeks ago for suggesting the GOP needed a “great white hope” to take on President Barack Obama in the next election.

    The Kansas Republican backtracked from her remarks soon thereafter, insisting that she hadn’t really understood the racial implications of the statement.

    Alas, The Ottawa (Kans.) Herald finds one reason to doubt Jenkins’s excuse. A month ago, the freshman lawmaker supported a resolution that included the very phrase “great white hope” in a historical context that made clear its origin.

    In late July, the House of Representatives passed, by unanimous consent, a measure urging the president to pardon heavyweight champion boxer Jack Johnson, whose career brought him success in the ring and racist vitriol outside of it. Included in the resolution, which passed on July 29, was the following phrase:

    “Whereas the victory by Jack Johnson over Tommy Burns prompted a search for a White boxer who could beat Jack Johnson, a recruitment effort that was dubbed the search for the ‘great white hope.'”

    For sports historical junkies: Johnson had to wait years to get a shot at the heavyweight title, because the top-ranked white boxers refused to fight him. Once he got the chance and defeated Burns, the boxing world went on a frantic search to find the “great white hope” to take back the title.

    As Media Matters Action Network points out, one of those “great white hopes” was a boxer named Jess Willard, who actually lived just 27 miles from Jenkins’ hometown of Holton, Kansas.

    Johnson’s fall would ultimately come when he took the gloves off. The target of racist violence, he was convicted in 1913 of violating the Mann Act against “transporting women across state lines for immoral purposes.”

  16. tosmarttobegop

    Cable needs a new channel, the fizzy, cute playful Kitten channel. I am so convinced every time I have turned on the TV. today that the country is going fooking crazy!

  17. tosmarttobegop

    Jenkins thinks that is embarrassing, wait to she discovered that the month before she co-sponsored the bill to bring but the scarifying of children without reading that one too! We elect them and send them to go to Washington. But they all claim they do not read the bills. So why waste the money sending them to D.C.
    They could just set at home and use the net to vote.

    • lilacluvr

      But if Lynn was not sent to Washington DC on our taxpayer dime, how could she become the handmaiden to one of those bright light stars in the GOP party.

      I hear there is an opening in the C Street stable for ‘real Republican American women’ to serve their countrymen.

      • wicked

        Sarah would fit right in and shed a whole new light on Jesus.

        Do you think they allow snakes at C Street?

  18. lilacluvr

    Don’t they already allow snakes at C Street? Oh, you mean the animal version -nevermind.