Friday, 08/28/09, Public Square


Talk about persistent!  When women decide to form picket lines, they don’t give up easily!

Ten suffragists were arrested on August 28, 1917, as they picketed the White House.  Daily picketing began on January 10, 1917. During that year, more than 1,000 women from across the country joined the picket line outside the White House.  Between June and November, 218 protesters from 26 states were arrested and charged with “obstructing sidewalk traffic.”

Women achieved the right to vote with the August 18, 1920, ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which is commemorated by Women’s Equality Day.

And, ya know what?  We are still fighting for equality!  🙂



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  1. PrairiePond

    Isnt this what the movie “Iron Jawed Angels” was based upon?

    • wicked

      Yes, prairiepond! Not only were they arrested, but they were put in jail and work houses. One was the wife of a senator, who didn’t side with her.

      What a great movie! I want my daughters to watch it. EVERY woman should watch it, and it wouldn’t hurt every man to, either.

  2. PrairiePond

    This is a great thread to post the poem I finally found. It was written by a lady then in her eighties back when the city was trying to fire me from my economic development job. It would be one of my faves even if it wasnt about me!


    If you have a job to offer
    Want to fill a special niche
    An aggressive man is a go getter
    An assertive woman is a bitch!

    If you have a costly project
    That you need someone to pitch
    And aggressive man is go getter
    An assertive woman is a bitch!

    If you want to hire a planner
    Who may help to make you rich
    An aggressive man is a go getter
    An assertive woman is a bitch!

    If you’re in a controversy
    Want know which side is which
    An aggressive man is a go getter
    An assertive woman is a bitch!

    If you feel you’ve lost control of
    Workers that you long to ditch
    An aggressive man is a go getter
    An assertive woman is a bitch!

    If you need to find a scapegoat
    You can blame for every glitch
    An aggressive man is a go getter
    An assertive woman is a bitch!

    Julia Rupp
    August 2004

    She’s an “assertive woman” in her own right! She’s now living near her daughter in your fair city.

    And btw, she still holds the title of “town bard” here!

  3. PrairiePond

    Oh yeah, and the poem will again be published in our paper on it’s fifth anniversary next week!

  4. I’m positive all you well educated and well informed bloggers already knew how much dedication, work and determination went into the woman’s suffrage movement, I was amazed and a little ashamed yesterday when I began reading. Amazed at how determined those women were and ashamed that I have become a ‘weak sister’ and no longer contribute to the cause of women’s equality.

    Yes, the movie ‘Iron Jawed Angels’ was made about these times and these women. “They had no vote, no political clout, no equal rights. But what they lacked under the law they made up for with brains, determination and courage. Oscar®-winner Hilary Swank leads an outstanding cast in the inspirational true story of two women who dared to make a stand for women’s rights, and ended up shaping the future of America.”

    Great poem, prairiepond! I’ll bet Ms. Rupp understands the hard work that went into getting women the vote only 89 years ago! Thank you! All the great women who bitched!

  5. lilacluvr

    Wasn’t what happened to Hillary Clinton recently a prime example of the poem?

    When Hillary stood up for herself and told that reporter that she was the Secretary of State and not her husband, all the Cons went beserk on her as being a bitch.

    Sometimes I wonder what our country would be like if Hillary had won the presidency. Would the Cons be as venonomous, hate-filled and just downright nasty?

    Hell yes…….was there ever a doubt?

    • tosmarttobegop

      Lila they wanted Hillary to win, they knew how to handle Hillary she is a mud wrestling trench fighter.
      They had the dirt and knew they could get her to be sidetracked with the mud wrestling making her ineffective. Obama they did not know how to handle him, even today he does not seem to be distracted by the mud. It is maddening true, he tends not to argue as much as address the mud and move on.

  6. Lilac,

    I don’t think the party of old white men is any more tolerant of females than minorities. In fact, they’ve proven not to accept anyone outside the myopic view they hold. I think you not only have to be a white man but also belong to an acceptable church, spew the proper hatreds and be a southerner to fit into their mold

    • lilacluvr

      But you noticed, the GOP powerful nominated John McCain even though he had told Jerry Falwell and his Religious Righters what he thought of them just a few years before.

