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img-mg---cartoons-718_173322464647Congress is all home telling their constuiency we will, or we won’t, have health care reform.  The Republicans are telling their supporters, with a straight face, that they aren’t worthy of what the person they elected to represent them is worthy of (s/he doesn’t come out and say these words and their supporters have bought into the hate mongering so they don’t realize it).  Then they’ll all nod their heads and everyone will yell, “socialism,” and go on with no clue at all.



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  1. WmacW

    I just WISH people would actually read proposed legislation before jumping on their high horses about it.

    We had a debate over this in our online parenting group last week. One mom was adament that this plan was going to destroy small business and “infringe” on her rights to private healthcare – because her employer told her if it got passed they would not be able to afford their private insurance plan any longer.

    My response: It is wrong for your employer to make such generalized statements as they have NO WAY of knowing what the situation will be in five years, with or without this program. What if this legislation doesn’t get passed and without the checks and balances it provides on private healthcare, they STILL can’t afford the cost of your current private plan? Then you will be up a creek with no back up. At least if this is passed you will have something to fall back on. Remember that cost is market driven. Do you honestly think that private insurance will risk going under by jacking up prices when they know if they do so they will lose their business to the national plan? The market will force them to lower cost. The only reason we see increase now is because they know most have no other options for coverage so they can charge whatever they want because people will pay it…

    • wicked

      The fear of not making millions for their pockets is what’s driving the insurance companies to pour more and more (of OUR money) into the pockets of congressmen and women. Any one with a lick of common sense can see that.

      It’s their own fault. I will not boo hoo when I hear that this or that insurance company is filing bankcruptcy or asking for help from the government. And if they should be stoooopid enough to ask for a handout, someone should slice off the hand reaching out.

  2. Health insurance companies are in it for the money, and money alone. Why else refuse people for prior illness, etc.. It’s a sad state of affairs that companies can make major bucks off the backs of the sick. The whole industry is out of control, and the beltway boys are owned lock, stock and smoking barrel.

    When you re-election is based on how much you can raise, and the medical health industry is paying for it, how’s a congressperson supposed to act. The thing is, to get people in not beholden to industry, the old guard needs to be voted out, and the new guard voted in. Unless there’s a major scandal, it ain’t going to happen: too set in our ways. Sad.

  3. lilacluvr

    What gets me is when people – in all sincerity – tell these Republicans to stop that ‘socialized medicine’ but to not dare touch their Medicare.

    Perhaps that is why not one Republican voted on that bill to kill Medicare. I believe it was some Congressman by the name of Weidner (?) that brought that vote up last week – he did it just to get the Republicans on record that they favor Medicare.

    I read in the Opinion Line this morning about someone asking if those people in front of the Masonic Home with their banners against socialized medicine were also against the Medicare that was paying for the health care inside the building.

    Maybe the problem is that the average American does not even know the definition of socialism. After all, our country has had some form of socialism for a long, long time now and they just NOW think Obama is bringing it?

  4. I found this article worth thinking about — the author is saying the Blue Dog Democrats are trying to save health care reform.

    Part of his justification is that the Obama election was about a protest of the highly-partisan, polarizing politics of ‘with me or against me’ bush. He contends most voters want compromise. Think about it. Compromise means you need to know and study both sides of an issue in order to take the best from each and come up with better than either.

    Here’s where I have a question — what is the other side’s plan? All I’ve heard from Republicans is criticism of anything and everything Obama or the democrats plan.

    This brings me full circle back to what tstb was saying about the blue dog democrats doing the work of an opposition party. I think he is right, and if the author of this article is also right about Americans then his premise that blue dog democrats are saving rather than killing health care reform might also be accurate.

    Obama’s Best Friends

    • And if the blue dog democrats can’t actually be credited with saving health care reform — because it could be forced on Americans by virtue of majorities in Congress– maybe they are saving the Obama presidency, the democratic majorities and the goodwill of Americans, while health care reform is made more palatable to the opposition by their actions.

      • lilacluvr

        But with this ‘opposition’ by Republicans, will anything less than the status quo be palatable?

        Frankly, I am not that certain the average American can figure out what the big picture for the Republicans is in all this health care debate.

        All they hear is how Obama is going to take over everything and everybody. Of course, that sounds scary.

