Friday, 07/31/09, Public Square

jul04haybalesThe last day in July in Kansas often means nothing is very green anymore.  Usually lack of rain and lots of wind have made our state brownish by now.  Not this year!  Everything is still green, and although we’ve had some stretches of hot weather, we’ve also had many pleasant and cooler days.

What’s going on with everyone this last day of July?



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  1. lilacluvr

    July 31st……it seems just like yesterday when school was let out for the summer.

    Pretty soon it will be time to watch all the neighborhood children walking to school.

    The fall time is my favorite time of the year and I look forward to watching the leaves fall (I don’t enjoy raking them all up, though).

    When I think about where we were last year about this time, I think back to the campaign. I’m not sure when John McCain announced his choice of Palin but then I do remember when Wall Street about crashed and everything seemed to go downhill, faster, from that point on.

    But, in my little quiet neighborhood in Wichita KS, we are still enjoying living the peaceful life. We are all middle class, working people. Some Republicans and some Democrats – but we all seem to get along – with one exception – the guy on the corner lot who listens to Rush every day and then for good measure, watches Fox News 24/7.

    Then again, life cannot be perfect – can it?

  2. It sure does not seem that the Palin show was nearly a year ago. IIRC, the republicans had their convention in August – in St Paul? I am pretty sure that Palin was announced right before the convention.

    No ditto heads in my neighborhood that I know of. On one side of me is the single daughter of a psychologist who also lives in our neighborhood. He’s the guy who developed the “People are not for hitting, and children are people, too” bumper stickers. I am pretty sure this woman was never spanked (not by a parent, any way). 🙂

    My other next door neighbors are a lesbian couple. I have lived in three houses the last twenty years in Wichita and each of these houses were next door to a lesbian or gay couple. I have wondered if this fact says anything about me – besides that I am poor, but still have good taste.

    • I think you just got lucky Iggy! Nice neighbors who are probably peaceful, hard working individuals who cause no problems.

      Griffin (that’s the hubby who has now posted here once — shush, don’t scare him off) was reading at a woman’s blog recently who is the Mother of a gay son. This woman said everyone should have a gay son — she always has someone to tell her honestly how she looks, someone who appreciates her cooking, decorating, is considerate, has true feelings he isn’t afraid of showing, enjoys long talks…

  3. Bad Biker

    Are you sure that you’re not a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, Iggy?

    I once had a girlfriend that was a gay man trapped in a woman’s body – damned nice body, too, if you ask me – the sex, however, was a little on the kinky side.

  4. Bad Biker

    Ah, Iggy never answers me anymore – I don’t think he likes me since I (jokingly) said that I was better looking than he was.

    • I have no idea, you may be better looking than me. I don’t set much of a “high bar”.

      I enjoy and appreciate your responses here. Make no mistake about that, please…

      Appreciate all of your help with this silly blog…

  5. WmacW

    Not only was today the last day of July, but it was my last day at work!

    Sorry it has been so long, all… it has been a crazy couple of months what with work and the kids and just life in general…

    But I am now officially a laid off worker and will be a temporary stay at home mom, until I can find a good paying job to compensate. The plan, at least for now, is for me to stay home until after Miss Sunshine’s surgery.

    Miss Sunshine gets tubes in her ears on Wednesday, and we go to Chicago in September to meet with the Shriner’s hospital about possibly getting her cleft palate repair done there. So it will be a busy few weeks for us.

    Monster Boy starts school again in a few weeks – 3 hours a day, 5 days a week this year. He has reached the point of continually asking when school will start now. He LOVES school. I can only hope that trend will continue!

    Expect to see much more of me on here now that I will be at home more. My goal is to make one appearance a day…

  6. Goals are always good. Look forward to seeing you…

  7. wicked

    Darn. I was trying to make it before the July/August turnover to help with iggy’s numbers. It’s been that kind of day. 😦

    Have a wonderful last month of summer! Me? I’m living for August 17, the first day of school. If you hear a loud AHHHHH then, that’ll be me, right after I’ve dropped the 3 oldest grandkids at school. There’s still the almost 2-year-old, and he’s been a devil lately, but he doesn’t run in the street or play where he isn’t supposed to or take all the table knives outside or climb on my car or decide he wants Rice Chex then doesn’t and wants Cap’n Crunch then doesn’t or… Now you know the rest of the story! (Thank you, Paul Harvey.)