Saturday, 08/15/09, Public Square

encouragement002I’m not going to let the turkeys get me down!  The Democratic Party has the votes to get meaningful health-care reform done!  I suppose even President Obama must be discouraged by all the hateful misinformation, all those fighting against what would prove to be best even for them.  OK, I think we can, I think we can…  Let’s help each other stay positive and get to the point we can say, “I know we can!”

Big plans for the weekend?  Those with school age children are getting everything together for the big day.



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  1. David B

    I am with you in renewing my belief that the progressives can do this. Yes, We Can.

  2. I liked the way Dean articulated the argument. He said this is giving Americans a choice. Not the government, not the insurance companies, but individuals will choose from the products offered by insurance companies and what will be offered as public options. Choice in the hands of the people!

    • We know Republicans don’t want choice but ya know, I’m just sick of their stupidity. They can stick right where they are until they rot, but the rest of us are movin’ on and up.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Forget the Republicans, there is no question of if someone is trying to kill you if they are shooting at you.

    Grassely emptied a full clip the other day.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I stopped at the opinion forum and could not fight it any longer after reading the crap there. So I added my own:

    posted at 8/15/2009 10:03 AM CDT on Kansas – The Wichita Eagle

    Posts: 4
    First: 5/17/2009
    Last: 8/15/2009 Glen Beck is channeling through me and he wants you to know the secret intent of the Health care reform.
    It is a cover up of the secret plan of space aliens to anally probe all Americans! Glen said that Hannity let him in on the secret plan the voices in his head discovered while arguing with themselves in his head.

    Glen does not want me to tell you, but both Beck and Hannity are really space aliens! When Glen Beck cries his tears are liquid Styrofoam and often after his show the crew have to chip his feet loose.
    Also since Beck and Hannity have found they are the only space alien on Earth. They are force to attempt to procreate with each other. The video is on youtube but having watched it I am now unable to play the piano without thinking of them naked and mating! I have sold my piano now.

    Back to the important subject at hand, the health care reform will meant that everyone will end up getting a prostate exam. Women too and small dogs with them will suffer this dread fate! Be aware my fellow humans your end is near and will be probed

  5. wicked

    I know health care is the #1 issue right now, but I had to giggle at this one.

    Tax dodgers scramble to come clean amid crackdown

    WASHINGTON – A deal with Switzerland settling U.S. demands for the names of suspected tax dodgers from a Swiss bank has a lot of wealthy Americans with offshore accounts nervously running to their tax advisers — and the Internal Revenue Service.

    “They are very frightened,” said Richard Boggs, chief executive of Nationwide Tax Relief, a Los-Angeles-based tax firm that specializes in clients with tax debts exceeding $100,000. “You have the super rich who are not used to being pushed around and they are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory.”

    The U.S. and Swiss governments announced a court settlement last week in efforts by the IRS to force Zurich-based UBS AG to turn over the names of some 52,000 Americans believed to be hiding nearly $15 billion in assets in secret accounts.

    Justice Department and UBS lawyers told a federal judge in Miami in a brief conference call Wednesday they had initialed a final deal. But they did not disclose any details, such as how many of the 52,000 names sought by the IRS will be revealed.

    Even before the settlement, the high-profile case — coupled with other U.S. efforts to go after Americans hiding undeclared assets — has scared hundreds of tax dodgers to turn themselves in. Boggs said his firm has been taking on 100 new cases a month, a big increase over previous years.

    (There’s more on this…

    (The checks from my publisher come from a Swiss bank. I don’t actually see them, as they go to my agent first, then I get a check from her less 15%. I think I’ll check out that bank name on the photocopy of the original check she sends me. 😉 No, I don’t think my publisher has been hiding funds. My publisher just keeps them until finally begrudingly releasing them. LOL)

  6. jammer5

    Yes I am are sure education is we need maps:

  7. jammer5

    This tells you a lot about racism in this country: