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Obama: A Transformative President?

obama_smoking[1]Obama may be smoking from the bistering attacks he has been receiving recently from formerly adoring editorial writers.  See this from the WashPo and this from the NYTimes editorial staff.  Word that the “public option” may not be necessary for health care reform has progressives everywhere, hopping mad.  The chattering class are wondering out loud if 44th president has the ability to do anything but concede and bend over backward to achieve consensus.  Is it true that Obama will opt to seek consensus even when doing so compromises his policies and promises?

Mr president, the time to fight for health care reform is not in September, instead this iron should be struck TODAY.  Remember, Mr. President,  in September you’re going have to start figuring out what you’re going to do about Guantanamo to meet your self-imposed deadline.  You don’t strike me as the kind of student who decides to start studying the night before the final.  Don’t put everything off until September.

I have started questioning in the last week, will Obama turn out t0 be greater disappointment than Clinton, than Carter?  If he fails he will be a far greater disappointment than either of the preceding democratic presidents – Obama was supposed to be a “trasformative” president.  He still has time to start acting like one.

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New Book Meeting: I am wanting to see all who would be interested in meeting up at my house next month…


I am wanting to start a “book club” that has no particular theme.  I will send out my street address as that becomes necessary.  I and the members need a couple of weeks to read the book(s).  The theme can be anything of interest to the group members. Send out an email to get things started.  Lend some ideas as to what would work for you…

Thanks for all you do…  Steven


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Catholics Against Health-Care Nuts…

kubrick2-9910[1]Dr. Strangelove and opinionated Catholics are kind of a troubling combination.  Are they not?

Well maybe not, opinionated Catholics contend differently.

The OC folk think that getting healthcare reform passed as soon as possible is the way to go.  Their site says:

“There seems to be a line of logic that those that have concerns over health care reform should be engaged. In fact we have even been treated to the spectacle of some United States Senators (who on our side) saying that those that have such concerns are SANE AMERICANS.

“Thankfully this counterproductive pandering to the mob that represents what is worse in America (Click here for pictures of the usual suspects) is still a minority approach. Rep. John Dingell does the Lord’s work in reminding us that Health Care reform opponents are like Klan & White Supremacists. We must never forget who we are dealing with. As Rep. Brian Baird (D., Wash.) so well puts it Health-Care Opponents remind him of Tim McVeigh.

See the site here.

iggy donnelly – btw, Dr. Strangelove is one of my all time favorite movies…


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Tuesday, 08/18/09, Public Square

It’s Tuesday.  What’s on in your world



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