Thursday, 08/27/09, Public Square

children-holding-hands-smMost days it’s a good idea to hold hands when you go out in the world.

What’s going on, Prairie P&Ps?  How about anyone who may be visiting and not stopping to say hi — how are you today?



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  1. David B

    On Friday, August 28th from 6 to 9 pm at Sedgwick County Park there will be an America Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party. This one will be different because many organizations and candidates will be there with tables to give you information on how to get involved.

    I plan to attend & get my fair share of abuse…

    • Masochism has never had any appeal for me.

      Living in Kansas doesn’t offer enough political abuse? OK, we’ll honor your service and appreciate reports as usual. Don’t get too close or make yourself too vulnerable — remember, they’re armed!

  2. David B

    😉 I’m an old hand at this…

  3. lilacluvr

    Just curious David – do these people know you are not really one of them?

    If so, how do they treat you?

  4. lilacluvr

    Just found this on Huffington Post blog…it is rather long but worth the read….

    Seems our newest GOP Congresswoman has found herself quite happy to be the little lockstepper required for the GOP party….

    Lynn Jenkins, a Topeka Republican in her first term in Congress, shared thoughts about the GOP’s political future during an Aug. 19 forum at Fisher Community Center in the northeast Kansas community of Hiawatha.

    Tim Carpenter
    Created August 26, 2009 at 6:50pm
    Updated August 27, 2009 at 12:22am

    U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins offered encouragement to conservatives at a town hall forum that the Republican Party would embrace a “great white hope” capable of thwarting the political agenda endorsed by Democrats who control Congress and President Barack Obama.

    Jenkins, a Topeka Republican in her first term in Congress, shared thoughts about the GOP’s political future during an Aug. 19 forum at Fisher Community Center in the northeast Kansas community of Hiawatha.

    In response to inquiries by The Topeka Capital-Journal, a Jenkins spokeswoman said Wednesday the congresswoman wanted to apologize for her word choice and to emphasize she had no intention of expressing herself in an offensive manner.

    Jenkins told people at the Hiawatha forum the nation could benefit from inspired leadership of a group of “really sharp” young Republicans in the House, particularly Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va. Cantor was mentioned as a possible GOP vice presidential candidate in 2008 and is thought to be interested in seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

    “Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope,” Jenkins said to the crowd. “I suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington.”

    A videotape of the presentation contains footage of Jenkins identifying three members of the U.S. House — Cantor, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis. — as future movers and shakers in the GOP. All are white, as is Jenkins.

    “So don’t, you know, lose faith if you are a conservative,” Jenkins said in Hiawatha.

    Her comments were in response to a question by an audience member about the prospects of developing a coherent Republican policy blueprint — perhaps something like the Contract with America released by the GOP during the 1994 election cycle. The compact was credited with broadening support for GOP candidates and producing a Republican majority in the House.

    The phrase “great white hope” is frequently tied to racist attitudes permeating the United States when heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson fought in the early 1900s. Reaction to the first black man to reign as champion was intense enough to build support for a campaign to find a white fighter capable of reclaiming the title from Johnson.

    Kenny Johnston, executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party, said the statement by Jenkins was regrettable at the least.

    “The congressman might have avoided this problem if she had stuck to discussing constructive solutions to the health care crisis instead of lamenting the Republican Party’s search for a leader,” Johnston said.

    Mary Geiger, a spokeswoman for Jenkins, said the reference to a great white hope wasn’t meant to denote a preference by Jenkins for politicians of a particular “race, creed or any background.” Jenkins was expressing faith fellow GOP representatives in the House would be key players in returning Republicans to a leadership role in Washington, Geiger said.

    “There may be some misunderstanding there when she talked about the great white hope,” Geiger said. “What she meant by it is they have a bright future. They’re bright lights within the party.”

    Democrats widened their numerical grip on the House and Senate in the 2008 elections, which also produced a victory by Obama, the first black elected president.

    Geiger released the following statement on Jenkins’ behalf: “There’s no doubt the Republican Party has gone through some dark and challenging times in recent years, but thankfully bright young leaders have stepped up to lead the party into the future and she hopes to be a part of it. That was the intent of her comments — nothing more and nothing less. Congresswoman Jenkins apologizes for her choice of words.”

    Jenkins wasn’t available to comment personally on her presentation in Hiawatha, Geiger said.

