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Not covered is not acceptable.

The summer recess for Congress is nearing its end and it will be time for those we elected to do what needs doing on health care, or respond to hysteria driven by industry and right wing rumors.

Chemotherapy? Denied.

Chemotherapy? Denied.

I found a story on CNN that illustrates the need for reform very clearly. The video describes the efforts of Dr. Nick Spirtos, who opened a chemotherapy clinic in his office after the county hospital equivalent closed due to budget cuts. Spirtos provides chemotherapy treatment free to those in need through a combination of pro-bono work by him and his partners and financial donations. Continue reading


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Saturday, 08/22/09, Public Square

bookrox1It’s Saturday!

wicked will be at WaldenBooks in TowneWest today from 12 noon to 2ish (maybe as late as 3!) for a book signing.

Tonight at the Cotillion is The Flicker Lounge ’80s Band Reunion.  How many long-time Wichitans spent their 18th birthday at The Flicker (and that wasn’t the first time you were there!).  🙂

What’s on tap for your Saturday?



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