Please. Let. Them. Run. Together. In. 2012.

Michele Bachmann is evoking the name of another female Republican wingnut in a blatant ‘begging for money’ pitch. “Don’t let them Palinize me!” Bachmann writes in the subject line. “With Governor Palin taking a well-deserved step out of the spotlight, it appears that I may be absorbing even more of the liberals’ scorn.” She goes on to complain that, like Palin, the press is now attacking her children. Bachmann is referring to an article that commends her son for enlisting in AmeriCorps, which Bachmann has called a “re-education camp.”



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  1. Pedant

    “…a well-deserved step out of the spotlight…”

    For heaven’s sake, she quit her job as governor of Alaska. Grow the eff up, you two.

    These people. I swear, the first thing any GOPer does these days is to find a chip and plant it firmly on their shoulder. And then there are some Americans who see the chip and denounce the Democrats for its existence.

  2. There really isn’t a Republican candidate to this point that is less than a wingnut. Maybe someone totally unheard of, out of the spotlight so far that no one can imagine they may make a bid will come along and they will be a honest, competent, rational person.

    Let’s back track and see who we’ve been told are leaders and potential candidates.

    Sarah Palin

    John Ensign

    Mark Sanford

    Mitt Romney

    Tim Pawlenty

    John Thune

    Mike Huckabee

    Newt Gingrich

    Haley Barbour

    Rick Santorum

    Bobby Jindal

    Mitch Daniels

    OK, folks. There it is unless that unknown man or woman comes forward. Wanna go over that list and handicap them?

    • These are the ones I know enough about to think they don’t have a chance.

      Sarah Palin — well, we all know more about her than we’d like to know

      John Ensign — does he have to pay his parents back for buying off his mistress’ family?

      Mark Sanford — I think he is very busy hiking the Appalachian Trail.

      Mitt Romney — he is a favorite of the right since he is wealthy.

      Mike Huckabee — wants to rewite the Constitution to more closely resemble the Bible.

      Newt Gingrich — lots of wives, affairs, Contract with America…

      So let’s look at the others.

  3. Mark McKinnon writes, “Santorum Is Dangerous

    — snips —

    “Santorum is a strong neoconservative who represented Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives and the Senate over a 16-year period and rose to the No. 3 leadership position among Republicans.

    Santorum once grouped gay sex with incest, polygamy, and bestiality, and he believes consenting adults have no constitutional right to privacy when it comes to sexual behavior. He is a strong supporter of teaching intelligent design. He is anti-gay, anti-immigrant—supporting the most extreme anti-immigrant legislative proposals though he is the son of an Italian immigrant father—antiabortion, and anti-anything that smacks of progressive thinking, centrism, bipartisanship, or moderation in the Republican Party.

    Santorum has six children. In 1996, he had son born prematurely who lived for only two hours. He and wife brought the child home and introduced the dead infant to the rest of their children as “your brother Gabriel” and slept with the body overnight.

    He is articulate, focused, and a tenacious campaigner. And ideological conservatives love him. His base will be narrow but passionate. They will mobilize and they will vote. Especially in early primary states like Iowa and South Carolina.”

  4. Bobby Jindal — oh yeah, the wooden deer-in-the headlights speech giver, the don’t need to spend money monitoring volcanoes, the exorcist doer… yeah.

  5. Pedant

    If you ask me, Huckabee is the one in 2012.

    Romney would be the closest to a traditional, Country Club/CEO president, but I just don’t see the South supporting another bloodless moderate.

    Huckabee is nominally a liability because he locks the GOP into the South, but he would probably attract voters outside the South as well. Especially the charismatics, and probably all of Palin’s supporters.

    It’s too early for these predictions, of course, but in my mind’s eye I can see Huckabee winking at voters while his supporters bait the Democrats into yet another attack of pointy-headed dismissal of Dixie graciousness, or into what could be construed as a disrespect for Christianity.

    I don’t see the others doing well at all.

    Huckabee though, he has a lot of Reagan’s charm and very little of Bush’s arrogance (if any). He’s the keeper, imo.

  6. jammer5 has created a simple form for media activists: just enter your name and off an objection goes, directly to Beck’s remaining advertisers.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Michele Bachmann is the classic example of what I mean when I say that the Conservatives make it easy for the Liberals. No work involved in making Conservatives look bad, just let Bachmann speak!
    A whisper in her ear and she would go off on a tangent about we are doing nothing about the problem of space aliens anal probing captured Earthlings.

  8. lilacluvr

    Huckabee would be the idealogical choice for Republicans but I still think Romney is the guy for 2012. He has the money and where money goes, Republicans follow?

    BTW – wasn’t it rumored that Romney was behind how the media got wind of the Sanford scandal? Also, I thought I read where Romney also got Palin twisted up in the media frenzy.

    I think Romney is one of those ‘beautiful’ people with the perfect hair, white teeth and the warmth of a shark.

    Romney reminds me of the kind of man my momma warned me about – too pretty to be any damn good.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    LOL my mother who is not that involved in Politics, the first time she watch Romney on TV.
    Said she would not vote for him because he seemed plastic!
    Huckabee is plain dishonest, a fake prophet and wraps himself in the cloak of God to conceal his amoral heart. I hope I did not put too fine a point on that so other do not understand what I meant.