      • I have wondered whether some of the Democrats are just trying to tippy-toe towards the same end-government run health care for all. I can’t say whether I have come to any conclusion based upon their actions. But I will say that I don’t think this nation can afford to do this half-way. I don’t believe that we have the TIME to wait for those who are afraid of the socialist boogeyman to catch up on the FACTS of the issue. I currently pay almost one fourth of my pretax salary towards health care every month. And nobody in my family has any health problems. This continues to increase every year. At this rate, my health care premiums and out of pocket costs will outweigh my house payment in the next two years. That is just unacceptable.

    • wicked

      I did read an article the other day about the Republican’s plan, such as it is. Basically, it’s status quo, with a few small changes, and that’s a tax rebate a la John McCain. It’s the major things they want left unchanged that really bother me. Insurance companies will still be able to refuse service, refuse anyone with pre-existing conditions, and pretty much keep on keepin’ on as they are.

      My question is: Where’s the reform?

  5. tosmarttobegop

    every six months or so my wife comes home and tells me the company she works for is changing insurance coverage. The choices are between the current coverage at a higher rate or less coverage for the same rate.
    Back when I worked for Wal-Mart I dropped the insurance there, the Constance denials of claims and there was better coverage under the wife’s plan for less money in total.

  6. Health insurance here at our house has come from the same employer — Griffin has been at the same job forever (even tho through the years that employer has been sold, changed their name multiple times). Over the years our benefits have shrunk and our costs increased many times. Today we pay more for the insurance, pay more in copays, pay more deductibles and have much less covered. Plus, they reduced the lifetime benefit. Any serious illness would cause us to max out that lifetime benefit and leave us in financial ruin. That’s true of most people who are insured. Sadly, we who are insured are way luckier than the many who could face financial ruin from a much less serious illness.

    The cost to our society of citizens in financial ruin is much greater than the cost to simply provide affordable health care for everyone.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Health care need to be comprehensive, but not all inclusive in that it covers the outer limits of medical procedures. Plastic surgery has more usages then to make one look like a Barbie doll. Yet one of the suggestion of paying is to tax plastic surgery. If your child is attacked by a dog they may need plastic surgery. Should you have to pay more when the intent was to gig the rich?

    As I said before, the most socialist idea I hold is that medical care should be free to everyone.
    Sometimes I think the point is being missed, the real issue is not the level of health care that is available in the United States. That is a misnomer used in the argument, the real issue is cost and who is paying.
    The coverage should be somewhat liberal in what is covered, but the cost is something that needs to be addressed and also the affordability.

    No offense my friends, but the Democrats do tend to see everything as a problem and equally in need of being addressed at the same time. This can cause laws and bills that reach out to the outer edge of what is possible. It endangers the rest of what needs to be done, a all or nothing approach more the likely it ends with nothing.

    Keeping in mind my thought of health care, some of the reaches of the proposals are too much.
    I fear what is happening is that neither side in those said to be attempting to revise health care in America is truly expecting or wanting to have the People’s will done. Neither Democrats or Republicans in the Congress are trying and this maybe nothing more then a show for us.

  8. lilacluvr

    Why couldn’t we come up with a basic health care plan for everyone either through the government or private health insurance. Then, if the person wants extensive coverage (those gold plans) then that is when the person goes and finds coverage on their own – either through higher premiums to the government or private insurance.

    As for plastic surgery, I agree that not all plastic surgery is for cosmetic reasons. My current health insurance will not pay for me to end up looking like a Barbie doll – but if the doctor codes the procedure just right – then ‘bingo’ – just call me Barbie!

    There is alot of waste and fraud in both the private and government health care. How many times have we heard about people getting caught overcharging Medicare. There is usually just a fine.

    But, in actuality, the risk of getting caught is pretty minimal – unless the person gets greedy and stays in too long.

    The trick is to get in and get out quickly. (I know this because I have worked the nursing home business for a long time.) If you want to make alot of cash money – buy a run-down nursing home, keep it for 2 years and then sell it. The cash from Medicare is astronomical. All the problems of the nursing home (those things that the state surveyors cite) will be null and void when the new owner takes over the nursing home.

    That’s the reality of the nursing home chess game currently. I personally know of several people who are multi-millionaires from doing this scheme. They go from state to state and just rake in the cash.

    But, I could never do that because I would not be able to live with myself. But, some people have no conscience – so they figure why not?

