Sunday, 08/09/09, Public Square

calmAh, Sunday.  The day to relax and unwind, take care of family and friends and home duties.

At Prairie P&Ps you say what’s on your mind, and are assured there won’t be chaos, there will be calm.  There will be discussion but not arguments.  Come on in!



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2 responses to “Sunday, 08/09/09, Public Square

  1. lilacluvr

    My Saturday and Sundays are filled with working at my part time job, in order for me to be able to watch my grand-daughter during the week. I’ve been doing this since she was born 3 & 1/2 yrs ago.

    My husband and I downsized our house, got some credit cards paid off so that I could devote my week time to watch my grand-daughter. My priorities are family first and I wanted my grand-daughter to get a good start in life. But I realized this past week that she is needing more socialization than this old grandma can give her. We do go to the park and YMCA for play groups and she has friends but I think she is at the stage where she needs more stimulation and challenge. So, my son and daughter-in-law are looking into preschools. Does any one know about the Wichita Center of the Arts preschool? That is the one that sounds the most promising – and my son is the artist in the family – so he is all for this school.

    If anyone knows of anything about this preschool, please share…..

    I’m usually tired by Sunday night – but I did need to pop in and see what was going on in the blog tonight. Seems rather quiet – is the heat getting to everybody?

  2. My grandchildren are older — the youngest will be 12 soon. Where did those years go? Anyway, I haven’t been part of pre-school discussions for many years. Madeline (the soon-to-be 12 yr old) attended a Montessori school that was run by Margaret (??). Margaret died recently and I’m not sure what happened to her school. She was a woman I admired, a woman who gave many Wichita children the very best start they could have been given in schooling.

    My daughter keeps up with early childhood education so I’ll ask her. Oh, Annie Moose’s and Iggy’s wives are educators here in Wichita too.