Sunday, 08/02/09, Public Square

bloggingDo you think we can train them to keep the blog going, interesting, fresh while we enjoy our weekends?  Should make for some interesting reading anyway!  My fear would be they could make things more interesting than we do.

How’s things, bloggers?



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  1. tstbgop — nice letter in this morning’s paper. Unlike you I can’t go so far as to say I appreciate the blue dog Democrats opposition, but I certainly recognize the Democratic Party is doing all the work, including being the opposition to health care reform while the Republicans do just as you said —

    “With the conservatives too busy spreading disinformation and racial comments, thank goodness the Blue Dog Democrats were able to step up and fill the void where the Republicans should have been, by interjecting fiscal responsibility and trying to prudently evaluate the health care proposals.

    The job of being a balanced governing body fell to the body of the Democratic Party. Within it were the Blue Dog Democrats, and they are attempting to make up for the absence of a true loyal opposition.”

  2. There is too much contradiction in the Republican Party to allow them to dig out of their deep hole easily —

    Government can’t fix problems (said by ‘the government officials’).

    Americans / Christianity are morally superior (while they set out to be immoral).

    We want to help Americans (while doing everything possible to make the Obama administration a failure and nothing to help Americans).

    Republican Congress Critters: We got our health care and the government picks up some of the costs making it affordable but other Americans aren’t as deserving as we are so government shouldn’t be a player in health care.

  3. PrairiePond

    Fnord, the problem is that the majority of conservatives dont think for themselves. They believe whatever religious wacko or repuke leader tells them, without questioning or thinking for themselves.

    So…. soldiers dead under bushco for no reason? Good!

    Soldiers dead under obama for no reason? Bad!

    Gay marriage=bad.

    Congress critters and governors who destroy their own marriages by flagrantly defying the Bible? Good!

    Women chosing a legal abortion proceedure and a doctor legally providing it=bad.

    Cold blooded, premeditated murder by christian wingnuts= GOOD!

    Lack of logic and rampant hypocrisy apparently plays well with both political parties.

    And especially conservatives.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I get anode at the Blue dogs, in a sense it is kind of the same as the Conservatives get at me.
    At times it seems disloyalty to the cause and party. But that is more the partisan crap then actually listening to or see what is said. Yeah it took a real swipe at the Conservatives but actuate to say the least.

    To be honest though, I see Boc-ass as more the traitor then the Blue dogs of the Democratic party.
    In the struggle for health care reform.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Thank you Fnord, they did some editing here is the actual letter I sent:


    With the Conservatives too busy with spreading disinformation and racial comments.
    Thank goodness the Blue dog Democrats were able to step up and fill the void where the Republicans should have been. Interjecting finical responsibility and trying to make prudent evaluation of the proposals of the Health care bill.

    With the “Loyal opposition “ having became nothing more than a misnomer for the Conservative movement. And they on vacation to fantasyland where the business is taking half speak and making untruths out of them. And to racial-fear-land appealing to the lesser of our angels. The job of being a balanced governing body fell to the body of the Democratic Party. Within it were the Blue Dog Democrats and they make the attempt to fill the absence of a true loyal opposition.

  6. David B

    Remember Anne Heche, who famously fell for Ellen Degeneres and became half of the most famous lesbian couple in the world for awhile?

    She is making a comeback, and NYTIMES has this article. I had no idea of her troubled background of child sexual abuse by her closeted evangelical father, and her enabling mother who turned “homosexuality cure” lecturer for Dobson’s group, Focus on the Family.

    “Anne Heche Is Playing It Normal Now” @

  7. I see a blogger has been busted for announcing Sarah Palin and her hubby are headed for splitsville. Palin’s lawyers have threatened to send legal papers to her place of work…kindergarten, if she doesn’t retract story. Too late, everyone knows NOW!

    Ooh, by the way how come none of the Prairie P&P’s told me the BTK killer comes from Wichita. I was watching a doco and nearly choked on a Cheerio. You guys are just full of surprises! 🙂 Talk about boo, Jammers.

    • Loon, stop making things up about Palin. Just because the stories turn out to be true whenever someone makes one up doesn’t make them true.

      Or something like that.

    • Loon, I went to high school with Dennis Rader (btk). His identification, then his confession and being locked safely away was a bit anti climatic.

      • tosmarttobegop

        Man now there would be one of those revelations huh? Voted most likely to successes, most likely to become famous, most likely to develop into a sexual thrill killer! I can just see the yearbook, Rader is the only member of the High School S&M club. His picture smiling with a leather mask on and wearing a leather jock strap.

      • No way Fnord, I watched his confessions on TV and watched way too many docos on him, he was way creepy. I hope you you were nice to him at school Fnord 🙂 ? We have a crazed serial killer floating around our neck of the woods. They even called in Quantico (John Douglas people) to help in the hunt.
        My favorite serial killers are the ones who leave notes, makes it much more interesting for the public. Gosh now I am sounding creepy!!! I just love a good mystery. And you are right Fnord it is all a bit anti climatic when they are caught. What is the creepiest is the fact they lead relatively normal lives. Imagine finding out the person you are, were, going to marry was a serial killer. Like that poor girl engaged to the Craiglist killer, makes you reassess your life I would imagine.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Now Loon if we gave away all our secrets you might not want to every visit our fair city. And then where would we get our next victim?

      • Blahahhahahahah TSTBG I think you might have to be afraid. I can’t wait to get to Kansas now and do my Boo Tours (care of Jammers) my Serial Killer and Snuggie Blanket Tours (care of Fnord) and of course my Yellow Brick Road Tours (care of Sekan).