  9. A good friend of ours was born with a birthmark that covers most of one side of his face. As he aged the skin of that ‘mark’ became thicker and heavier, actually weighing down the structure of his face and affecting sinuses, eye sockets, even his breathing. It became a health problem. Had he come from a family of means I imagine that mark would have been addressed early on before it caused some irreparable damage. Cosmetic or health?

    • lilacluvr

      Definitely a health issue and like I said before, if a doctor knows how to code a procedure right, then usually it gets through the health insurance.

      But I do find it wrong to see health insurance paying for multiple tummy tucks, liposuction and breast implants.

      Take for example, this kid that needs specialized surgery for his skin condition (Kyle Hicks). His family and friends have to raise $500,000 before they will even do the surgery – and this is surgery that will help him not to have to wrap himself up everyday to keep from all the pain involved.

      But yet some bored woman who wants bigger breasts can work the system and get her boob job paid for?

      Where is the justice in that?

  10. lilacluvr

    I just want to ask our Republican health care opposition leaders as to why they support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan building hospitals, clinics, schools, roads and bridges for the Iraqis but yet when it comes to our own Americans – we get nothing?

    I know that we invaded their country and, therefore, would be morally obligated to rebuild their country. In my opinion, we should have never invaded them in the first place – but that is another topic thread.

    But if Republicans are all for ‘fiscal spending’ then why is all that military money being spent, and still spending, is okay but what Obama wants for Americans is suddenly a bad thing?

  11. lilacluvr

    Has everyone heard Rush Limbaugh has lost 90 lbs since March? He is pushing this weight loss program that includes taking an appetite suppressant (sp?). I saw this on the Huffington Post blog just now.

    It seems they were discussing this on Good Morning America and some doctor said losing this much weight this fast is not safe?

    Do you think perhaps Rush has found a substitute for his little pill-habit from a few years back?

    Rush says his goal weight is 210 lbs but he does not plan on stopping. Oh goody – maybe he will someday just disappear before our eyes?

  12. lilacluvr

    Huffpost – Kenyan Birth Certificate: Obama Birthers Latch On To Forgery | Rachel Weiner
    First Posted: 08- 3-09 09:27 AM | Updated: 08- 3-09 12:55 PM

    The latest development in the Obama “birther” conspiracy is the emergence of a “Kenyan birth certificate” for the president, put online by movement maven Orly Taitz.

    Oddly, the same people who are so skeptical of Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate are willing to accept this new document despite many flaws, documented by the Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel and Markos Moulitsas.

    Here are just some of the flaws:

    Kenya was a Dominion the date this certificate was allegedly issued and would not become a republic for 8 months.

    Mombasa belonged to Zanzibar when Obama was born, not Kenya.

    Obama’s father’s village would be nearer to Nairobi, not Mombasa.

    The number 47O44– 47 is Obama’s age when he became president, followed by the letter O (not a zero) followed by 44–he is the 44th president.

    EF Lavender is a laundry detergent.

    In spite of the document’s many problems, Taitz has submitted it to a court as part of her case against the president.

    “I’m forcing the issue, where Obama will have to respond,” she told World Net Daily.

    “Before, they said, ‘You don’t have anything backing your claims,'” Taitz explained. “Now I have something. In fact, I have posted on the Internet more than Obama has. My birth certificate actually has signatures.”

    Karl Rove responded to the circulation of the new paper on Twitter, saying “I believe this is likely a forgery.”

    Above is an article I copied from Huffington Post blog site. Seems the ‘birthers’ have a Kenyan Birth Certificate to offer to the court as proof of their claim Obama was born in the USA.

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the Republicans the people who rant and rave about those frivolous law suits tying up the court system?

    Any self-respecting person left in the current Republican Party needs to seriously think about creating a revolution and getting this wackos out of there or find themselves a different party.

    Isn’t it interesting that even Karl Rove is saying this is probably a forgery? Rove is not that stupid to keep pushing something he knows will backfire in their faces. But, hey, Rove got these Southern, religioius and social conservative wackos into their party – let him deal with them.

    Karma – she is sweet!!

    • David B

      Well, if it is made available for authentication (which I bet it WON’T be) it is sure be found a forgery and a huge embarrassment to those who will tout it. Perhaps an end to this disturbing nonsense.

      But more important, why do I always want to start my posts with “Well,”?

      • wicked

        Because you’ve been hanging around me too long? LOL

      • tosmarttobegop

        it is sure be found a forgery and “a huge embarrassment” to those who will tout it. Perhaps an end to this disturbing nonsense.

