Okay, enough politics . . . Comments welcome

caged cat


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19 responses to “Okay, enough politics . . . Comments welcome

  1. All I know for absolutely sure is that cat (if s/he could) would tell you the whole thing is part of the master plan. Nothing to see, move along.

    I know you said, “enough of politics,” but I do have just one tiny question — do you think cats are Republican by nature? They do seem totally capable of ignoring what they choose!

    • wicked

      No, no, no on cats being Republicans. Cats are too independent and can rarely be trained. Dogs, on the other hand, are easily trained and obey their masters.

    • tosmarttobegop

      LOL I actually think most Republicans are cat haters. Did you know that all those who attempted to take over the world hated cats?

      It is because of the fact that cats tend to not be able to be controlled. independent and only come to you when they want to. Loving to you only if they want to. Control freaks hate cat for that but oddly that is what makes me a cat person. Dogs are OK but tend to be too clingy and needy for me. speaking of Cat (that is my tomcat’s name) I just got him to come in. And he could have been in a fight. His eye is closed and has seepage in it? That is the downside of having a male cat and he has been nurtured too.

  2. How do you expect to get the bird without going where the bird is? The devil is always in the details.

  3. someone’s going to be in BIG trouble when that kitty gets out

  4. jammer5

    Cat: “Darn.”
    Bird: “YES.”

  5. G-stir

    Bird: “Damn, I finally bagged a big ‘un!! Anyone have a recipe? Get a camera!! Now, where in the hell can I hang him in my cage??”

  6. jammer5

    If only Bearman would make a cartoon about this . . .

    • Remind me when I get done with my editorial story arc and then back from a work hiatus. Somewhere around mid September…

      • jammer5

        Got it on my calendar, right after that sex change op I’ve been waiting for. I’m going to take this old sixty year old bod and turn it into three twenties!

  7. WmacW


    Yep, that’s pretty much all I have to say. I never did hit the “capable of intelligent conversation” point of my day today. I did, however, have a much better day than yesterday. Four year olds should come with a buyback guarantee… (not really, but some days that’s what it feels like)

  8. tosmarttobegop

    OK cat sing like a caged Canary!

  9. griffin

    What a revoltin development!!!!!!!!!
    (kind of like most repubs feel this time around)