Sunday, 08/16/09, Public Square

Woodstock_music_festival_posterForty years ago Woodstock musical festival was in its second day in Bethel, New York. The festival bears the name “Woodstock”, because it was to take place in the town of Woodstock, in Ulster County; however, the town offered no appropriate site to host such a large event due to their belief that over a million people would attend. A site was found in the town of Wallkill. When local opposition arose, the event was almost cancelled, but Sam Yasgur persuaded his father Max to allow the concert to be held on the family’s alfalfa field, located in Sullivan County near Bethel, New York, about 40 miles southwest of Woodstock.

Thirty-two years ago today Elvis Presley died at his home in Graceland at the age of 42.



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  1. wicked

    Don’t try visiting Memphis today. The Elvis fans are camped out, as they always are, near Graceland.

  2. Because of other happenings I always remember both the date Elvis was born and the date he died.

    January 8 — the day Elvis was born and the day I was married to kid’s Dad

    August 16 — the day Elvis died and the birthday of kid’s Dad

    Weird, huh?

    Most of you know he didn’t stay in touch (actually made it quite clear he didn’t want contact) with the kids. Tonya was filling out her passport application a few years ago and called to ask her Dad’s birthday. She said, “All I know for sure is it has something to do with Elvis.” 🙂

    • wicked


      I was never an Elvis fan. My next door neighbor was several years old and had plastered her wall with Elvis pictures. Turned me off completely.

      We (the family) were on our way to Savannah, GA via North Carolina years ago and just happened to be going through Memphis on this date. It was evening and we were looking for a motel. There wasn’t a single motel anywhere to be found, and we had to continue on toward Nashville before we finally found one around midnight.

      I did tour Graceland back in ’98 with my two oldest and some friends. I wasn’t impressed. LOL One friend and I expected to be thrown out of the tour because we kept making wisecracks. Her daughter and my oldest are both diehard Elvis fans. Both have been back to visit again.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    LOL the night the news broke about Elvis’s death I was so drunk! My wife was a real Elvis fan and I only like some songs. But that night I started crying and then decided to move this old tubed TV she kept saying she did not like where it was. It was a monster TV, heavy and large and I picked it up carrying it around to each room calling out want it here? Soon both the TV and I ended up laying in the bath tub!
    I could not get it off of me and I could not get out of the tub! My best friend and his girl friend was also at the house. They all were laughing so hard they could not pick up the TV either for awhile.

    Quite a memorable night if I had not quit remembering much after that.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    A question, why did Air-America fail to stay on the air for the most part?

  5. tosmarttobegop

    I watched an interview with an author who wrote a book about how the new fairness doctrine is attempting to silence Conservative radio. Though so far I am not noticing any real attempt at a new fairness doctrine.
    Both he and the interview made a valid point that I have made, if there were not a audience and it being profitable. Then Conservative radio would not be so loud and wide spread.

    This alarms me, listening to the likes of Rush, Hannity, O’Reily, the list goes on. It is a frightening thought to me that these do reflect the majority in America. Its kind of like being a average German in 1933, seeing the radical and delusional Ideologs having gain such control and welcoming acceptance.
    They do not see themselves as evil or unreasoning but also in many cases they also do not see themselves as being the one that Rush and the like are actually talking about.

  6. Bad Biker

    Elvis Presley…………………. Elvis appropriated African American music for himself, and while there is no evidence that EP himself was racist many of his fans are rednecks of the “blacks are inferior” persuasion. Wouldn’t they be surprised to learn that Elvis wasn’t white.

    Elvis Presley was melungeon.

    Melungeon is the so-called “Third Race,” a mix of black, white and Native American from the Appalachian regions of NC, KY, TN, VA and GA.

    Melungeons are characterized by black hair, full lips, brown eyes and high cheek bones.

    I am half melungeon. My maternal ancestry is black, Irish, English, a bit Jewish and Native American.

    I have darker skin than most white people, a full lower lip, high cheek bones and (formerly) very dark hair, however, I do have hazel eyes.

    The proper term among academicians is “tri-racial” but I reject that term .

    I am just an American.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    If it was not so damn pathetic it would be funny as Hell, Mike Huckabee made the statement on his show tonight. “When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the U.S. Government could not get people off their roofs or the Highways. They could not even get them a bottle of water and now they want me to trust the U.S. Government to take care of my health care?”.