      So, maybe the only requirement is really just to be a white man? But that white man has to be willing to get down in the sewer to spew their hatred – like McCain ended up doing?

      I’m telling you, I know these RR Fundies and they are vicious. I was in their midst in the mid-70’s and even then, I could tell these people were absolutely evil.

      • tosmarttobegop

        They knew that 2008 would be a throw-a-way election, Hank, Granny and I met up before the Caucus started. We all agree on that and that is why Hank voted for Paul with me. I am not sure who Granny voted for, I think it might have been for Romney.

        I kind of think that McCain got it because no one thought he would win and they did not want a possible to be defeated. Huckabee had the second largest loudest group of support after Paul. Huckabee did win the Kansas caucus. Terry Fox and his group made a noisy appearance there.

  7. wicked

    Check your nearest (or even farthest!) Blockbuster or Hollywood Video to rent the movie. Both have it, but I can’t tell if it’s in local stores. Not sure about RedBox, but I’ll check.

    Really, it’s a movie to watch.

  8. Bad Biker

    It amazes me the lengths that the Con/Republicans will go to claim that racism/sexism does not exist or that their obviously racist statement was “innocuous” or taken out of context.

    Lynn Jenkins is now claiming that her “great white hope” statement was taken out of context.


    What was the context, Representative? Why include the word “white” if you were not referring to race?

    One of the reasons I supported Barack last fall over Hillary was I just couldn’t stomach the thought of eight more years of Clinton-bashing. What truly bothered me during the Nineties was so much of the bashing was directed at the First Lady. Powerful women, or those perceived to have power are very threatening to the GOP (Group of Psychos.) Although I preferred Obama for many additional reasons, I could not imagine how Hillary could have been effective given the absolute insane response she elicits from the loons on the right.

    Yeah, I know, that is not a good reason to support another candidate (and that was far from the only reason) but my view was anti-Clinton-driven, not anti-female driven.

    With another name, Hillary may well have been a great president – unfortunately, we will never know.

    • lilacluvr

      But I do think Hillary is doing a great job as Secretary of State. She seems to be welcomed everywhere she goes and she still has that celebrity power to bring in the crowds – or do you not agree?

      • Bad Biker

        Hillary was an excellent Senator and is doing a remarkable job as SOS, especially given the foreign policy disasters of the last eight years.

        She’s a tough woman, but I can’t help feel a bit sorry for her in that it seems everyone tries to drag her back into the “Shadow of Bill.”

        It was a good choice to send the former president to N. Korea, but some have tried to use that to discredit Hillary, failing to understand that an official rep of the US could not have made that mission without giving the Korean dictator credibility.

        Hillary can take care of herself, but Bill needs to send a strong message that she is the SOS and he is a private citizen, not a defacto-SOS.

  9. lilacluvr

    Biker makes a good point. I also liked Hillary but I was afraid of a repeat of the hate-filled years against her husband.

    But you know what – I’ve come to the conclusion that Republicans would be this hateful towards anyone that is in office that is not ‘one of them’ or one of those ‘real’ Americans.

    As for Lynn Jenkins – I used to think she was one of the more reasonable Republicans in Kansas but I’m afraid she has gone to the dark side.

    What really gets me is to hear these Republican Senators like McCain, Hatch and Judd saying that if Ted Kennedy was still with us, they would be working with him to get health care reform done.

    WTF??? Ted Kennedy has been pushing for health care for the last 30 years – where were these old farts when it counted?

    And they dare to call themselves friends of Kennedy? I wish Ted could reach down from Heaven and snatch their bald heads right off of them.

    Sorry for my violent streak here – but damn it, I am getting mad at all the hypocrisy and lying the Republicans are doing abouth health care.

    I hope Obama rams everything down their throats and makes them shut up, if for just one moment.

    • wicked

      Just in my lifetime, there hasn’t been a Democratic president that the Republicans didn’t try to oust or at least demean.

