As I think about the claim, the Obama care is going to kill your grandmother. How much of a monster one must think the other side is to believe that is even a possible consideration? Seriously in order for Republicans to think that the Democrats would actually think of that as a form to cut costs.

Certainly the cons on tbtsnbn think of thunderbird as some kind of monster often calling him horrible names and accusing him of some mindless actions. It has to be the most unreasoning thing in the partisanship the dehumanizing of the other side.

Can anyone here think of Granny as a loving grandmother and wife? Easier to imagine her drinking the blood of the innocent huh? How unreasoning it is that the lie about the health care bills so demand that the believer must think that the other side is so monstrous. It actually demand that you ignore the very complain about Democrats that they take caring too far and that if it involves money nothing is too expensive.
To then turn around and think that the very same people would let the elderly to die to save money is delusional.

Through out history it is a tactic of war, to dehumanize the enemy. The Japanese so stressed that the Americans if they capture any Japanese the American would eat them alive. The story of the horror of our troops watching men, women and children leaping to their deaths rather then be captured.
We too dehumanized the Japanese, saying they were amoral and without a soul.

But this is too far and disturbing in the name of partisanship, such a illness in our Politics that feels the delusions.


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12 responses to “ARE WE MONSTERS?

  1. lilacluvr

    Republicans dehumanizing Obama is the only weapon they have in their bag of tricks.

    But what do we expect when the Republicans are taking their strategy plans from so-called Christians who also dehumanize anyone that does not believe exactly the same way they do and condemn their opponents as ‘evil’ and going to Hell?

    With logic like that, who could successful debate an issue and let’s not even bring up the word ‘compromise’. These self-righteous Christian Conservatives think compromise is a dirty word. They will never surrender – even it means they blow up the entire world to prove their point. In their mind, they have ‘won’.

    And winning is the only thing these people care about.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Yes sadly you have valid points.

  3. jammer5

    The “mob mentality” is obviously alive and well within the Republican party. All one has to do is hearken back to the time of riots to see it’s true. I imagine if health care were a physical object, the Republicans would be breaking into stores and trashing them rid the world of the perceived evil.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Though she will find it hard to believe, Fnord and Granny are actually a lot a like in person.
    So why are they so different on the blog? Both share a common thread, they came to that blog to simply discuss what they had a interest in and what is going on. But both were attacked to the point they change and for some reason Granny went after Fnord.

    LOL or maybe it was just me as wonderful as I am to be around! Wait… check mirror… Damn those horns are growing!

    • How did I change? Honestly. I know it’s possible I don’t see in myself what others do, but I don’t think I’ve ever attacked a fellow blogger, but instead saved my attacks for public people. I would appreciate a caring friend who told me I was out of line.

      • lilacluvr

        Sometimes I do find myself getting wrapped up in the pettiness on the other blog and if I don’t back off, take a deep breath and try to regroup my thoughts – I can slip into being that very nasty, negative and downright mean person that I perceive Granny and others of her political stripe to be.

        When I find myself slinking down to their gutter level, I try my best to pull myself up out of the sewage and clean myself up and go on my way – to fight another day!

        This is why I have decided to just do drive-by’s over there on that blog. If I stay too long, I feel my IQ dropping and my personality becomes fragmented.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Thomas Jefferson said, “A committee can make a decision dumber then any one of it’s members”
    It amazes me how the pack mentality guilds the members

  6. wicked

    I just picked up on today’s news. It’s been a busy day here, and tomorrow promises to be even more so. I see Grassley was spreading the “kill granny” b.s. at his town hall meeting. Oh, and everyone (meaning republican everyone) is sure Obama paid supporters and had signs made in support of him and the health care bills.

    Repuglicans, spreading lies and slander.

    GOP=God Offal Putrid

    Have I mentioned that after paying COBRA premiums for 3 months, my daughter and her hubby received a letter from COBRA saying COBRA wasn’t covering them? The letter came the same day she went into labor and had the baby. (Baby not covered by COBRA, btw.) Hey, COBRA cashed the checks they got for the premium. Anyone else smell a rat?

  7. wicked

    Sorry, that paid supporters thing was at a different town hall/event. I didn’t mean to mislead, just not typing straight.

  8. lilacluvr

    wicked – good to see you here. Been thinking about you and yours today.

    COBRA is not all it was cracked up to be, is it? And to think, that was about the only thing we got out of the Clinton’s try at reforming health care – huh?

    Has a fund been set up to help with Payton’s medical expenses? Maybe Childrens Miracle Network can help? If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

    Hang in there.