Microcosm of GOP’s future

img-bs-top---batchelor-gop-rip_143327795683Texas Governor Rick Perry is looking for a third term, but he faces some stiff opposition from within his own party in Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is also running. The race is shaping up to be a microcosm of the national debate over the GOP’s future, with the ultraconservative Perry taking on the more moderate Hutchison. “This is a civil war,” Perry said in an interview with The New York Times, “brother against brother.” Perry drew jeers from critics for flirting with secessionists this year and Hutchison has argued that the governor has shrunk the state’s Republican Party with his antics. “I do not want a governor who is going to narrow our base, make it dwindle,” Hutchison said in a speech this week. “That is what has happened at the national level, and that is not going to happen in Texas.”

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11 responses to “Microcosm of GOP’s future

  1. They need to just go away.
    The way they have done this whole health reform is just shameful.
    Makes me ashamed of America.

  2. But Americans have been given the opportunity to see Republicans for exactly what they are! And always remember that Jim DeMint tipped their hand when he said they wanted to kill health care to get to Obama.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    One of the problems is that even among moderates there is not one set of ideas that is considered moderate.
    I describe myself as a moderate but it becomes plain I hold more a liberal lean to it.
    Hutchinson has done some things I would consider more in the Conservatives lean.
    But if it does not get worked out then Sekanblogger will get his wish. If enough of us Moderates and liberal Republicans throw in the towel. The party will at the most go the route of the Wiggs. Or at least the party will be sharing the same boat as the marginal parties we see.

  4. There just isn’t a place for extremes to the left or right. The tug of the leadership of that party toward the extreme right got us years of dishonesty and agony.
    Now, finally maybe it comes to a head, implodes and we can start a return to parties balancing each other out and cooperating.

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  6. lilacluvr

    I’ve been told by Right-Wing Republicans that being an independent is being a coward – and that I am not wanting to take a stand.

    The way I see it, both the extremes on the Left and Right need us Independents to win any election.

    So, exactly, who is the fool in this?

    BTW- I am a RINO for the time being. I had to hold my nose while changing my party affiliation to Republican but I kept telling myself – get Todd out, get Todd out, get Todd out.

    • Packeryman

      Why would an Independent move to the Republican party? They have been hijacked by the religious right. They have instructed by their defacto leader(Limbaugh) to flush and purge the party of Moderates and Rinos. This leaves them with 20 to 24 percent of voters. That won’t win a dog catchers race. Those left are of reactionary political ideology who have become obstructionists and members of the party of NO, as are those representating them. The GOP is yet to wake up to the changing demographics of the country. When comperhensive immigration is revisited(it wll be soon) this time it will pass. Fifteen to thirty million illegals will be given amnesty and the right to vote. Most will be registered Democrat( Latino groups and Spanish radio put 500,000 in the streets of L.A.).The Republicans will get very few of the new voters. The change that will take place will blow Republican minds in the election following amnesty. All four border states will go Democrat and within a very few years so will all other states. The Republican party will go the way of the Whigs. Maybe out of the ashes of the old GOP they can began a new party of the PEOPLE void of the far right wing nuts and not owned by Corporate America.

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  8. Packeryman

    We urge all moderates, Rinos, Independents, Dems, and newly registered Latinos to vote for Kay Bailey Hutchsion in the Republican primary. Then vote the candidate of choice in either party in the general election. We need the help of the Latino organizations to rally their communities to cross over and vote for Hutchsion. We need to color Perry gone. Then he and Palin can team up for the GOP’s 2012 run and tilt at windmills.

    • jammer5

      I agree 100% that Perry needs to be gone. His handling of the botched execution, and the firing of those investigating it, is enough to show where his head, or lack thereof, is.