Close to a Record Tonight…

cheney_short_of_breath[1]Given that we are close to beating a record, thanks to the very great work of one fnord, I have a poll shamelessly devoted to that goal:  Would you bloggers rather 1) see Dick “Darth” Cheney violently sodomized by an angry alien, or 2) all U.S. citizens having healthcare?  One or two?

Love you all…


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23 responses to “Close to a Record Tonight…

  1. Number two for me. Though if I can’t get number two, I’d settle for number one.

  2. That’s kinda a hard choice, but I’m going with the positive move —


    After we get health care done, can we revisit that other one, it would be well deserved!? 🙂

  3. Iggy,

    I have a question for you. What is your opinion of the Myers-Briggs personality test? Are you familiar with it?

    • I really basically distrust typologies – i.e. the notion that we can put people in categories very reliably. Research has shown time and again that we can’t. I worked with an administrative guy where I work who made bunches of cash across the country doing the Myers-Briggs type work.

      The human brain is biased toward categories, the world is dimensional/shades of grey…

      Why we are categorical would be the topic of a very good thread.

  4. I’m sorry, I may need to get some help. I’m in one of my “Angry Johnny” phases, I fear…

  5. Are you telling us you have multiple personalities? Interesting. Wonder how YOU would score on that Myers-Briggs test. (giggle!)

  6. lilacluvr

    # 2 but I reserve the right to revisit #1 at a later date….perhaps make it a pay-per-view event to pay down the national debt?

  7. David B

    I’m a Democrat. I want it all!

  8. I’d go for #1 because no one would believe me that there was healthcare for all 🙂

  9. jammer5

    The last thing in this world I would want to see is Bubba doing Cheney. My brain can’t seem to fit that in any equation I can think of, which is probably a good thing. So numero duo sounds good.

  10. G-stir

    I go for Option #3- (both).

  11. tosmarttobegop

    Dick “Darth” Cheney violently sodomized by an angry alien
    With the expression he generally has, perhaps it has already occurred?

  12. G-stir

    I think he just took a good look at his wife- “Vampira”!

  13. G-stir

    Wait a minute! Isn’t Cheney already an angry alien? Look at the above picture.

    • lilacluvr

      That could explain that smirk/evil grin that he has.

      So, you’re trying to say that he is doing to himself what he told Sen. Leahy (I think) to do while he was on the Senate floor?

      Remember when that came out in the news and all the Republicans defended Cheney?

      Cheney’s actions and his looks just appear to be mean and nasty. Not the type of guy anyone wants to be around for any lengthy period of time, huh?

  14. G-stir

    If I find him on my front porch, it damn well better be Halloween!

  15. G-stir

    I wonder , now that Cheney is retired, if he’ll have more time for lawyer hunting, and also to polish up those skills?

  16. tosmarttobegop

    Oh like any Lawyer would go hunting with him now!

  17. Bad Biker

    Damn you folks don’t get it, do you?

    The reason Cheney always looks so mean is that he is REGULARLY sodomized by an angry alien.

    He isn’t mad about the sodomy, he is pissed that he always has to be the woman. His dentist and his proctologist are concerned about the damage done.

    Of course, that was the deal he made so that he could be VICE President.

    And yes, I am a sick bastard.