Sunday, 08/23/09, Public Square

seurat_gjGeorges Seurat, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte – 1884

Amazing August weather in Kansas!  And we don’t have to wear all those uncomfortable clothes when we go to the park, down by the river, to the lake, out and about.  Another thing to be thankful about!  😉

Is everyone enjoying Sunday, before we have to go to Monday?



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11 responses to “Sunday, 08/23/09, Public Square

  1. I find it interesting that most women now want to diminish the look of their butt but then they tried to extend it.

  2. bearman, No woman of any time or anywhere is satisfied with the way she looks. 🙂

  3. David B

    bearmanL No woman of any time or anywhere is satisfied with the way she looks. But the man must be satisfied with the way she looks. ;->

  4. jammer5

    Con-serious-gradulations to the American women on winning the Solheim cup!!!!!!!!!

  5. David B

    What the heck happened today in the WE BLOG? They’re throwing hand grenades at each other..

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Today on CNN they had three Commentators/ authors/ Columnists discussing the headline of the last week.
    Health care, Cash for Clunkers, stimulus as I listened to them.
    I Thought how elitists they sounded.
    It reminded me of one night at the middle school I entered the Teacher’s lounge to clean it. There was a group of teachers there and one was trying to make a point. It was the mid-nineties and he was stating that employment was not as bad as the media was saying. He did not know anyone who wanted to work that could not find a job! He went around the group of teachers pointing at them one at a time.
    Asking each, “Do you know anyone?”, each one said they did not know anyone in need of a job.

    He finally asked me, I said yes.
    He seemed shocked, “ you do?”
    I said:
    Mike you and I run around in different circles.
    You hang around with teachers don’t you?
    He said yes
    Mike I hang around with the likes of the other guys cleaning in the three buildings.
    I hang with the kind of guys who work on the trash trucks that will pick up the trash I take out.
    The people that work at the planets in Wichita.
    We do not run in the same circles!

    Listening to those columnists it dawned on me, there is so a class difference between us.
    They think of Mc Donald’s as a place to dash into to grab a quick bit between point A and point B.
    When I think of MC Donald’s I think of the place the family goes for a night out.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    I have been debating with myself if it is more I want it or simply middle aged crazy?
    For about four days now I have been considering getting a tattoo. It would be a Killer whale and that makes sense because it is my animal. I have gone 52 years with out one, not even a little Mickey mouse on my left hip or anything! Surprise came with my notice that I was considering it as it turns out so is my wife.
    Maybe she is a little middle aged crazy too, having finally reached middle age she can excuse her being crazy on her age. Instead of blaming me for it.

    I did consider it for a bit in my middle twenties, a electric chair and the words “ LAW AND ORDER”.
    But was talked out of it with the point of if I ever went to prison that may not be too cool.
    I guessed they had a point so no go.

    I do not like needles at all and had been told it hurt kind of like a skinned knee. But my son-in-law makes extra money by doing tattoos and is very good at it. LOL price is right too! He sleep with my daughter so he owes me something! I did not shoot him for getting her pregnant then taking two years before he married her. My wife and daughter said it is no wonder that we get along and I like him. They claim that my son-in-law and I have about the same sense of humor.

  8. Thunderchild

    Hey all?

    Guess what?

    There is a Nathaniel Price on the Wichita sex offenders list!

    But no, it is not the Nathan we have come to know.

    Still, I’m wondering at playing the card just for fun!

  9. David B

    Geez.. this geezer has been thinking about skin illustrations, too… Yep. Mid-Life Crisis.

    To other more important matters: This from Adrianna Huffington:

    Elsewhere, Bernie Madoff’s mistress warmed the hearts of Freudians everywhere with her revelation that the famous felon “had a very small penis. Not only was it on the short side, it was small in circumference.” Is that why he needed to sport the biggest Ponzi in history?