      Clinton, of course.
      Carter became the butt of jokes. While not our greatest prez, he’s a good man and really did try.
      Johnson? 2 words. Civil Rights
      Kennedy. I won’t even go there. He was hated by Republicans, so much that…well, I’ll leave that up to finding the truth.

  10. lilacluvr

    What do you think the overall reaction would be if Obama really did just say – to hell with Republicans and push everything through?

    Obama could do just like Bush did – at least he would make Republicans stew in their own juices for next 4 years.

    I think the majority of Americans would sit back and laugh and then say ‘go get ’em’.

    • wicked

      I think our current President would discover that if he did tell them to go to hell, he’d have even more people behind them, and those people would become more vocal.

      The squeaky wheel always gets the grease, and the Repubs have always been a bunch of squeakers.

  11. lilacluvr

    Found this on Huffington Post blog – seems like Sarah Palin is having a little trouble with that big, bad, old nasty government – you know, those people that dare to have rules…

    BTW – do note the paragraph that SarahPac uses election software similar to Turbo Tax. Hmmm….wasn’t that what all those Cons were up in arms and foaming at the mouth about when Tim Geithner used that excuse??

    Anchorage Daily News..

    The deficiencies are highlighted in a five-page letter sent Aug. 19 by a Federal Elections Commission staffer to SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford. The FEC wants answers by Sept. 24.

    “Failure to adequately respond by the response date noted above could result in an audit or enforcement action,” FEC campaign finance analyst Allen Norfleet wrote.

    No problem, said Crawford, a Virginia-based political consultant.

    SarahPAC already has sorted out the $5,000 contributions to Sens. John McCain and Lisa Murkowski and will provide all the information the FEC wants, including clarifying the work various individuals were paid to do, he said.

    “I think you can say it was sloppiness on my part and my attorney’s part,” Crawford said, referring to the contributions. “We fouled up there. But it’s been fixed.” He said SarahPAC’s lawyer is Mark Braden of Washington, D.C.

    Under federal election law, political action committees can give candidates up to $5,000 per election if they meet certain conditions, including having at least 51 donors and contributing to at least five candidates. For other political action committees, lower limits of $2,400 an election apply. SarahPAC’s official multi-candidate designation is in process, so it shouldn’t have given $5,000, Crawford acknowledged.

    “We jumped the gun,” he said.

    SarahPAC has redesignated the $5,000 going to each Republican, so that $2,400 is for the 2010 primary and another $2,400 is for the general election. The Murkowski and McCain campaigns already have refunded the remaining $200, Crawford said. Originally, the entire $5,000 was for the primary.

    Crawford said SarahPAC uses election software, similar to TurboTax for income taxes, that walks aides through required disclosures. When they filed the mid-year report to the FEC, no violations were noted, so they thought they had done it correctly.

    The FEC wants more information about:

    • The work people are being paid to do. The SarahPAC disclosure report used terms including “administrative” and “consulting.” Crawford said the FEC wants just another word of explanation, such as clerical, or fundraising.

    • Travel. If more than $500 was spent on a trip, payments need to be itemized. Meghan Stapleton, SarahPAC spokeswoman, said travel invoices didn’t come in until after the report was filed.

    • Fundraising expenses. The FEC wants to know whether the fundraising expenses listed in the report were for specific federal candidates. Crawford said the fundraising was strictly for SarahPAC.

    SarahPAC collected nearly $733,000 in donations the first half of 2009 and spent about $276,000, according to the 265-page report.

  12. lilacluvr

    toosmart – If the economy had not tanked when it did and if McCain had not made an ass of himself when he dissed Letterman to fly down to Washington to save the economy, then I really think McCain did have a chance at winning.

    And at caucus time, Sarah Palin was not even a household name. So, why did Hank and Granny think 2008 was a throw-away election?

    Because of Bush and Gang? If they truly thought that, then why didn’t Republicans put a muzzle on Bush and Cheney? Why did they keep lockstepping to their tune?

