Joan Baez at the Newport Folk Festival

5-joan-baez[1]Joan Baez will be performing at the Newport Folk Festival this year.  So will Pete Seger who is currently 90 years young.

Fans will remember that the Newport Folk Festival was where the Robert Zimmerman showed off his electric stuff, in1965, to the great chagrin of the audience.

A personal note here:  Joan still looks pretty hot;  don’t you other 50+ year old men think?

Last year a band that will be performing this year was picking up garbage at the Festival last year, check out this link and see if you can figure out who that was…


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4 responses to “Joan Baez at the Newport Folk Festival

  1. I stated at the time, “Go, Bob, go!”

  2. “I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more…”

    Screw you all, as I said back then…

  3. ninjanurse

    I let my hair go gray too, but I don’t look like her in a tank top. And she looks better than Bob Dylan, cute as he was in the day.

  4. I remember when I bought my Woodstock LP, the only artist on it my parents liked was Joan Baez.

    When Joan was 18 yrs old she did her first Newport appearance. And, she is still returning.