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Conservatives — personal attack & reflexive stonewalling

img-book-cover---the-death-of-conservatism_174024765987I read a review for a new book written by Sam Tanenhaus (editor of The New York Times Book Review and that paper’s Week in Review) titled, “The Death of Conservatism.”

The reviewer stated the author writes about Conservatives who identify government itself as being with the ‘forces of evil.’  Then the book delves into the obvious question of  what their strategy will be since political power can only operate through government.

Good question!

He concludes that rigid absolutism, personal attacks and reflexive stonewalling will be the death of the Party.



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Sunday, 08/30/09, Public Square

early birdDoes the early bird still get the worm?  Seems our world has changed so much, I just need to be reassured some things can still be counted on!

What’s on for your day?



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