What’s up with White Men calling minorities “Racist”?

glenn-beck[1]The Gates arrest incident and Obama terming the situation as “stupidity”, has prompted conservative host, Glenn Beck, to call Obama a “racist”.  What is up with poor persecuted white men calling any minority a “racist”? 

I cannot understand this.  I get it on how people want things to be fair.  But, calling people names for what they have suffered for thoughout history, seems really, really bizarre to me.

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18 responses to “What’s up with White Men calling minorities “Racist”?

  1. lilacluvr

    Glenn Beck is only out for one thing – Glenn Beck. This man knows how to push the buttons that will pay the most. Beck is fanning the flames of hate because hate pays quite handsomely. If you doubt that, just look at Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Coulter to name a few.

    There is a segment of the country that will NEVER accept the fact that a black man is in the White House. Most of these people are in the Republican Party, or are sympathetic to the Republicans’ so-called current victimization parade.

    These same people are the birthers, the tea baggers, the C-Street group, religious right-wingers, etc.

    I remember several Southern states students in my college days (I went to a fundament Baptist college in Chattanooga, TN for 2 years) that actually believed the Bible taught that black people were the ‘beasts in the field’.

    With an upbringing like that, are we surprised that most of this ‘racist’ talk is directed towards those very same people?’

    Is it a coincidence that the Republicans’ support is mainly from the Southern States – I don’t think so.

  2. Racism in this country has gone underground, but it pops out just when they think they got it right. How many of these right wingers, birthers, c-streeters, etc., have ever been the target of racial profiling? I would not be far off if I said none.

    Imagine the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth if whites were stopped all the time because they were white, especially the right wing pundits. My God, could you not hear Beck freakin’ out? There’s not enough trees to make the tissue paper to dry his less than believable tears.

    Rush would be threatening lawsuits until his lawyers fingers were worn to the bone. Imagine O’Reilly flipping out. He’d be savaging police departments.

    These people have no idea what they’re talking about. Racial profiling is rampant in America, and now, when a well known black man is arrested in his own home by a policeman who lied on his arrest report, it’s the black man that gets called a racist.

    Beck is an excellent example whites gone wild. They can’t bring themselves to believe America actually elected a black man to the White House, and are doing everything in their power to negate the wishes of the people of this country. Sadly, there are enough idiots out there who believe Becks crap to make him a negative force in a sea of negativity. What a worthless POS.

    • wicked

      Your words bring up a delightful mental picture of every car with a rightwing bumper sticker (including those ribbons) being pulled over and ticketed for anything a cop could dream up and make stick. Oh, the weeping and wailing! And the giggling from the left.

  3. lilacluvr

    What really is disturbing is when Glenn Beck called Obama a racist and said that he has this deep-seated hatred of white people.

    What??? Obama’s mother was white and his grandparents were white.

    But I’ll let you in on another little secret of the Southerners’ hatred of anything black – it is the mixing of the races.

    So, in their eyes, Obama is even worse than a black man – he is a mixed race man!

    And how dare he come into their White House and try to make peace between all Americans – white, black, hispanic, old, young, rich and poor.

  4. Bad Biker

    I know this is slightly off topic, but when I see this pic of Beck, I have to wonder why he has that look on his face.

    Did someone just call him a “flaming right-wing bigoted asshole” and provided proof, with annotations and footnotes?

    Did he just realize that he is making a killing off Faux News playing an idiot and Nazi?

    Did he just let out a massive but silent hard boiled egg and black coffee fueled fart and is waiting for the rest of the world to smell it?

  5. lilacluvr

    This picture looks like someone who knows they are full of B.S. and is laughing at how stupid his audience is.

    I don’t believe for one minute that Beck actually believes this line of crap. He is only using the fastest track to those millions – and that is being Jabba the Rush’s sidekick…

  6. tosmarttobegop

    There is only two ways to explain Beck and what he said, one is he is mentally unbalanced and there is more then enough evidence to be calling his mental stability into question. The other is that he would only say what he knows his listeners would not object to. Rush, Beck and the like play to a certain listener and feed to them. It is not alarming that there are those like them what is alarming is that they have such an listener base.

  7. David B

    My assumption is Beck is just doing this for the publicity and the money.

    • I agree. Sad, isn’t it? Especially since we had recent proof (think Scott Roeder) that some are easily led, and easily convinced these are truths.

  8. “What is up with poor persecuted white men calling any minority a “racist”? ”

    There are those who say that minorities cannot be racist b/c they do not hold a position of power.

    I agree with that systemically in our country…HOWEVER, within a smaller group they can have a position of power and therefore can be racist. Much like while sexism is pervasive in the country, you can still have a woman that is sexist.

    There are those on the right who wear being called a “racist” as a badge of honor that they got under someone’s skin but there are those on the left who honestly think that they CANNOT be racist. It is when we put blinders on ourselves that we cannot learn and grow.

  9. Alex

    This is a very complicated issue. First off, Glenn Beck is ridiculous to call Obama racist for calling a police officer stupid. There was nothing in Obama’s speech that indicated that he was singling out the race of the police officers. We do not know if he’d say the same thing if the police officers were of another race.

    That out of the way, there are racist black people. Racism among minorities is different than racism among the majority when the majority is in power because minorities have fewer opportunities to oppress the majority. Still, racism from any group can lead to racially motivated crimes and can also get in the way of races coming together for love and mutual benefit. Racism is also a very irrational position to hold. Worst of all, racism is being used as a political club. Both the democrats and republicans have accused their opponents of racism in order to silence them over issues that have nothing to do with race, like healthcare, states rights, ect. Yes, healthcare will effect different races and yes, states rights was used by some horrible states in order to enforce Jim Crow laws. But healthcare is fundamentally about figuring out the best healthcare system for everyone and state’s rights is fundamentally about protecting states from tyrannical governments that play favoritism to some states over others.

    I am sick of political word twisting. There are problems in this nation affecting us all and we can only solve them if we have open and honest communication and ditch name-calling. Those who accuse others of racism without good evidence must be condemned for slander and should even have criminal charges brought against them.

    • Hi Alex, and welcome to Prairie P&Ps. Thank you for your input. I wish we could all agree that no one has to be wrong, and then get on to figuring out where else we might be able to agree.

  10. jammer5

    Most of what you write, Alex, I agree with. One correction: Obama did not call the cop stupid, but what he did as stupid. Big difference, but to idiots like Beck, not so much.

    Putting people in jail for racist remarks would only inflame an already tense situation. With hate groups growing at an almost exponential rate, hate crimes need to be dealt with, and dealt with severely. As that old saying goes, sticks and stones, etc..

  11. jammer5

    Remember Obama’s preacher? He was probably an ordinary God fearing man prior to Obama’s nomination for president. However, when he suddenly became the center of attention, he failed to handle it well at all, with his ego taking over and virtually driving out rational thought in the process.

    Glenn Beck reminds me of that. He was probably your average right wing nut case until he suddenly gained national attention. Now he’s slung himself into a cyclone of bitter right wing nausea. He’s had advertisers leaving in droves, and my guess is his days on television are numbered, with a contract with clear channel radio as his only outlet.