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Tribute to John Hiatt, an American classic.

john-hiattJohn started writing music in 1971. I turned a friend on to him one time, and the friend came back with this question: “What’s his bag anyway?” I asked him if he liked the music, and he replied it was awesome, but it was everywhere on the musical spectrum.

I couldn’t agree more. His music incorporates everything from old country and western to psychedelic anthems. One would be hard pressed to find main stream musicians who do cover tunes who haven’t done John’s songs. If one were to listen to his album, “Little Village”, then “The Tiki Bar is Open”, then,  “Walk On”, one would think they were written by different people. Those who remember the song, Perfectly Good Guitar, it was his. His albums, Walk on, and, Crossing Muddy Waters, are my favorites. Just awesome music.

Hopefully, he stays around for many more years and is discovered by new generations as they explore the world of music. Some tunes:

Have a little Faith in me While many have covered this, he wrote it. A beautiful song.

Cry Love

Dust Down a Country Road


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Sunday, 08/23/09, Public Square

seurat_gjGeorges Seurat, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte – 1884

Amazing August weather in Kansas!  And we don’t have to wear all those uncomfortable clothes when we go to the park, down by the river, to the lake, out and about.  Another thing to be thankful about!  😉

Is everyone enjoying Sunday, before we have to go to Monday?



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