Saturday, 08/01/09, Public Square

AUGUSTWhere did the time go?  Here we are at August!

I hope everyone has a perfect August Saturday!



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  1. Bad Biker

    “It’s summertime and the living is easy
    Fish are jumping and the cotton is high
    Your daddy’s rich and your mama’s good-looking
    Hush, little baby don’t you cry
    don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry
    no no no no
    don’t cry, don’t cry”

    Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday and many others.

    The living IS easy when the high on August 1st is gonna be 84!

    “Cash for Clunkers” has Complicated my life – I’ll be off at about 11:00 to help my kids with a potential purchase. Their old SUV has 145 on the clock and gets about 15 to the gallon. Now that Hailey Grace has made her unplanned entrance, they need space for two car seats and one booster.

    Every cars guy’s worst nightmare is about to be thrust on my son-in-law – the Minivan!

    Seven passenger, sliding doors, FWD and a rear bumper for those “My Kid is an Honor Student at Riverside Magnet” stickers!

    Forget about that ’70 Challenger with the Hemi, yer cruisin’ with the Daddy’s now!

  2. Bad Biker

    For those of you that may be considering Cash for Clunkers……………………

    The trade-in vehicle must have an official combined gas mileage estimate of less than 18 mpg. The figure is calculated from the EPA estimated city/highway mpg at the time. EPA figures are notoriously optimistic, visit this website to determine if your clunker is eligible:

    The vehicle also must be less than 25 years old, documented as having been on the road for the last year and have a GVWR of less than 10K.

    There are many rules to consider – the website has a FAQ section that goes into more detail.

    No, Fnord, your Caddy isn’t eligible.

  3. I really like my cts! We traded in a clunker just over a year ago before any cash for clunker programs. But we did get a gas-guzzling, emission-spouting ’92 Ford Explorer off the road. This is the first time in our 29 years together that we’ve owned two cars that have full coverage insurance; always before one of them could barely be counted on to get to and from work and in town errands, so liability to stay legal was all that was required. It’s also the first time we’ve had two cars that were made in the same decade we’re currently living in. 😉 Ah, progress! Things are lookin’ up.

    Actually I received my “Notice of Award,” from the social security administration in yesterday’s mail. That’s actually what they call the paperwork that says I am entitled to… I qualify for ss retirement benefits! My fall birthday makes me 62 and I can’t remember looking forward to a birthday as much since maybe 16. I do think I’m going to love this working with the government. 😉

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh Cash for Clunkers! My mother decided she wanted to buy a pick-up yesterday. Off we went to the dealership, I went along because the last time years ago she went for a P.U. she came home with the small Station wagon as the sales man convinced her that it would carry as much as a P.U.

    There was this beautiful 2000 F-150, extended cab, towing package, with a matching in color topper.
    (a little secret is that she has the intent of buying it for me to use to haul stuff for her and me to drive)
    This F-150 was exactly the truck I had wanted for some time, BUT it turns out it was a trade in for cash for clunkers. Not to be sold but to be sent to the crusher to die the death of waste and not to fill the dream of one who could use it.

    I offer the exchange of my 82 F-150 that sets on the street useless for electrical problems and a carburetor that was not meant for this engine. No go! So now setting in the drive way is a 2000 Ranger which means half the hauling ability and limited towing ability. It would get better gas mileage, but means two trip to ever one the full size would make. Is it still saving gas if you have to make more trips then needed?

    I think of others who like me could not afford a new truck or car and these good vehicles going to be scrap.
    With a new truck having a sticker price of almost 20,000 and the economic situation who can buy a new truck or car? How many who do not have a car or truck could use these vehicles to improve their lives?
    The single parent who has to haul three children to a Doctor or just to shop but no way to get there except to ask for a ride or manage these children on a city bus on a prolonged ride and switch buses just to get there.

    The ranger will be used to haul trash and things, otherwise my motor cycle is the vehicle of choice for me.
    My wife like the thought of having access to this truck until mom made it clear she would drive it to take her dog to the lake for his swim. Her car has the smell of wet dog and no cleaning or air freshener covers it.

