An Unfortunate Turn of the Phrase Moment

donna_brazile[1]Speaking about Bill Clinton’s success in winning the release of the two  imprisoned American journalists, Donna Brazile made a comment that earns my nomination for the most unfortunate turn of a phrase that I have seen in a long time.

Complimenting Clinton’s success, Brazile said, “Bill Clinton still has the juice. I hope this is a sign of things to come.”  Brazile is a long-time Clinton/Gore insider, surely some aide could have pointed out the troublesome double meaning of her words.

Read more at this Politico article.


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4 responses to “An Unfortunate Turn of the Phrase Moment

  1. She’s also a Southerner — those folks use a different version of English than some of the rest of our country. 😉 Come to think of it, I’ll bet the English say the same thing about most Americans.

  2. I am still angry at Bill Clinton for his throwing away his presidency for such selfish, silly reasons. I blame him for my mind being prepared to find problems in poor ole Donna’s words.

    There is a California academic psychologist who is the top researcher in the world on the emotional meaning of human facial expressions. Just prior to Clinton’s election he said, “he’s a bad boy, who wonders if we will still like him when his bad actions are uncovered.” Talk about prophetic…

    I am going to go find that psychologist’s name and post it here.

    His name is Paul Ekman, and the last I knew, he was still teaching at the University of California, San Francisco.

    Here is his web site.

    Wiki on Ekman:

    I was just telling my daughter how the new Fox program, _Lie to me_ seemed to be based on the work of Ekman. Lo and behold, they show up on his web page…

  3. I think we’re probably lucky that we didn’t know many things about past presidents.

    They were all humans.

    Can you imagine what 24 hour news stations and the internet would have done to Kennedy, FDR (and Eleanor)? It was rumored Bush the first had affairs too.

    If each president had been ‘covered’ to the extent the last few have been, how many would we find to be exemplary?

  4. lilacluvr

    When do you think this constant need to know all things intimate started? I think it got worse when Bill Clinton was in office.

    Republicans were so rabid about Clinton that they just wanted anything on the guy. Republicans had been foaming at the mouth for the entire Clinton term and even beyond.

    I am still mad at Clinton for giving the Republicans something to use against him on a silver platter.

    I never expected Clinton to be a saint but I never thought he would be so stupid politically. I was very disappointed in the man.

    But I think Obama is smarter than Clinton – in that regard.

    But Obama is one thing that Clinton is not – a biracial man. Republicans may not like a horn dog president but deep down they really cannot tolerate a biracial president.

    If we thought Republicans were rabid about Clinton – we haven’t seen nothing yet. Hang onto your hats.