        Not hardly, they do not deal with enough reality to be embarrassed.

  13. lilacluvr

    correction: Obama was -not- born in the USA.

    • Rove realizes these crackpots have continued beyond the time anyone sane might buy into the controversy. Last figures I saw indicated something in the low 20s as a percentage of Americans who buy into the birthers theories — about the same percentage of people who think bush the lesser was anything more than a tool. Those people aren’t wired correctly above the neck.

      I don’t think Rove is against any method of making Obama look bad until it gets to the point of being absurd.

      • lilacluvr

        But the last poll I saw, 47% of Republicans did believe Obama was not born in the USA. So, what does that say about the GOP?

        I also read on the Huffington Post that John McCain has said without the Hispanic voters, the GOP is in a deep, deep hole.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Karma, she is sweet!

      • tosmarttobegop

        I don’t know, looking back on what happened with Bill Clinton and how all that ran even into today. It maybe one of those things that last for hundreds of years.

  14. wicked

    My latest healthcare story.

    I mentioned that I’d made an appt with my previous doctor. When I was in with my daughter the week before, I made sure I was allowed to be a patient without insurance. I checked the cost of a “new patient” visit, and was ready to shell out the money. As long as they would take my credit card.

    The office call went okay, although I can’t say those minutes the doc spent with me gave me any new information. “Quit smoking,” was his directive. Okay, I agree. He gave me a prescription and his medical number so I could get my prescription from the drug company for free. I qualify with this particular drug and my income.

    He then asked if I’d had any of the tests that people “my age” should be having. Cholesterol, colonoscopy, mammogram, diabetes, etc. I asked him how I was supposed to pay for those. He told me about a program here in Sedgwick county (Project Access) that helps the indigent and low income residents with healthcare, then he told me to ask the ladies up front.

    I stepped up to the window to pay my bill. The office manager knows me. Hell, everybody knows me, I spent my teen years growing up in that town and moved back after the divorce. The first thing she did was say (discreetly?) I could pay $50, and then they’d let me pay off the rest (which would be $95) over time. I told her I was prepared to pay the full amount that day. I wouldn’t have been there if I couldn’t pay.

    I asked about Project Access, and you’d have thought I asked to be given the world on a silver platter. Her nose went up in the air so high, she’d drown if it rained. “The doctor and hospitals DONATE their time, getting nothing.”

    “Okay. Doctor just told me to ask you about it.”

    “Can’t you get on Medicaid?”

    “Uh, no. I’m not old enough, am not disabled, and don’t have small children.”

    “Well, try Blue Cross. They have a cheap insurance policy you can get.”

    I told her I’d try Medicaid again and check out the BC. Not to worry, I was paying in full for the office call that day. (I checked out that insurance online. $90 a month for someone my age, with a $10K deductible. I could go to the doctor every month and pay the office call for that. Unless I get really sick or injured, I’ll never reach the deductible.)

    She went to talk to the doctor. I could hear them in the hallway, but not what was being said. She came back. “Well, check out Medicaid and BC, and if you can’t get either, come back and we’ll fill out the paperwork for Project Access.”

    Whatever. But I did get a discount on the office. Thanks, Doc, I appreciate a little help after $500 at minor ER.

    I’m sick to death (and insurance won’t cover it) of people deciding they have the right to judge me. Gee, I’m sorry I’m over 40 and no one wants to hire me. I’m a good worker, go to work every day, don’t take advantage of anything or anybody. But I’m too old to hire.

    But what really had my mouth hanging was when I jokingly mentioned “Obama’s healthcare plan”, and the doctor stared at me as if I was from the moon. “I’ll retire the day we get universal health care,” he announced. And here I thought this nice Jewish doctor would be liberal. No, I guess that nice house and swimming pool are too important. He’s hooked on the money. “I already work–”

    “Yes,” I said, “eighty hours a week. I know. I read. I pay attention.”

    I’m thinking of keeping track of the hours I work a week and sending him a copy, along with my W2 form so we can compare. Think it’ll help?

    • tosmarttobegop

      It was always what bothered me about the Wichita Clinic. The Doctors were wonderful but the patent accounts has to be where the Hitler Nazi youth ended up when they grew up!

      • wicked

        I worked there in x-ray for several months back in 1971 in the old, original building. There were some great doctors there, but I suspect many of them are gone, either by choice or they retired. Some have died.

