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Becoming Barack

In 1993, a 32-year-old Barack Obama was midway through writing Dreams of My Father when aspiring filmmaker Zeke Gonzalez interviewed him for a documentary on black role models.  Did he know he would some day be president? “My general view about politics and running for office is that if you end up being fortunate enough to have the opportunity to serve, it is because you got a track record of service in the community and I think right now, I am still building up that track record. … I might think about it, but that time is certainly in the future.”

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Sotomayor Confirmed.

I figured this good news deserved its own post.  She was confirmed by a margin of 68 to 31 (Ted Kennedy was ill and did not vote). 

Only 9 of the Senate’s 40 Republicans voted for Sotomayor.

See the New York Times story here.


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Obama vs. Bush on Fighting Terrorism

08council.500[1]John O. Brennan outlined the differences between the Obama vs. Bush conceptualization of the fight against terrorism.  Not suprisingly, the Obama version is comprehensive, well thought out and adverse to simple slogans for a complex problem.  I think we are on the right track now.  See Brennan’s speech here.

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Thursday, 08/06/09, Public Square

compromise-donkeyAt least we can think, and figure out compromises!

Is there any topic you especially want to disucss today?



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