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Armed Demonstraters at Healthcare Town Hall Meetings?

What’s up with these dudes showing up at Health-care Town Hall meetings with pistols strapped to their sides.  No one can tell me that they are merely practicing their 2nd Amendment rights.  No, what they are trying to do is intimidate people they disagree with, plus they are hoping to get arrested so that their paranoid delusions can be confirmed.

What upsets me more than these nut-jobs seeking their 15 minutes of fame, is that our “He said, She said” Mainstream Media gushingly giving these nuts a platform by having them on programs for follow-up comments.

These gun toting nuts are like the worst internet trolls – and thus we should, ignore them!  Well, unless they show up here, and then I will gleefully ban their dumb asses.

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Wednesday, 08/19/09, Public Square


National Aviation Day, August 19, celebrates the myriad of amazing contributions, inventions, and developments leading to and resulting from human flight.

The observance was established by a presidential proclamation in 1939, which designated the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday to be National Aviation Day.

Ok, you who reside in Wichita Kansas — designated the Air Capital of the World — did you know about this national observance?  I didn’t.  Somehow I think if you live in this city you should know such a thing!  For those who don’t live in this fair city, more aircraft are manufactured here than any other city.  It is the backbone of our economy (slightly bent outta shape right now, maybe it’s scoliosis).  As far as flying into or out of the Air Capital — forget it!  Limited airlines service the small city, and I don’t think you can fly anywhere but maybe Kansas City nonstop.  Oh, and Atlanta, because AirTran does provide service and their hub is in Atlanta.

What’s shaking with you today?



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