    Anyway this is a bit of sour grapes I guess, the 150 was the right color, package and desire.
    The Ranger is a pretty blue and will get better gas mileage, a nice truck if the only need it to drive from here to there.

    • wicked

      Who CAN buy a new vehicle? My car qualifies, and I could use some extra room with the total of grandkids coming to 5 next month. Or this month, which might be more likely.

      Gee, I’m sorry, but I refuse to buy a vehicle that costs more than what my parents sold the house I grew up in for. (Sorry. Very tired. Sentence bad.)

    • griffin

      If the government thinks the cash for clunkers worked so well for the auto manufactures it might also work for the aircraft manufactures. That might bring another business back to life. Any one have a catchy name for this bailout?

  5. I ate watermelon today! ‘Cause it’s August and we eat watermelons in August!

    I might try my hand at drawing a picture that includes the sun, some birds, some clouds, and a watermelon patch.

  6. Bad Biker

    Well, I have not been car shopping for awhile and now I remember why I don’t like it – it’s like root canal surgery. It’s even worse when you are doing the shopping for someone else.

    Well, it boiled down to this – the Honda Odyssey was a damned fine mini, but it was way out of their price range considering that it was full leather, etc. The son-in-law didn’t like the driving position of the Kia Sedona, but it fit well within their budget. The Chrysler dealer didn’t have any mini’s. The son-in-law thought the Mazda 5 was too small, even though it has six seats over three rows. That one fits the budget also. Nissan didn’t have any mini’s. Hyundai dropped their mini last year, as it is actually a Kia. Kia and Hyundai are corporate cousins. Going to Rusty Eck Ford is like going to a zoo, but they did like the Ford Edge, but – too pricey.

    Chris liked the Saturn Vue – they are offering them at a great price – but Dee doesn’t like the fact that it only seats five.

    I liked the Nissan GT-R, but don’t have the $90K+ scratch to pick up one. What’s not to like? 500 hp V6 twin-turbo, six speed manual transmission with dual clutches and paddle or conventional shifting. No clutch pedal. World-class chassis and suspension.

    Anyway, doin’ a little research tonight. Tomorrow we hit the West side and the Chevy dealers, etc.

  7. WmacW

    LOL – we missed cash for clunkers too. Not that it would matter as we didn’t have a vehicle to trade in for it.

    FYI, Biker – as I worked in something of a car industry for several years, the Toyota Sienna is probably one of the nicest vans out there – if you can find one in their price range. And the things run forever. We have a 00 Chevy Venture that we picked up in March, and so far it is working well for us.

    My sister is considering trading in her ‘stang for a Tiguan. She’s been talking about it for years now but this may give her the incentive she needs. Lucky her with a new job that pays nearly twice as much as the old one and all…

  8. Bad Biker

    My eyes are rolling around like the wheels on a GT-R at it’s top speed of 193 mph. I have spent the better part of the evening researching cars, vans and SUV’s for the kids. My g’daughter is spending the night with me, so I get a little time with her then back to the ‘puter. She’s watching Harry Potter right now. I am being a B’B’B’B’BAAAAAAADDD Poppa right now and letting her stay up late. If she won’t tell, I won’t.

    What gets me about car shopping is the range between base MSRP and the top of the line model with all the bells and whistles. An Odyssey starts at $28K, but the top shelf version is over $47K.

    Dang, you could buy a whole ‘nother car for just the price of the options on the top of the line version.

    And of course, this being the model changeover season, all most of the dealers have left are the top of the line models. The American car dealers already have 2010’s on the lots.

    Interested in a nice 2010 Shelby Cobra GT500KR?

    Just bring about $60K, small bills in a brown paper bag and it’s yours.

    Sorry, it doesn’t qualify for Cash for Clunkers. 12 mpg.

    Surprisingly, the GT-R does – go figure. Of course, $4.5K off of $98K is rather small potatoes.