    • tosmarttobegop

      One word Lila “PARTISANSHIP”.
      It was because of Bush that the party knew the election was a no win.

      In public they did defend him solely because the alternative was to side with the Democrats.
      Something the partisans could not do, that would call for a inch be given.
      They would rather sell their soul to the devil than to side with the Democrats.

      In part that is also why there was not more outrage on the right about Palin.
      If you know you are going to lose it did not matter who the V.P. would be.
      Some do support her, but most only defend her because the left attack her.
      A few like Granny will say that she would not vote for her, but then turn around and defend her on partisanship.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    LOL a friend of mine during the women’s liberation movement of the 70’s made the statement.
    “It is so nice of them to want to lower themselves to the same level as men.”.
    He was raised as many were to think women should be on a pedestal, the best example of the human species and someone to be a inspiration and to be astride to be like.

    I knew that women were nothing more then human and subject to the same failing as men.
    A case in point was girls only started talking to him after the rumor about the size of his manhood.
    SERIOUSLY! That befuddled him, women had no interest in sex he thought and did not enjoy it.
    It was later in life before he had sex himself, he now has a more realistic view of women.
    He was raised fundee and even had the mistaken impression that if he had sex outside of marriage the woman’s head would fall off. He was scared of the attention, anyway.

    The suffragists movement is the prim example I use to say all comes with time.
    When it comes to the equal right for the Gay community, like the suffragists when the logical arguments against it were exhausted. And all is left is the ridicules is left and they are easily dismissed.
    Women were trusted to run a house hold, raise children and make many of the hardest decisions.
    There was not logic reason to deny them the vote or hold them from being a real impact in the rest of the world. Many women when they husband died stepped in to run the business and the business continued.
    Hard to make the argument anymore that women could not make sound decisions after some many examples.

    • wicked

      Oh, please. Women who would be impressed by the size of a man’s “manhood” (geez, I hate purple prose) are no better than men impressed by big bazookas. And I don’t mean guns.

      Didn’t anybody tell these so-called women that it’s the quality, not the quantity?

      • tosmarttobegop

        Wicked the rumor was started in 9th grade and continued in high school. How much sense did you have then?

        Oddly it was another friend’s sister who started it. Somehow she had heard about it. Ask her brother to see and he affirmed it. She then told her friends and the rumor spread.

      • wicked

        9th grade, huh? LOL Well, what I said still holds true.

        There was a guy in my class that was well-endowed, or so rumor said and verified by all the guys in the class and a couple of girls who were friends with his girlfriend. Oh, and another who got a glimpse when the door to the boys’ locker were swung up and she sw from the hallway. 😉 Girls didn’t flock to him. He was an anomaly. The most that was said by most of it was “ouch.” LOLOL

        I admire him for “saving himself” until later.

        I wasn’t dissing you, tosmart, just how foolish it all is.

    • wicked

      Being put on a pedestal is as demeaning as walking on them. Women don’t want to be idolized, they want equality. We want the same respect men expect to have. It isn’t something as simple as pay, it’s far, far more.

  14. jammer5

    I think I’ve had relations, not all ‘sexual’, with women of about every persuasion possible, and I still don’t know a thing about em 🙂

    One was, what is called, high maintenance. Scary. Wrote a poem about her entitled ‘High Maintenance Hell’. Another was basically afraid of life. Sadly, she took her own. Another had been through hell itself, and survived to become a super individual.

    So while I don’t claim to understand women, I do know to treat them as equals and couldn’t think of it being any other way. Funny thing about the internet and blogging is you can communicate with people and never know their gender. I found out one I blog with regularly was a female, but the gender never crossed my mind. I think John Lennon would smile at that.

    • tosmarttobegop

      That is so true, I often wonder why it is I can have the best talks with a woman on the net. All my on-line friends I chat with have been women.

      I am still friends with someone that perhaps Fnord and maybe other here might remember from the forum.

      Jen from DK, she contacted me in the beginning to warn me of Scarrett. we have stayed in contact every since.

    • wicked

      Jammer, I find you fair for a man. LOL

      Seriously, keep on keepin’ on.