        Dr. Uhlig is the one who set up Project Access, modeled after a program in Asheville, NC. (I think I spelled that wrong.) He saw a need here and pushed until he got it. I remember him at the Wichita Clinic. 🙂

  15. lilacluvr

    When I worked for a neurosurgeon (about 10 yrs ago), we sent patients to Project Access all the time. For the most part, I think everything went okay – but it was quite awhile ago, so maybe their attitude has changed since then?

    I just don’t get it – how can the current health care insurance racket be superior to universal health care?

    Doctors all complain that the paperwork involved in claim filing, fighting the claim denials and jumping through all those hoops is not cost effective – so exactly why should your doctor be against universal health care? All doctors inflate their prices in order to negotiate their ‘contract price’ – so in reality, they are soaking the private pay people.

    Perhaps that is it? You should have told him and the office manager – that since you were paying the entire office visit price – that they should be kissing your butt in gratitude!

    • wicked

      I cried most of the day, embarrassed and insulted, then I got mad. Will I give Project Access a try? Maybe. I’ll just be one more on the roll of handouts that people complain about. It’s not what I want. I don’t believe I should have things given to me for nothing. But I also have a family, and although my girls are grown, I don’t think they want to watch me slowly die, if something should happen.

      I don’t get sick often. A couple of colds in the winter, a bit of arthritis, and now the asthma. The last is the only thing I’ve been treated for in the past 8 years. But I’m getting older, and health issues may start rearing their heads. I’m still holding out that Congress will have a heart.

  16. lilacluvr

    wicked – don’t you just want to go and put some bubbly soap in that doctor’s pool?

    • wicked

      I honestly don’t care about his pool, his house, the things he has. Doctors have spent a lot of time and money learning to help the sick. They deserve to be paid well. I also know doctors who have left their profession because of the cost of their malpractice insurance. Case in point: I have a friend who has 2 brothers who were doctors in a small community. They also did ob-gyn, in addition to family practice. Each one’s malpractice insurance was more than my friend’s husband’s wages as a contract engineer. Just the insurance. Another ripoff?

      The question I have is why did my doctor become a doctor? Was it to have that big house and pool? Or was it to help people who are sick?

      Remember the doctors of old who became physicians for the right reasons? They sometimes took chickens and vegetables as payment. They made house calls. They cared about their patients.

      I was talking to my friend in Texas, whose hubby is a retired neurosurgeon. I needed the amount of time a doctor has to go to school, plus all the residencies and other stuff. For her hubby, it was close to 12 years. He retired when he had to try to save too many kids with gunshot wounds to the head. He was a doctor who cared too much. Yes, they had money, a huge house, a pool, but knowing the hours he worked and the work he did, they deserved it. He now has Parkinsons.

  17. Bad Biker

    “I’ll retire the day we get universal health care,”

    Well, Doc we appreciate that greatly, it’ll save us a lot of time in the long run. We prefer to have doctors that actually care about patients and not just the money.

    Thanks, again.

    • wicked

      I wasn’t in the mood to argue with him, Biker. Besides, he writes the scripts I need. LOL The next time I go, I’ll ask to see the ARPN(?). She’s married to one of my distant cousins, and I feel more comfy with her anyway. We understand each other. 😉 If the doc doesn’t like that I switched to her, so be it. I’ll find some place closer.

      • Bad Biker

        I understand your predicament, Wic, but there are alternatives – ComCare, Hunter Health, Guadalupe to name just a few.

        Unfortunately, even if you could afford it, most private insurance companies wouldn’t take you on.

        After I left my last real job years ago, I had a COBRA option – it would have cost me nearly $7K per year. I decided to take my chances with paying out of my own pocket, since I was relatively healthy, at least physically. Mentally – that’s another story. To be honest, I have never spent over $1,000 a year for medical services including scripts since then.

        Yeah, we need Congress to step up and provide an option for health insurance that is not limited to just healthy people.

        I am swooping in on Sixty and I know that I will soon be facing health issues. My cholesterol is 224 and the NP says that I should be on a cholesterol-reducing drug.

        Nonsense – I just need to give up the chicken fried with gravy and mashed potatoes.

        Naw! I’ll stick with my secret chicken fried recipe!

      • wicked

        Biker, all those you mentioned are not options. I don’t have hours and hours to spend sitting and waiting. With my g-kids, there wouldn’t be a house to come home to.