    Geiger said she had never previously heard Jenkins use the phrase “great white hope” in a political speech or private conversation.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Cantor is a buffoon not quite a Palin buffoon but still a buffoon!
      Since I have used the same term when referring to placing a unfounded hope in someone.
      I might give her the benefit of the doubt, but I am older then her and often use such saying rather then to lengthily explain it out.
      It maybe as said of Cigars, “sometimes a cigar is nothing but a Cigar”.
      Still I would also be aware of how that would sound.

    • wicked

      Huh. What a marooon Jenkins is proving to be.

      Their “great white hope” is about to die a miserable death. I don’t think the “whites” can procreate fast enough to hold the majority in this country.

      She certainly isn’t helping her party any with all these gaffes.

      How pitiful that all the Republicans want to do is see the fall of the Democrats. There’s rarely, if ever, any mention of working together in a bipartisan effort where they’re concerned, while Dems bend over backwards to accommodate them to the point of being stooopid.

      • lilacluvr

        You know what the ironic part is? It is Big Business that keeps the minorities coming into America for cheap labor.

        So, while these whites are rolling in the money they are making, they forgot to make babies.

        And now that we have a black president, for the first time these whites feel threatened.

        And, God forbid, if all Americans have health care, what would they want next – equal rights?

      • wicked

        America, the country of irony? That sounds about right.

  5. lilacluvr

    You know fellow bloggers, if Republicans were not so ignorant, I might feel sorry for them.

    I wonder if Ms Jenkins even knew where the phrase ‘the great white hope’ came from?

    • jammer5

      There is no doubt as to her feelings. It permeates the Republican party, and they won’t be happy until that ‘black man’ is out of the ‘white house’.

      Funny thing is no ones really sorry until they get caught. Then it’s a mad scramble for the words meant to obfuscate what they actually meant. She knew what she was saying, and she meant what she said.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    TW that was the first James Earl Jones movie I seen. Man he is a great actor! One of my favorites.
    Richard Dreyfess, James Earl Jones, Lou Gusset, they all have that ability to make what ever movie they are in to be worth watching.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    “TW that was” should have been “BTW that was”. Sorry

  8. tosmarttobegop

    At the time is was one of the most shocking things I had ever heard my Aunt and Uncle say.
    “There will be a race war”, neither of them did I think were racist so them agreeing on that shocked me.
    It was only after I took them to task that I understood what they were meaning.

    The White Race is said to be the majority and that is true if you compare numbers to any singular other race in America. But compared to the numbers of White verse Non-White it is the white race that is the minority.
    They predicted the day was coming when the other races would realize they had a common foe.
    Right now they tend to see other non-White races as the foe, the Blacks see the Mexican as a foe.
    The Mexicans see the Asians as a foe.

    But when the day comes that they all see the White race as the foe then with their combined buying power and numbers they will depose the White power play.

  9. Set a new record yesterday of 701 views which surpassed the old record of 675 views in one day.

    • lilacluvr

      It was those last 2 polls that did the trick….and gave us a moment to fantasize about Dick Cheney getting his just rewards.

    • Senator Kennedy had us all wanting to talk, and hear about his life.

      I knew he made a difference and fought for the little guy, the minority, the female…

      Yesterday I heard a newscaster telling of Senator Kennedy’s opposition to the Reagan nomination of Bork to the Supreme Court. This newscaster credited Senator Kennedy for Bork not being appointed, thus we got Justice Kennedy and his swing vote on Roe v Wade.

  10. If Lynn Jenkins did not know what she was doing, she is an idiot. She is a shameful bigot if she did.

    Which is it, Lynn?

    • tosmarttobegop

      unaware of the negative connotation

      And she really expects us to believe that she is so dumb and ill-read that she didn’t know what it meant?

      Well I sure am, I mean it is about time that Whites had some hope! Why if it was up to me Whites would have most of the money and control the majority of Businesses. All Firemen would be White too!

  11. lilacluvr

    I think Lynn Jenkins is trying hard to ‘fit in’ and be a good trooper for the GOP cause.

    Plus, she is sucking up to the big boys that she thinks will take her career to new heights?

    Maybe now we know why she got that divorce?

  12. wicked

    I don’t know if anyone caught this.

    Dominick Dunne died yesterday at the age of 83.

    During his 83 years, which sadly ended yesterday, Dominick Dunne was variously a Hollywood producer, a social chronicler, a novelist, an investigative journalist, a campaigner, a television presenter and a wonderful raconteur.

    • lilacluvr

      I saw that last night. Wasn’t he the one that had a daughter that was murdered?

      I seem to recall him talking about that while he was covering the OJ Simpson trial – or am I thinking of someone else?