      Yes, John is smiling. 🙂

    • frigginloon

      “I found out one I blog with regularly was a female” …so when was she regularly a male? 🙂

  15. tosmarttobegop

    that it’s the quality, not the quantity?
    Yeah that is what all men say too, but remember the old joke about why women have a hard time reading the distance on a map? Its because men keep telling them that this is six inches (—————————–)
    But in the end there was no real good came of that rumor. My friend is the guy all women say they want.
    Caring, a listener, concerned about the woman feelings. But every woman he had dated ends up saying the same thing. “I think of you as a brother!”. Then they hook up with some guy that thinks of them as nothing but a door mat and a life support for female geniality.

    He did get married once and it lasted three years, she finally told him that she was leaving because they never had a argument. She had told him she had herpes the year before and it was not fair to him that they could never again kiss or have sex. It turned out she had been having an affair for the last two years of marriage. She had figured him being a man that thought on no sex would send him running. But he stood by her in sickness and health as the saying goes. I knew my friend better then she did so that was not a surprise he would have stayed.

    He only found out about the affair when he was driving through the North/west end of Wichita and saw her car setting in a apartment complex where he knew she did not live. This was about six months after she had said she wanted a separation. He knocked on a door and a man answered. He ask if she was there and she came to the door. She finally confessed to lying about the illness and why.

    Girl if there is not a future plot twist in there what is? That is the kind of woman he seems to always be involved with. The good women always end up thinking of him as a friend or brother. She is but one who I could talk about. One actually wanted to make a deal with him, She would have supper on the table when he came home, have sex any time or any way he wanted. Have as many children with him that he wanted.
    BUT he was to allow her as many men as she wanted!

    • wicked

      Ha. I understand the friend thing. I had many guy friends and even dated a few. It didn’t work out because they were my friends, not my “crushes.” But there really is such a thing as chemistry. It sounds like your friend is just too good. Being good sometimes means becoming a doormat. It also can mean feeling desperate.

      No plot twist and definitely no romance. Where’s the happily ever after?

      • wicked

        There was supposed to be a grin after the word ‘romance’. Using ‘s is something I sometimes forget don’t compute.

        And if someone doesn’t get this two-year-old off of me, somebody is going to get hurt.

    • wicked

      Oops, forgot to mention that I CAN READ DISTANCE ON A ROAD MAP. Amazing, isn’t it?

  16. tosmarttobegop

    I knew you was not and I agree with you on that it is mindless. I know some guy who are attracted to women solely based on the size of their breasts. I have found these women to have the personality of a rabid pit bull. Or their breasts to be the only asset they have. But still the guy will do anything or endure anything to be with them. I do not care how cute Palin is, some time I would want a intelligent conversation.

  17. tosmarttobegop

    Well things to do later.

  18. Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama’s Placenta

    WASHINGTON–In the continuing controversy surrounding the president’s U.S. citizenship, a new fringe group informally known as “Afterbirthers” demanded Monday the authentication of Barack Obama’s placenta from his time inside his mother’s womb. “All we are asking is that the president produce a sample of his fetal membranes and vessels—preferably along with a photo of the crowning and delivery—and this will all be over,”

    continue reading —

  19. wicked

    This is a must see.

  20. lilacluvr

    wicked – thanks for this informative video. I have always liked Bernie Sanders and this has just proven to me, again, as to why I do like him.

    off subject, but – has Payton’s surgery been scheduled? How was the little one’s birthday party?

    • wicked

      There are several YouTube videos of Bernie. In fact, he does one each week, I think. I need to check into that. Wasn’t the guy that opened about the dumbest you’ve ever seen?

      There’s serious talk of Payton’s surgery being scheduled for sometime next week. She reached just over 6 lbs. Thursday night. That’s a 6 oz. gain since birth.

      Jaxon’s party was combined with Lyndsay opening her baby-shower-that-wasn’t gifts…at her in-laws. We are not part of that family. I haven’t even seen pictures. Because of time constraints, there wasn’t a party with our family. ‘Nuf said.