Halleujah, Brother. And Pass those Green Backs: The Prosperity of Prosperity Preaching

So, we’re in a recession?  Not true, for “prosperity preachers”.  These Bible thumpers preach the gospel of giving money to them, so that God will return it, multiplied, to the giver.  According to this interesting  sect, God wants people to get rich, for such is His reward to those who follow the plan.

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and associates preach the gospel of following the word of God which leads to riches.  Such certainly did “work” for them in that their estimated yearly income is $100 million.  The central premise in the Copeland wealth generation plan is send them the money.  To reap the benefits of God’s love in greenbacks, all one has to do is to have faith in God and the Bible AND generously donate to the Copelands, the next thing you know you will be in Greenback heaven.

A vocal critic of the Copeland’s, “Professor Walton called the prosperity preachers ‘spiritual pickpockets.’”“’To dismiss and ignore the harsh realities of this economic crisis,’ he said. ‘is beyond irresponsible, to the point of reprehensible.’”

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4 responses to “Halleujah, Brother. And Pass those Green Backs: The Prosperity of Prosperity Preaching

  1. wicked

    How sad. I’ve seen glimpses of the Copelands on TV, before changing channels. They and people like them make me want to hurl. They’re no different than people like Bernie Madoff, who fleece people of their hard earned money to live in the lap of luxury. May the Copelands and others like them burn in hell. I like to think there’s a special one, just for them, and I don’t even believe in hell. But for them? Yeah.

  2. An article in today’s KC star newspaper says pretty much the same thing about the elderly and the mail they receive from people asking for money. Some get as many as five every day, and think they should contribute to all.

    After mom passed away, I went through her finances and found many contributions to religious outfits. She was an avowed Catholic, and all were from Catholic outfits. Her fixed income made these contributions difficult for her, but she did them anyway. Had I known, I would have been on her like a cheap suit.

    It angers me to no end that so-called religious organizations command so much, and do so little. In my opinion, most, if not all, religions should have their tax status revoked, and should be paying taxes. As for individuals supporting these con artists, I don’t know what can be done, other than education, but we’re seeing what that does during the health care debate.

  3. lilacluvr

    What is more scary is that we have three known Kansas politicians who obviously believe in this scam and are proud of the fact they belong to the C-Street church – aka Christian Mafia.

    Just once I’d like to see God reach down and smack these people right in the face.

    • wicked

      Oh, yeah! That would be a sight to see! It would be really hard not to jump up and down and cheer. 🙂