Monica: Would you Guys do it with her?

bclinton-lewinsky2[1]Another poll to boost our numbers.  I don’t think I would.  But I also don’t think I would ever get the opportunity.  What do you folk think?


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31 responses to “Monica: Would you Guys do it with her?

  1. For what it is worth, I always thought Monica was kind of pretty.

  2. Wasn’t it sad that Bill’s presidency will forever have this hanging over it? So much good, but he couldn’t resist. We humans aren’t really anything to be very proud of, are we?

  3. No, fnord, we’re not…

  4. She is even further down the rung than Octomom. Not even donning on a Three Wolf Moon T-shirt and Snuggie is going to help her. Monica did for interns what Jackson did for propofol.

  5. David B

    When she got her intern job, she told a friend, “I’m going to get my Presidential kneepads.” Bill was targeted.

    A young woman in her peak fertility years… flashing her thong at a middle-aged man… gimme a break.

    But even Bill wouldn’t have intercourse “with that woman” (thus, the famous “I did not have sexual relations…” lawyerly phrasing).

    Intercourse is intercourse and other things are not.

    Historically, intercourse is a demarkation line in personal physical interaction.

    Hugging is permitted. Touching is permitted. A kiss on the cheek is permitted. It’s all a matter of ‘location, location, location.”

    I believe Bill did not inhale. I knew friends in the 60s who would have tried to fit in by taking the doobie, putting to the lips and passing it on.

    I believe Bill did not have sexual relations with that woman, using the narrow definition meaning an act that could lead to pregnancy.

    I think Bill and Monica engaged in some private massages that should have remained private.

    • jammer5

      Dave, Bill got a knobber. End O story.

      • I remember Bill Maher saying Clinton defined sex the way many women do. If it does not include intercourse, it is not “sex”. I remember thinking that I had never heard that one before.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I remember Jennifer Flower’s explanation of the “I did not have sex with that woman…. Monica Lewinsky”
      She said to Bill that is not a lie it was two separate sentences, He pointed to a woman in the crowd who he had not had sex with. “I did not have sex with that woman!” then add “Monica Lewinsky”.
      And it was everyone else’s fault if they misunderstood.

      For me I was willing to accept that he was telling the truth and felt he was looking through the camera and into my eyes.

  6. lilacluvr

    What always bothered me about the Monica and Clinton mess was how her mother handled the situation. It was reported that her mother told her to keep the dress?

    Was the mother going to use the dress down the road as some bargaining chip for what she wanted or exactly what was her motivation for keeping the dress?

    As for Monica, I think she was just a typical star-struck female who was willing to do whatever it took to get close to the person she idolized.

    As for Linda (I don’t remember her last name – the one that taped all their conversations) – now her motivation was simply to get into good graces with the Republicans and possibly advance her career that way – she knew which was the political winds were blowing at that time.

    But I do know one thing – after how many millions was wasted on the investigations and impeachment proceedings, what did the country gain? Not one damn thing.

    • I thought it was Linda Tripp who told Monica to keep the dress. But, maybe her mother did, too.

      It was, after all, a pretty powerful piece of clothing – it had the ability to bring down a president of the United States. I was always disappointed that Clinton thought so little of his office.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    You may not know, David Brock the author of “Troopergate” confess that the Monica incident was discovered accidentally. At the time he was what was being newly call a “Neo-Con” and they were constantly searching for a way to undermine then President Clinton. The President was as much shutting them out and they felt the only way to once again have influence was to bring down President Clinton.

    They were looking for anything they could twist and distort, White water, the Cattle deal and the like were
    their creations. They happened on the Monica incident which was truthful and almost let it slide.
    In a odd twist of fate they did not believe it!

    Yes there was a Vast Right wing conspiracy, a concerted effort to bring down Bill Clinton.
    At the time, no I did not believe there was I was buying everything being said as the truth.
    After my oldest when I caught him in a lie and told him of his punishment. He countered with,
    “Well the President lied and he was not punished!”.
    It set me totally against President Clinton, I would have believed of him any claim of amoral and unethical actions.

    But ever since watching the interview with David Brock where he confessed and as the saying goes,
    “Found God” as in seen the light and realized his sins.

    To the question, I agree she was cute and it would depend on her personality. I am sooo Married!

  8. David B

    It was Linda Tripp who told her to keep the dress and not have it cleaned, not mum.

    Linda Tripp was apolitical enemy of Mr Clinton.

    Linda Tripp was a White House employee in the George H. W. Bush administration, and kept her job when Bill Clinton took over in 1993.

    During the summer of 1994, senior White House aides wanted Tripp out, so they arranged a job for her in the public affairs office in the Pentagon which gave her a raise of $20,000 per year.

    On January 19, 2001, the last full day of the Clinton Administration, Linda Tripp was fired from her job in the Pentagon. Tripp claimed that the firing was vindictiv

  9. David B

    “I am sooo Married!”

    It’s just a massage!

  10. David B

    I had a prostate exam. I’m glad I did. (It’s fine.)

    I guess someone could say I happily took a man’s finger up my arse.

    By the way… did you know adultery is still a criminal act in Kansas? Has anybody here read the legal definitions?

    • tosmarttobegop

      I am aware of it, plus the same law that has been used to punish Gays for having sex does not make a distinction when it comes to Hetro married couples in Kansas. The law against oral, anal sex do not make a exclusion for husband and wife.

    • lilacluvr

      Why is it still a criminal act – doesn’t Kansas have no-fault divorce?

      I thought the only reason adultery was even considered a crime was because it could be used as a factor in a divorce proceeding?

      Another thing that Kansas has is the common-law marriage law that is quite vague. It is one of those legal monsters that can be interpreted two ways.

      A friend of mine lived with her boyfriend for 4 years and then they broke up. When my friend got a new car and bought a house after a year of the break-up, this guy then tried to petition the court that they were common-law married and everything that she had should be half his property. It took her getting a good lawyer and alot of headaches to get rid of him.

  11. lilacluvr

    David – thanks for setting the record straight.

    I thought it was her mom that told her to keep the dress. I couldn’t think of any reason why a mother would advise her grown daughter to do that other than to cause problems down the road?

    Now that I know it was Linda Tripp – it makes perfect sense as to the advice.

    Motivation tells alot about the story – doesn’t it?

  12. mule taker

    To answer the original question of the post, No Way.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    Now if the last three people on earth were Monica, Bill Clinton and I then…

  14. Bad Biker

    Monica Lewinsky?


    Now getting some monica from a fine woman over the age of forty?

    Hell yes!

  15. Zippy

    How much alcohol would I be permitted to drink? 😉

  16. PrairiePond

    Heheheh Zippy.

    So, I’m not a “guy” but I’ll answer anyway 🙂

    There isnt enough penicillin in the world….