  13. lilacluvr

    wicked – the C Street Gang may call themselves Christian but their version is some twisted contortion to justify their own lust and quest for power at all cost.

    And, of course women are not allowed to be members of the C Street Gang – they are just the cherries on top of these neanderthals’ cake.

    After all, these men are chosen by God to be in the position they are in and they have the right to do whatever they want – yeah, right.

    I guess I’m too independent to see how any woman would think that is flattering to be used in such a way?

    • wicked

      As I said, Bible b.s. when it comes to women.

      • lilacluvr

        You’re right.

      • wicked

        I know it wasn’t very nice to say that, but the Bible was used for almost 2 thousand years to keep women shackled. They were treated as a commodity in Biblical times, being promised to marry whomever the father chose, sometimes even before birth, and usually for a price, whether monetary or for land or other possessions.

        I may be possessed at times, but I’m nobody’s object of commerce.

  14. tosmarttobegop

    And isn’t funny, at the time that the characters of the Bible lived. It was the women who owned the property, lands and the household. The only place that women did not have any sway was the temple.
    Before the current version of the Bible there were many more stories of women and several in charge.

    • wicked

      Prior to Biblical times, women were revered for their strengths. There were not only Gods, but Goddesses who were worshipped. Women tended the sick and bore the children. Men knew that without them, humanity wouldn’t survive. Christians changed all that, yet note that Catholics kept one woman to worship. The reason? She gave birth to a child.

      It’s interesting stuff if you read enough about it and see the progression from Pagan religions and beliefs to Christian ones. Christianity wasn’t all that “new”, it simply substituted things from the Old Religion. The one thing it didn’t substitute was the leading role of women.

  15. tosmarttobegop

    My wife sent me a joke:
    The caption is “Who is more guilty?”

    In the middle of the night the wife is dreaming and suddenly shouts out loud
    “Quick my husband is home you have to leave!”.

    The husband jumps out of bed, grabs his clothes and jumps out the bedroom window.
    Runs halfway across the front yard before stopping and said “Wait this in my own house!”.

  16. G-stir


    “After completion, the statue, known as “The Shrubby” was presented to ex-prez Bush.”

    “I am truly honorfied to be such a cymbal. ” , he added.

  17. Trip to the Outhouse

    Maybe these days going out and holding hands (unless you’re sure the one whose hand you’re holding is clean.

    In Spain, the government is using this precautionary slogan against the H1N1 Virus (they call it “la gripe A” [the A Flu): “No beses, no des la mano, di hola.” In other words, “Don’t kiss, don’t shake hands, (just) say hello.”

    Just another way that show how some countries (not ones controlled by the pharmaceutical companies) are pro-active in keeping everyone healthy.

  18. 6176746f6c6c65

    There have been a number of spots lately on the news, etc. about washing hands as the best defense to the H1N1 virus; perhaps the Spanish approach, being more direct and simple, would be worth adopting.

    Nah, on second thought, not a chance in the U.S., where adjustable gastric band surgery is being marketed as the cure-all for obesity, and the search continues for a “magic bullet” pill to allow consumption of whatever one desires in however great a quantity one wants.

    • lilacluvr

      When the H1N1 flu first hit the news, I remember the Cons on the nameless blog all went beserk when the advice was to be sure to wash our hands .

      These are people who are too arrogant to even think out a reasonable and rational solution to not spreading germs – but far be it from us liberals to tell these Cons how to not get the flu.,

      If there is a God that measures out justice, these nameless blog Cons will all get the H1N1 flu and maybe – just maybe – us Liberals will get a few days of peace??

  19. This genuine old guy’s link shows up on our dashboard at times. I visited his place today. The guy is hysterical – he sure doesn’t “hold back” very much.

    • His is one of hubby’s “Griffin” daily stops. In fact, Griffin spends more time at the Loons, the old guys, Blurt… than he does here.

      Probably living with me gets him more than his fill of politics.

  20. jammer5

    I was unaware my letter to the editor was posted in Tuesday’s paper. For those interested, mine was the one about Nazis:

  21. Thunderchild

    Ok I need some help.

    The WE Blog has shut me out. ALL of my comments, even “test” get “awaiting moderation”.

    I have tried switching my nic and re registering.

    For some reason or other they have slated my IP for blocking. I can’t get in.

  22. David B

    I’d phone the paper and ask what’s up.

  23. Thunderchild

    I did email them.

    I think someone, probably “Regular” is hacking the site. I got around it.