Saturday, 08/29/09, Public Square


Look closely at the tall man in the center of the group.  How many of the protesters have read his sign?  🙂

It’s Saturday!  Will it be a day of play, rest, work, a bit of all?



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17 responses to “Saturday, 08/29/09, Public Square

  1. frigginloon

    Check out the dude on the left he should be holding up a sign saying “Abolish Bad Clothing”.

  2. PrairiePond


    Loonie, I thought the same damn thing when I saw that.

    Forget the PC police with his freakin’ confederate flag shirt.

    Get the fashion police quick! I’d say it’s a real emergency with that guy.

    Maybe they ALL need the waaaaaaambulance.

    And yeah, I love the tall guy’s sign….

  3. PrairiePond

    ….and I love the fat lady’s sign about no health care reform. She’ll be the first in line for Medicare benefits.

    And you can bet that phat phuck with the “abolish the federal government” wont mind it one bit when his Social Security check arrives.

    He’s probably some farmer living on subsidies.

    • frigginloon

      Is that woman with the yellow sign licking a ice cream? Even the little girl has a near empty bottle of Fanta in her hand! Psst she can’t spell either, might want to consider protesting education reforms too!

  4. WmacW


    pretty much all I have to say about that.

  5. A couple of days ago DavidB told us he was going to the ‘tea party’ that was held last evening here in Wichita at Sedgwick County Park.

    You don’t suppose… 🙂

  6. Watching the final goodbye to Senator Kennedy, crying, wondering where our country will go, and who will step up…

  7. jammer5

    Ya know, when I read the poster at Palin’s facebook page, I get the same thing: people who can’t spell, or can’t seem to be able to string a cohesive sentence together. The low intelligence level of these nitwits is astounding. How do they actually survive?

  8. David B

    Hi, all. I hope I didn’t let you down, but I chose to go out to the Final Friday art night instead of the Tea Party. So I have no tales to tell.

    It was a choice between culture or crazy last night.

    I do believe the funny signs poking fun at these folks is the best way to go…

    I, too, am really really sad that we lost the final Kennedy brother. Perhaps this ceremony will help me come to terms with the loss.

  9. jammer5

    Comments from sarah’s facebook page about the 9th circuit allowing oil exploration in Beufort, alaska.

    This is grate! But here are the nuclear power plants. Thats the answer for cheap electric to our homes, now we need a cheap renewable sorce of fuel for the trucking industry, once we do that the cheap fuel for cars and light trucks will follow.

    Praise Jesus, moar oil (yeppers . . moar oil)

    Good for Alaska and the US. It makes me sick that our GOVT is giving money to Brazil to drill and other countries, but no money for us to drill here in the USA. (Hmmm . . .thought these idiots were against any gov give away.)

    9th circuit…hmmm…isn’t that all the gay liberal judges in san francisco.?? (Yep . . . and they only allow gay drillers in Beufort!)

    Way to go!! Four decades of them saying “we have to stop being dependent on foreign oil” and they still won’t let us drill!! What a great decision! (Then why didn’t it happen on Bush’s watch? If they had any thoughts of their own, they’d be thanking Obama, but . . . Palin’s puppets. )

  10. David B

    btw.. “It makes me sick that our GOVT is giving money to Brazil to drill”

    The money is a loan so Brazil can buy American equipment for the oil industry… yep, she’s that uninformed…

  11. David B

    The very skies in Boston are weeping for Ted Kennedy.

  12. It was moving and fitting… A life lived well and all those who love him to carry on.

  13. Thunderchild

    It’s my birthday today. I’m 44.

    Since I turned 30, birthdays are not much anything I want to note let alone celebrate. They also seem to have the bad habit these last few years of attaching themselves to bad news. A few years ago, New Orleans was destroyed for my birthday.

    Today, we lay Ted Kennedy to rest on my birthday.

    I have never known an America without a Senator Ted Kennedy.

  14. Happy birthday! I wish I had known! I will next year. I love birthdays, they mean I’m still alive. 🙂

    The services for Senator Kennedy were great, inspiring, and I learned even more about the man who will be so missed. He did things every day for someone — not for glory so we didn’t even know until he was gone. Thousands of people lined the long route in two cities!

  15. You are 7 days younger than my daughter Tonya who turned 44 last Saturday, the 22nd.