Our Stats are Looking Good…

It is true, they are.  Wednesday was over 700,;  Thursday was over 600;  Today, who knows.

Thanks for all your work, each and every one of you…

iggy donnelly


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6 responses to “Our Stats are Looking Good…

  1. The stat I look at (when I take time to look, which isn’t that often) is the monthly views. Each month grows, not by leaps and bounds but steadily.

    Mostly, I just enjoy a place where old friends and new friends say what they want to say, sometime serious, often fun and funny (kinda like life). My blogging experiences are limited, and sadly most of it was at a place where civility lacked. I like remembering the world isn’t full of those kinds of people — it’s full of people who are like all of you!

    • First, remember that the announcements, to the few we had emails addys for, went out on March 21.

      Views per month:

      March 2,818

      April 8,472

      May 9,080

      June 9,344

      July 9,851

      August (to this moment) 10,450

  2. Amazing what y’all have pulled off in such a short time. Your months are my lifetime stats!

    Thanks for a great place to gather and kick ideas around.

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  4. wicked

    Work? This is fun! It’s what I do to keep from working. 🙂

    Thank you for another procrastination tool!

  5. Bad Biker

    That’s it – I’m outta here – this blog is getting way too big for me!