        I hear ya on the nearing 60. Maybe I have a fatalist attitude at this point, but if I can make it to 65 or whatever age without anything major, I’ll have Medicare. If I can’t make it, well, I guess that’s what I get.

        Did your doc suggest taking fish oil? That’s what my daughter (age 25 but with a lousy diet) was told about her high colesterol. I did a little research on it last night as opposed to flax seed oil, which I happen to have. Some health practitioners are okay with the natural stuff and would rather steer their patients in that direction before getting into the hard stuff. (You know, Capt. Morgan, Smirnoff, etc. 😉 ) And from experience, I’ve found the natural stuff to be effective for other things. Just a thought…

      • wicked

        BTW, I’ve done ComCare. If I continue to progress along my road to insanity, I’ll return. I had a super counselor who helped me a lot.

  18. lilacluvr

    If the Republicans want to take us all back to the good ol’ days, then I assume they also mean when the doctor was on the same level as the preacher in town?

    The preacher usually had a house to live in and a small salary for living expenses. The doctor made house calls and might even take homegrown produce or a chicken or hog as payment for his services.

    I wonder how many modern-day mega preachers and doctors would go for the return to the real good ol’ days?

    • wicked

      Very few.

    • Bad Biker

      “hog as payment for his services.”

      I’ll take a Hog for payment for my services. Make mine a 2010 Road King in blue, please.

      BTW: What services do you need? Chef? Auto mechanic? Handyman? Pool boy?

  19. lilacluvr

    I understand what you’re saying, wicked. I know alot of doctors and they are good-hearted people who really want to practice the science of medicine. And I don’t begrudge them any of the perks of their profession – like the big house, pool, vacation home in the mountains, etc.

    But I also know of some doctors who have horrid personal lives. Some of them are divorced due to never being home, some drink and some do drugs. But is that profession any more vulnerable to the perils of life than say, a plumber, teacher or electrician?

    So, are the health insurance companies pressuring these doctors to only look at the bottom line? Is that what has happened? When a doctor only has 5-10 minutes with a patient before they have to move on to the next one, then hasn’t the true meaning of health care been hurt?

    I don’t know what the answer to this dilemma is but I don’t think going down the same path we are on today is the long-term answer.

    As for you paying the full price of the office visit – not many patients do that. In fact, my health insurance company is doing good if they have 1/2 of the office visit fee the doctor files in his claim.

    Like I said above, maybe this is why some doctors don’t want to change the status quo? There are soem private pay patients left?

  20. lilacluvr

    I think it is not necessarily the doctors’ fault our current health care system is so screwed up, it’s the health insurance companies that have done that job – and very well.

  21. wicked

    The thing is, I’m not so worried about health care as I am others. Many, many are much worse off than I am. My life is a breeze compared to theirs. I can pay for my office visits. A bottle of aspirin for some is too much. These people need help.

    And as I told the doctor a week ago, we need preventative care here, like Canada has. So they’ll tell me to quit smoking? Well, duh. They’ll tell me to lose weight? Well, duh. When it starts to hurt in the pocketbook, people will take notice and do something. Look at all the people who quit smoking when the tax increased.

    His reply went along the lines of Canada having great preventative care but poor sickness care, while the U.S. is just the opposite. So why can’t Congress take all the healthcare versions all over the world and use the best to create our own?

    Oh, yeah, the insurance companies wouldn’t like that. No sick people, no business.

  22. Sorry I haven’t been around much but I am being resurected due to the birthers attempting to rise from the dead.

    They are the same people we battled with that we called McCain/Palin bloggers, the same people who find fault and oppose every single issue and step forward President Obama is attempting to take.

    He has had to fight off this same group of mud slingers time and time again…they are called “Conservatives”.

  23. They will never get behind anything good for the American Citizen. They feel it is their right and their right only to have quality Health Insurance. They don’t pay for it. Yet the Insurance Companies are donating heavily into the campaigns and make sure our congress committee’s are personally invested in them. They own stock in the very indusrty they govern. I thought insider trading was illegal?

  24. WmacW

    See, I face this daily. Since being laid off, and our insurance was through my work, we will have to COBRA our coverage so that Miss Sunshine can have her corrective surgery in six months. Which has to be done by a plastic surgeon, incidentally… but I HAVE to maintain continous coverage on her to keep her condition from being declared pre-existing. Ridiculous to me that a BIRTH DEFECT can be considered pre-existing, but I’ve read all the statutes, etc, and if I don’t maintain continual coverage, it can.