Wednesday, 08/12/09, Public Square

sky01Sky watchers could catch a dazzling treat on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower.

Meteors are bits of dust or rock that collide with Earth’s atmosphere and heat up gas particles to produce a glowing trail. A handful of meteors can be seen each hour on any clear night, but during a meteor shower dozens may be visible.

The Perseid shower is expected to reach its peak at 12:30 a.m. CDT on 12 August, but dozens of meteors per hour should be visible on the nights preceding and following the peak.

Let us know if you catch nature’s show.



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  1. I was up plenty early and forgot all about it.
    Hello fnord and friends.

  2. WmacW

    God love my children, but WHY must they wake up so early? I have been up for over two hours now, and I no longer have to be to work in the mornings… usually when Miss Sunshine wakes up this early she goes back to sleep right after having a bottle and I can go back to bed for an hour or so until Monster Boy wakes up… not so this morning. Sunshine decided today was a good day to PLAY! And then Monster Boy got up and now I am watching “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast” while Sunshine rolls around on the floor… how long to I have to wait before I get to sleep in again?

  3. Good morning!

    It’s gonna be a hot one, and the humidity will make it feel even warmer!

    ALl my pretty growy things have had a drink, the squirrels are back in the trees where they belong and the park is tidied — once again.

    wicked put an update on Facebook about her granddaughter that says: “First, thank you, everyone for the notes, messages, prayers and everything!! What a super bunch you all are!

    Lyndsay & Adam made it to KC. She called earlier this evening with the latest. I’ll just run down the list. πŸ™‚

    They’re weaning Payton off the ventilator. She’s at 21% (I think that’s 21% oxygen), which is what we all breathe.

    Thursday they’ll do a catheter with dye to get a better look at the heart, vessels, veins, etc., so they’ll know what needs to be done before going in. After that, they’ll decide when to schedule the surgery. They could wait a couple of weeks, depending on how she’s doing. They’d like for her to gain a little weight, but they can always do it before then if needed.

    She’s doing excellent!

    Lyndsay & Adam will move to the Ronald McDonald house. It’s closer to the hospital than the friends of family where they’ll be tonight.

    She learned that they need to keep records of mileage, gas purchased, food, etc., because Children’s Miracle Network will reimburse up to $500 a year. Bless them!

    The staff at the hospital is wonderful, so stress has gone down some. We’ll know more in a few days.

    Thank you ALL again!! It’s been a busy day here.” πŸ™‚

  4. lilacluvr

    thanks for the update….fnord. I’m glad Lyndsay and Adam have found a place at the Ronald McDonald house – it’s important for parents to be close by. How difficult it must be to have just given birth and then to go through even more stress.

    My heart, thoughts and prayers are with them at this time.

  5. While I’m updating —

    A recent email from 6176 says he is working ever so hard at PT and the “terrorist” (as he calls his therapists) are pleased. He remains less pleased than them but I’ve come to recognize until he is able to function as before the stroke he isn’t stopping or feeling satisfaction at the progress.

    And, an email from Mary says Dave is doing well. He goes in this week to have an ICD implanted (implantable cardioverter defibrillator). Mary says this will “automatically monitor and treat heart rhythms recognized as abnormal.”

    Vaughn’s stroke and Dave’s heart attack were both serious. This progress for both is remarkable!

  6. You think this young woman will realize that social network sites could potentially bite you in the butt? πŸ™‚ At least she will have time to think about these things.

    • QnofHrts

      too funny!!!

    • jammer5

      You just can’t fix stupid.

    • lilacluvr

      It always amazes me how people at work will sit and surf the Internet and go on personal websites and leave such stupid comments.

      Do they not realize that once on the Internet, comments cannot come off? It’s like these womens posing nude and sending their pictures to men or men posing nude for women. What part in the process of the photograph session does it not dawn on them that their picture will be on the Internet forever and has the potential of being passed on, and on, and on….

      jammer nailed it – stupidity!

