Should the USA fail, in order to Save the World?

imagesNaomi Klein spoke against Sarah Palin, but this was not unexpected.  Klein raised the question, could the world economy profit if the U.S. economy faltered?  She thinks it might, and thinks the world could falter if the U.S. economy does make a come-back…

iggy donnelly

As fnord noted, this is a long video.  Below is a re-cap of the speech Klein gave for the 100th anniversay of progressive magazine.  It is more parsimonious than the video:


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3 responses to “Should the USA fail, in order to Save the World?

  1. I haven’t read the referenced article yet, but did wonder is this post means you’re home, Iggy?

    If so — welcome home! We missed you!

    If not — hurry home, we miss you!

  2. So it isn’t a referenced article, it’s an hour and a half long video! Wow, I’ll have to wait to see if I can sit through someone talking about the economy for that long. Iggy must have found it valuable because he shared, so I’ll bet it’s worth the time!

  3. Got home last night. Been busy settling back in. I am off this weekend, so I’m have a “backward” week this week. Fnord, I am sending you an email soon.

    Here is an excerpt of Naomi Klein’s article about the world not surviving another capitalist come back.

    On a related coincidence, I met a guy this week who was given an award for being the greatest recycler in Kansas. He runs the vocational therapy program at Larned State Hospital. He said: “it was nice to get the award, but we had to tear up pallots for lumber, etc. – we did not have any money!” Maybe poverty brings out the best in us. I’d like to believe that, but it still scares me to death…