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The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power


“Of all the important studies of the American right, The Family is undoubtedly the most eloquent.  It is also quite possibly the most terrifying.”  Thomas Frank

As many of you hopefully noticed the author of this book  left a comment on one of Jammer’s Posts encouraging others to read his book which has produced the most in- depth rsearch on this invisible network of fundamentalists.  Mr. Sharlet apologized for departing from blog etiquete.  I approved his message and I think anyone who has a number 4 on the NY Times bestseller list, can depart from usual courtesy.

I bought the book today and have started it.  Guess how many pages into the book before both Sam Brownback and Toddly Tiahrt are mentioned?  Yes, that’s right both made appearances before page 30.

These people are scary, as Thoms Frank notes above.  Their Jesus has a decidedly “world-conqueror” bent to his philosphy.  George W. Bush supposedly found Jesus at one of  this group’s establishments.

It is a long book, but despite that short coming it would be a great book-club read.


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Thursday, 08/20/09, Public Square

creditcardsOn May 22, 2009, the Credit CARD Act of 2009 was signed into law by President Barack Obama.  The first of the changes enacted take effect August 20, 2009 — today!  Other provisions of the act take effect February 2010.

Although both consumers and credit card companies are discovering and attempting to take advantage of ‘loopholes,’ some new rules should help consumers manage credit.

Key provisions of the CARD act:

  • — Prohibits retroactive rate increases unless the cardholder is at least 60 days behind in paying the bill. If a person does fall behind and the rate on past buys is increased, lenders must restore the lower rate after six months if the cardholder has paid monthly bills on time.
  • — Requires lenders to post their credit card agreements on the Internet.
  • — Requires that customers receive 45 days notice before rates are increased.
  • — Requires anyone under 21 to prove that they can repay the money before being given a card, or have a parent or guardian promise to pay off their debt if they default.
  • — Prohibits over-the-limit fees unless a cardholder elects to be allowed to go over a limit.
  • — Requires lenders to say how much time it would take and how much money in interest would be paid if only the minimum monthly payments are made.
  • — Requires that gift cards remain valid for five years.
  • — Bans “pay-to-pay” fees, which are charged when someone pays the bill by phone or on the Internet.
  • — Includes unrelated provision that would allow people to carry loaded guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

Here’s an article that ran in the local Wichita Eagle.

End of public service announcement.  🙂  What do you want to talk about?



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