Sunday, 08/30/09, Public Square

early birdDoes the early bird still get the worm?  Seems our world has changed so much, I just need to be reassured some things can still be counted on!

What’s on for your day?



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12 responses to “Sunday, 08/30/09, Public Square

  1. jammer5

    Mornin’ oily boids. Beautiful day outside. More like spring than summer. Get out and do sumpin!

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I am certainly planning on it, we are going to the zoo this afternoon. LOL had two conversations yesterday.
    One with a guy at a garage sale who was watching Fox, the other what I call a Oklahoma Democrat.
    Neither were truly happy with what I had to say, as both were not wanting to think about that far into the issues.

    The Fox viewer was taken back when I repeated my now classic line, “Stop and think about just who you are accusing of being so fiscally responsible that they would let people die to save money! That is more a Conservative concept.”. He said “yeah”, then cocked his head and thought about it.

    The other was some what offended by me saying he was more a Oklahoma Democrat. Which means him being a Democrats but more a moderate Republican in his thinking. He did not think the Government should be messing around in health care.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Happy belated Birthday T.B. do not dread I doubt there is any connection between you being born and the worst happenings. OK other then a bad day for the Cons on the other blog heee!

  4. WmacW

    Lazy day at our house today (well, as lazy as you can get with two kids under the age of 5).

    Right now I am child free – today is my birthday and my mother-in-law kept the kids overnight for us so we could go out last night. In an ironic twist, we wound up just hanging out at our house with friends playing gin rummy. I guess I am officially old and boring :). And now I am exhausted because we went to bed way after my normal bedtime :). Oh well, it was fun at least. Off to church this morning and then to my mother-in-laws for a barbeque and then home again with some *hopefully* well behaved children.

  5. Happy birthday, Wendy! Sometimes it’s more relaxing to stay home and not make the effort of going out. Glad you had some adult time — it’s valuable when you’re with little ones most of the time!

  6. tosmarttobegop

    I an not sure if it comes for history or Shakespeare’s “ Cesar” but either way, there was a character a servant. Who would stand to Cesar’s shoulder and repeat “Thu are mortal… Thu are mortal”.
    It might be worth there be someone to stand at the Democratic party’s shoulder saying the same thing.
    Never forget that unless there is a reason the people will choose the other side once they are tired and disappointed. You can not rest of pass victories or take a once victory as a forever thing.

    It is important that the party does not ride on a minute victory of yesterday. Be prudent and good gets a longer ride then being the minute favor of the month. I am concerned that much like the Republicans rode too long on nothing more than “you like me… you really like me!”.

    My concerns are not so much for what is good for one party or the other. It is for what is good for this country. When the house is on fire does it really matter the color, gender or political sway of the person who puts you from the burning building.

  7. jammer5

    Congratulations are in order for the Chula Vista, California team on winning the little League World Series!!!!!!!

  8. David B

    I was out weed-whacking and pondering recent events… all the crazy things said about the President

    It all boils down to this..

    “A scary black man wants to take your stuff and kill yer mama.”

    Am I way off base here? I am looking for a root cause of the madness.. some deep psychological root.. and this is what I got.

  9. David,

    I’ve spent some time wondering about this same subject. I don’t have answers, but a couple of guesses.

    First, it was only when bush the lesser was in office that I realized how much a person could abhor a president, and how scared they could be for their country. I honestly felt both those emotions during the second bush the lesser term. Because I felt that way about bush I finally understood why Clinton was so hated.

    I am a peacenik — bush took my country to war. Worse, there was no justification for the Iraqi war and I was never able to accept or forgive him for the death, destruction, waste of lives and resources. I thought about that and realized how the religious could feel the same distrust, fear and disgust for a man who would encourage a bj in the White House. It was a personal thing because it violated a deep personal conviction.

    That allowed me to understand or find some justification for the animosity from certain quarters for both those presidents. Then I get to President Obama and the disdain some express for him. I can’t find anything to tie that to, nothing that he is guilty of. So, yes, it must be that he is a black man.

    Or, has partisanship come so far that any member of the Democratic Party would have been as scary, as distasteful, as suspicious?

    • lilacluvr

      Yes, partisanship has come that far and the Religious Righties perfected the current system of smearing, fear and scare tactics.

      Remember, Jim DeMint spilled the beans when he said that if Republicans could ‘get’ Obama on health care – it would be his Waterloo.

      Anyone who truly thinks that way – does not care about the country nor any damage that will come from their partisan actions.

      They only care about getting the power and the control of the money back….