  7. Quick update; got my new schedule today for therapy; only OT twice a week for the next 4 weeks. I think this may be erroneous, but at present, no PT is scheduled past 8/14. New exercise regimen, concentrating on fine motor skills in the hand. I think this is supplemental to and not in replacement of other exercises (strengthening, stretching, etc.), which means that if I do everything on all programs, I’ll be exercising >2.5 hrs/day. That’s just doing everything once.

    Met with the nursing director for >1 hr. today to discuss my time at OLOL from a patient’s perspective. She is presenting at a stroke conference the end of August and thought it would be interesting to examine rehab from a patient’ s perspective, from the time of admission until discharge as an inpatient. So, never at a loss for words, I blathered for the time we had set aside for this purpose, and didn’t finish all my thoughts. I think I’ve covered the first ten days so far….

    I do think her idea is good, and I’m trying to be as complete as I can. I’ve already caused her to think about a couple of things that, according to her, had not occurred to her at all. One is trying, to the extent possible consistent with good practice, to match the therapists with the patients from a physical perspective. I’m a bit taller than many, so does it make sense for me to work with short therapists? While I admire my primary therapists and the good work they did, I can tell anyone who asks that the few times I worked with taller folks were very productive. Some of this, I admit, might be sheer coincidence in timing; I strongly feel that some was clearly the result of working with a person who was tall enough to “keep up” easily, and who didn’t need to stop me while catching up with where I’d gotten to in walking in the halls. Just one example, to be sure, but one that caused some thought on the DN’s part today.

  8. David B

    ” It’s like these womens posing nude and sending their pictures to men or men posing nude for women.”

    ut oh…

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Dave would you like to share some of those e-mails there? Just kidding, the only women willing to send me naked pictures of themselves have to take their turn at the computer at the nursing home.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    For all the good it would do, I fired off a e-mail to Grassely after hearing what he told a meeting today
    β€œI heard what you told those at a meeting, have you no decency sir? How you no honor sir?
    It might be a blessing that I do not live in your district but then my own Senator seem to be lacking too.
    You terrified the elder and for what? Political gain? You out and out lied and sir I say you have disgrace the party.

    I registered Republican at 18 and until 2003 was proud of my party. Being Republican meant honor and truthfulness. Or so I thought, when did you stop believing in truth and honest? When did you lose your self respect? Turn to the use of lies and dishonest and to frighten the elderly to make a political point. Is that what being a Republican is now? Amoral conduct is the call of the day? We the real Republicans can not allow such actions to define the party. Else the party is as dead as the Wiggs.”

    • Good input. I hope it causes him to stop and think. Stirring people up is not adult behavior.

      I have this near my desk. I don’t know who wrote it, but I like it.

      What is Class?

      Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident in the knowledge that you can meet life head-on and handle what ever comes along.

      Jacob had it. Esau didn’t. Symbolically, we can look to Jacob’s wrestling match with the angel. Those who have class have wrestled with their own personal “angel” and won a victory that marks them thereafter.

      Class never makes excuses. It takes its lumps and learns from past mistakes.

      Class is considerate of others. It knows that good manners are nothing more than a series of petty sacrifices.

      Class bespeaks an aristocracy that has nothing to do with ancestors or money. The most affluent blueblood can be totally without class while the descendant of a welsh seamstress may ooze class from every pore.

      Class never tries to build itself up by tearing others down. Class is already up and need not strive to look better by making others look worse.

      Class can “walk with the kings and keep its virtue, and talk with crowds and keep the common touch.” Everyone is comfortable with the person who has class – because she is comfortable with herself.

      If you have class, you don’t need much of anything else. If you don’t have it, no matter what else you have – it doesn’t make much difference.

  11. I didn’t have a joke on yesterday’s Public Square when everyone else was sharing. So I have one today. πŸ™‚

    I was in the bar yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to fart. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my farts with the beat.

    After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my beer and noticed that everybody was staring at me.

    Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod .