GOP — the party of scandals

ScandalElephantThe Huffington Post has an article with enough rumors of scandals surrounding Sarah Palin to choke a horse.

Sarah and Todd are divorcing — she tossed her wedding ring in the lake.  Rumors of affairs, and the stress caused by them as being the real reason Palin resigned.

A tell-all article from an interview with Levi Johnston to be published this fall in Vanity Fair Magazine reveals Todd Palin pulled a gun on him last summer.

Levi’s Mother, Sherry, may get a ‘deal’ on her legal troubles now that Sarah Palin is no longer governor — seems before her resignation she demanded the harshest penalties and maximum sentences for Sherry Johnston.

These rumors and scandals involving GOP leaders from the party of family values sure roll around regularly, don’t they?



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8 responses to “GOP — the party of scandals

  1. Bad Biker

    Have you ever seen Brittany Spears and Sarah Palin together?

    I didn’t think so.

    They are one and the same – airheads that don’t know when to go away.

    There is no real proof that Sarah shaved her head, however, so investigative reporters are still working on this angle.

    Film at eleven on every single freakin’ channel, cable, local and web, stories in the newpapers tomorrow and commentary from everyone including Michael Jackson’s doctor and chef.

    Bo Obama will be on Meet the Press to give his opinion on this growing scandal.

    Bumper stickers available at your local QT.

  2. If they divorce, I blame it on gay marriage getting a foothold. Those crazy kids were just fine until their marriage was endangered by people they don’t associate with.

  3. Yep, those gay people sure have a lot of power! 😉

  4. PrairiePond

    …and in kansas, the kdp is in such bad shape that all the repukes will have a cakewalk to captital hill and cedar crest.

    Larry gates is just whistling past the grave yard.

    What was all that talk about obama and his supporters turning kansas blue? Even bluer?

    The kdp cant even raise any credible opposition to these repuke nit wit hypocrits.

    Thanks governor leadership for leaving the party in such good, GOOD shape!

  5. I can’t believe that Palin would use her power (ex-gov.) to give the harshest jail time to Sherry Johnston.There wasn’t any need for that.
    So Sarah baby you deserve what you get and don’t cry victim anymore. People know what you are now and there is know going back.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Who had the affair Todd or Sarah? And was it with John McCain? And again Todd or Sarah?

  7. lilacluvr

    I, for one, want Sarah Palin to do as much talking to the media that she can. But this time, the media should just let the cameras roll – no asking of questions – just let the little lady talk and talk and talk.

    I read in the news that Sarah did not get her radio gig? Anybody else see that?

    Maybe Rush is behind that one – competition and he would lose his millions??