Not Low-Level People Gone Wild . . .

This New York Times article suggests that the CIA retained tight control over the detainee interrogations.  A quote:

“The Central Intelligence Agency’s secret interrogation program operated under strict rules, and the rules were dictated from Washington with the painstaking, eye-glazing detail beloved by any bureaucracy.”

So these were not low level people gone wild, which was what was alleged with the Abu Ghraib scandal, but instead was orchestrated by the highest levels in Washington.

This just might get interesting…  Way past time, but, oh well…

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  1. lilacluvr

    What should happen to this bunch probably won’t happen – any time soon.

    I still say – let’s give them all a one-way ticket to some country that would love to get their hands on these people.

    That could be one way America could make amends for putting such a bunch into power.