New Book Meeting: I am wanting to see all who would be interested in meeting up at my house next month…


I am wanting to start a “book club” that has no particular theme.  I will send out my street address as that becomes necessary.  I and the members need a couple of weeks to read the book(s).  The theme can be anything of interest to the group members. Send out an email to get things started.  Lend some ideas as to what would work for you…

Thanks for all you do…  Steven


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9 responses to “New Book Meeting: I am wanting to see all who would be interested in meeting up at my house next month…

  1. wicked

    Are all those women pictured above going to be there? j/k 😉

    I wish I could join the group. I used to consume books. (I have a daughter who inhales them. 😉 ) Unfortunately, I have a TBR pile that threatens to topple onto me while I sleep. (TBR=To Be Read) In fact, fool that I am, I bought two more books the other day to add to the stack. Because a good friend has read one and gave it a thumbs up, I’m going to put it at the top of the pile. It’ll be the first I’ve read in over a month.

    Let me know what you all are reading. Who knows? I might escape for a visit sometime. 😉

    I hope you can get many to join!

  2. I just finished a 600 + page book on “Ethical Conflicts in Psychology” – took an online test and got 93% correct – I was planning on 100% (but, “oh well”). Got 14 hours and that put me over the top for licensure and I just finished doing that on line as well. I was thinking I needed a “pleasure reading” assignment and hence the idea on the book group.

    • wicked

      Congrats on the 93%!!! Make yourself feel really good by remembering that most of us would score 2%, if that.

      Most of the reading I do is for pleasure AND research, the latter because it pays to keep up on what’s selling. With limited reading time, I don’t read a lot of nonfiction anymore, but I keep buying it. Bless the art & book fair at Riverfest! And my ex, since I swiped several of the JFK conspiracy books from him. 😉 Shhhh, he doesn’t know.

      BTW, I now have Peerless Princess of the Plains, the book of postcards of old Wichita, and Wichita Century 1870-1890, which is mostly pictures. I’d be more than happy to bring them to a meetup of any kind for those interested in seeing them.

  3. I think it was the original Murdock (the guy who started the Eagle those many years ago) who came up with the “Peerless Princess of the Plains.”

    I have seen that book. I wish I had a copy.

  4. Bad Biker

    I’m in – can the first book be “My Pet Goat?”

  5. tosmarttobegop


  6. tosmarttobegop

    I am with Wicked in that my BTR pile is far too big, the one thing I can promote Dollar tree for. Is I get most of my books from there. All of the Al Franken books I have came from there.

  7. I used to read constantly — good books that taught me something, books that took me places in my imagination, books that didn’t teach me a darn thing but entertained. And I just don’t read anymore. Well, blogs, and news…

    But I would love a party! And if reading a book is the way to do it, I’ll read a bunch of books. 🙂 Honestly, I need to get back to reading. I too have the stack that I’ve been intending to read.

    From my nightstand:

    John Grisham, An Innocent Man
    Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers
    Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture
    Jodi Picoult, My Sistre’s Keeper
    From the editors of the BARk, HOWL
    Danielle Steel, Sisters
    Jane Mayer, The Dark Side

    I have a couple in the family room, and a couple in the office.

    September might be a busy month for me. I don’t know for sure. Of course the 15th I report back to secret government work. Chad wants me to come to Boston and help him find a place to buy. He wants me to deal with the real estate agent, look at the places, choose a few for him to look at. I don’t think that sounds like a bad assignment — looking at places in Boston!

    But you set a date and somebody tell me what book to get and read and I’m there!