Rewarding Kim Jong Il’s behavior?

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton (R) meeting with North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il (L) in Pyongyang
By meeting with Kim Jong Il, and negoiating the release of American journalists, did former president, Bill Clinton,  reward Kim Jong Il’s misbehavior?  If you think “yes”, tell us why;  same request to those of you who think “no”.  Shades of grey will be tolerated and read as well.
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9 responses to “Rewarding Kim Jong Il’s behavior?

  1. lilacluvr

    No matter what is said or done, the North Koreans will use it as propaganda. Bottom line here were two women journalists who needed to come home.

    Bush refused to even talk to North Korea and let’s remember what that strategy brought us – an escalation of their nuclear program to the point where they launched 2 missiles (I think it was 2, wasn’t it?)

    So, if a talking to the little man in the brown suit wearing lifts will bring some peace, then why not try?

  2. Any dialog (as opposed to TBTSNBN rants) is a good thing. Silence generates fear mongering, and that leads to things like, well, war. Like we need anymore of those.

  3. lilacluvr

    If Republicans did not have their fear mongering how would they get their support from their base?

    I’m hopeful the GOP have dug themselves into such a deep hole with their fear mongering and racial hatred, the pendelum of common sense has swayed away from that radical right fringe they like to call – Rushland.

  4. lilacluvr

    I just thought of something. When St. Ronnie Reagan gave weapons to Iran through the Iran-Contra Scandal, every Republican worships the man .

    But when Bill Clinton physically goes to North Korean and brings two women journalists home with him – that is suddenly a bad thing?

    • Exactly: what else do the Republicans have? They’ve proved themselves to be against anything that smacks of upsetting the status quo. If they ever came up with an original idea (unlikely), they’d have to hire progressives to think it through for them.

  5. They have confidence! In the face of their party reduced to a few states that have no electoral clout, they sound like they are still relevant, in fact, have the world by the tail. Is this stupidity or is this more propaganda? Educated people (along with those capable of thinking!) and young people aren’t fooled. But it seems the most-easily led are made to fear by the hate-mongering Republicans.

  6. John Bolton, the guy who said that it would be no loss if a plane crashed into the U.N., was Dick Cheney’s pick for the United States Representative to the United Nation. That seems like a logical choice, doesn’t it. Makes sense to send someone to the U.N. who hates the place.

    Bolton is complaining about Clinton lending his name to Kim Jong Il’s propaganda machinations. But, he adds at the end that he is glad our citizens are home. Hypocrite.

  7. John R. Bolton’s story:

    When I read stuff like the above, it seems miraculous to me that our country survived the 43rd presidency.